What about Arab racism?
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 06.01.11, 16:22
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1. Racism is bad no matter what you are trying to say here.
Salma ,   Palestine   (01.06.11)
Problem is "Israelis" are more powerful, so their racism damages more ; ) no really, It's a tough world and we can benefit from others regardless of race. we I mean the human beings should stand united against all forms of brutality and racism .
2. what about arab racism?
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn-the netherland   (01.06.11)
what about arab racism? should be: what about racism, no matter where, when and by whom is/are guilty of it and who is/are the real victim(s) of this violation of civil and human rights, crime against humanity. see the preamble, chapter of the united nations since 1945, the universal declaration of human rights since 1948 and the constitutions and the laws of several( constitutional)states/countries/nations in our world.
3. Einstein: "... and I'm not certain about the universe"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.06.11)
That's the rest of Einstein's remark. That there was no limit to human stupidity was for him beyond question. One needs to acknowledge the source of the left's blinkered concerns. To them, only "whites" - Westerners in general, Christians and Jews in particular - are deemed susceptible to "racism", colonialism and the rest. The third world "others" are deemed pure victims of Western oppression and thus can't be held to account. Thus, the ongoing demonization of the West - the US and Israel in particular.
4. It's only "racism" when it's against a weaker side
Aidan ,   Haifa, Israel.   (01.06.11)
Don't you know the rules of the world? That's why it's okay for a black man to call a white man "cracker" but not ok for a white man to call a black man "ni**er" (and for ynet to consider censoring this post because of the N word but not the C word, which is why i censored it myself). That's why it's okay to laugh at Ashkenazim but not Mizrahim, why it's okay for a woman to say "all men are pigs" and get away with it, but if a man says a generalizing phrase about women he will be called a sexist. It's only offensive when it's done to someone who is supposedly weaker. These are the rules of the world. We also see it in a much broader sense in this middle east conflict, where people think it's okay for people of Israel to die and suffer content bomb attacks because they "live better", so their lives are expendable. Many times i've seen people comment that "you have a big screen tv and a broadband internet, how dare you complain that those poor people are trying to kill you?". I supposed you just have to make peace with people's prejudice and hypocrisy.
5. Stop shifting the blame!
UmmEinav ,   Jerusalem   (01.06.11)
The issue is racism within the Israeli Jewish public. It was our rabbis who wrote that letter, not the Qadis! Stop trying to shift the issue and shift the blame! The Palestinian Arab leadership in Israel has not voiced any discrimination against Israeli Jews.
6. Intellectual dishonesty and the usual whine..
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (01.06.11)
As the writer should know and acknowledge: The Arabs have no political power within the so-called 'Jewish' state. His argument is akin to justifying the Jm Crow laws of the past in the US, or the South Africal apartheid regime by claiming the because the party without power 'doesn't like us' then we are absolved of all responsibility in ensuring equal; rights and justice. This is pure sophistry at its worst and the wriher should be ashamed. If this is what passes as 'philosophy' within Israel, then I fear that your educational system is beyond repair.
7. Childish
Jerry ,   Spain   (01.06.11)
The subject is Israeli Racism. By introducing "other racism" the focus shifts. Lets do Isreali racism today and when it is over, we can do "other racism". The conversation is wasted if we act like children, "He did it too". Stop racism, period.
8. Part 2 - Shaul Rosenfeld's archive on YNET
Marcella   (01.06.11)
I just searched for Shaul Rosenfeld's archive and it's worth re-reading. The subjects of several of his columns are quite relevant to this one. Just type his name on fhe window provided at the top right of this page. And thank you Mr. Rosenfeld for tackling this issue.
9. Shaul Rosenfeld
Gil Stamberger ,   Belgium   (01.06.11)
I completely fail to understand the point of Shaul Rosenfeld. Whenever something disgusting is happening in Israel - and the older the state the more disgusting things happen - people like Rosenfeld bring examples from disgusting things happening on the other side of the Great Palestine/Eretz Israel Divide to justify the disgusting things on our side of the Great Palestine/Eretz Israel Divide. He is the real hypocrite....
10. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.11)
Israel is a democracy. There are Arabs serving in the Knesset who do more complaining and whining than you can possibly imagine. Then again, you are coming from such an incredible anti-Semitic bias, you aren't worth educating and, frankly, your opinions aren't really worth much; nor are they founded on intellect and a grasp on Middle Eastern history. In short, what you have to say is entirely irrelevant to those with a much better knowledge of Israel, the Arabs and the Middle East, generally.
11. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.11)
Shouldn't you clean up your own backyard first? The Basque people have a great deal to say about Spanish racism. Even the odd Catalan has quite a bit to say about Spanish racism. Why don't you take care of your own issues in Spain first and worry about everyone else's later?
12. Part 1
Marcella   (01.06.11)
(Edited version) Non-white people have unwittingly absorbed the WHITE RACIST belief that non-whites are........ unable to discern right from wrong and to make ethical and moral decisions. Here in the west they make all kinds of excuses for their underachieving and misbehavior - no matter how many generations they've been living here - because of their "underprivileged background". Although some of them come from middle class or even wealthy families. What whites really mean to say about non-whites is that no matter what their circumstances, their race is their handicap. It is WHITE RACISM disguised as compassion. And the ARABS HAVE BOUGHT IT. Although Jews come in all kinds of skin color, they have been lumped with whites due to their culture. You hear it all the time: Arab violence and racism are justified - while the slightest appearance of Jewish racism, or Jewish acts to defend themselves are not. Arab violence, they say, has to be understood within the context of colonialism, while Jewish response to Arab violence has to be condemned outright, and the Jews' very act of breathing has to be scrutinized and subjected to UN commissions of enquiry. When you ask anti-Israeli demonstrators why they don't criticize the Sudanese instead of the IDF, they say point blank that "it's because we expect more of Israel". Western racism reaches the heights of absurdity when Jews, who have lived (although in small numbers during the Diaspora) in the land of Israel (Jewrusalem, Jewdea) for thousands of years, and have history, language, archaeology, the Bible, and their culture to prove it - are regarded as illegitimate occupiers. But ARABS are considered the indigenous people of the land of Israel. White racism and affirmative action taken to a most unjust, absurd and tragic extreme.
13. Jews walk tyhrough Arab towns and get attacked
Arab Racism ,   Israel   (01.06.11)
24/7. Only thing stopping MURDER is police presence. what does that say about Arab racism? renting and selling land or property to jews? punishable by death! Arab racism slightly??????
14. Property sales to Jews? Arab DEATH PENALTY? slightly
Yoram ,   Israel   (01.06.11)
racist me thinks.............. compared to the note forbidding land sales to arabs who want to destroy the jewish state and trun it into arab state......this is 100000000x ...
15. All Wrong
Jacob Singer ,   NYC USA   (01.06.11)
It's the difference of a empowered majority over powerless minorities. Of course the victims don't like the majority. Especially when the majority legislates racism against them and the state does nothing to improve their opportunity. I'm sure the black slaves were racist against the slave traders as well. What a foolish argument you make!
16. to #5
glaser ,   Cesarea Israel   (01.06.11)
In which planet are you leaving????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
17. to #6
glaser ,   Cesarea Israel   (01.06.11)
Look an American talking about educational system beyond repair that could be funny if it was not tragic. By the way why don't you come here and try to leave in the west bank or Gaza. reality is not a XBOX game. wake up
18. to #1
glaser ,   Cesarea Israel   (01.06.11)
it is not racism it is self defense
19. to #9
glaser ,   cesarea Israel   (01.06.11)
I completely fail to understand what you wanted to say! did you understand ! Oh I see you are from Belgium oh OK I understand now
20. to #7
glaser ,   Cesarea Israel   (01.06.11)
"When it is over" you mean when it will be no more Israeli's or Jews? The inquisition was long long ago. so you first stop racism against Israel and the Jews then you will be able to talk
21. Why are our own people insistant about bringing us down?
noa ,   israel   (01.06.11)
Why would you want to be on the same moral ground as someone else whose policies you don't respsect? Why are so many of our own people constantly urging us to get down and dirty? Don't you get it? We are supposed to be, and we want to be better. We have been proud of that for thousands of years. Who are these creeps wanting to represent Judaism. They simply have no right.
ARON ,   CHICAGO, USA   (01.06.11)
"The Palestinian Arab leadership in Israel has not voiced any discrimination against Israeli Jews. " RIGHT! Unless you read the ARAB press. Just like Abbas, speaking one way in English, and another in Arabic. Have you looked at the textbooks in Palestinian Arab schools? Have you read the charters of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, or Hezbollah? Read newspapers? Wow, they are really all for peace, and express love for the Jews...how they would love to see them DEAD. Have you seen the ARABS dancing when Jews are blown up by "homicide" bombers? Have you EVER seen Jews do that?? If you want to take a look at racism, take a look at the number of Arabs living in Israel, and then look at the number of Jews living in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt... Compare the percentages now, and for the past 100 years, and you will see where the systematic elimination of ethnic/racial/religious groups is STILL taking place on a daily basis. Wow, let's get bent out of shape over this, the same way that SOME Islamists KILL because of a representation of a religious figure or a perceived slur against their beliefs. Jordan doesn't want the so-called Palestinians, nor does Egypt or Lebanon. Have you seen the REFUGEE CAMPS IN LEBANON, RUN BY ARABS? Compared to them, GAZA is a garden, and the Israeli's are saints. Next time CHRISTIANS, KURDS, BAHA'I , etc. are murdered by ISLAMISTS, let's hear your outcry of RACISM!! Maybe the way to deal with this is an eye for an eye. Every time a rocket is launched indiscriminately from Gaza, Israel should return the favor. End of problem.
23. Kol ha kavod
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brazil   (01.06.11)
We have to behave like a mirror. If jews can not live in arab towns (all over the world) then... When they will permite jews in their cities , then ... Ha mevin Iavin...
24. Rosenfeld is exactly right!
Mr. Phepps ,   Netanya   (01.06.11)
The Israeli Left is having a wild orgy now denouncing Israel as racist. Most of them live in elite neighborhoods and never have to cope with difficult or problematic neighbors. Not wanting certain people as a neighbor does not mean you're a racist, you may have rational reasons for it. But if the Left finds the phenomenon so abhorrent, why do they not even mention that it's much more pronounced among Israeli Arabs? Isn't that, in itself, racism?
25. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.06.11)
Platitudes, platitudes. You don't seem to have a problem with seven decades of Arab brutality and Arab terrorism visited upon innocent Jews. So your words -- predictably enough -- are completely meaningless. Keep them to yourself.
26. You didn't mention what Arab schools are teaching
Danny ,   USA   (01.06.11)
What they say about the Jews is not exactly restrained and tolerant.
27. simple ..you took our country
JO ,   the prophets land .   (01.06.11)
turned us to 2d class citizens .. stealing even our identity .. your FM ,sitting in the Goverment ..wants to kick us out .. you are the aggressor . even if we lose a hundred wars ..you will never feel at home (our home )... we are militarily weak..but a strong will and huge pride .. .. will never shake your hand(only corrupt leaders would ) or attend your son's wedding . the quran told us everything about you . our leadership is a corrupt one and they do not deserve the title of jerusalem liberators ..will wait for the right ones ,one or 2 decades sort of ... that man ,could lead the angry masses ..he need to be clean first to be victorious ..he could be from one of Gaza's descendents ..who knows . very simple ha . justice will prevail at the end ,read the history ..
28. @ van "der velde"
matt   (01.06.11)
you need to at least try to make sense when rebutting an argument
29. Salma
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (01.06.11)
What do you have to say about the prevalent Arab racism towards non Muslims in Arab countries ; not to mention the violence perpetrated by the Arab Muslims towards "dhimmis" in the Middle East? I suppose you missed the news about the bombing of a Coptic Church on Christmas by the Arab victims. You probably overlooked the fact that the Arabs have more influence at universities across the West thus resulting anti-semtic attacks against Jewish students on campus.Good luck trying to explain the importance of tolerance and equality towards non Muslims to your local Mullah.
30. Childish question
Alberto ,   Milano   (01.06.11)
As #7 Jerry wrote, the rabbis' letter should make Israeli citizens question their own values and not justify for any reason a clear wrong did. Dr. Rosenfeld, I expected more deep thought from you. Anyway, we can learn much more from #1 Salma conclusions: human beings should stand united against all forms of brutality and racism. I add that untill there is a democracy, it is a citizen duty to do so. Period.
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