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Haredi ads: Internet causes cancer
Ari Galahar
Published: 09.02.11, 08:27
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1. Welcome to 21st century Israel...........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.09.11)
2. the internet is for porn
joel m. ,   tel aviv   (02.09.11)
3. What the heck are these loonies smoking?
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (02.09.11)
4. yes its really dangerous
Avi ,   Israel   (02.09.11)
as they might find out about the real world where people go to work, pay taxes , serve in the army and lives that are not controlled by rabbis who have an intrest in raising an ignorant nation.
5. What the haredi should be told is....:
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.09.11)
that the black dye used in their hats causes pancreatic cancer, one of the most malicious forms of this illness! Really. No, seriously. c'm on really....
6. If these co-called "rabbis" had brains,
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.09.11)
they would be dangerous. What about all the people who died from cancer and had no internet? What about all the droughts before the internet? In areas where there is almost no one on the internet? How many students were helped by using the internet? How many people were able to check their doctors affiliations and changed doctors for a more qualified one. Or check adverse reactions to medicines? I found relatives that I was never met or have not seen in years through the internet. I found answers to religious questions on the internet and did not need to check with a few rabbis.
7. sounds right to me
Rachel ,   Israel   (02.09.11)
"The fear-inducing posters blame the inability of teenagers to study and the destruction of tens of thousands of homes on the web, " You don't need fear-inducing posters to tell you that. Google articles and statistics and they'll tell you the same thing
8. Why are Hilonim so interested in what Haredim do?
American Sabrah ,   Givas Shmilkeh   (02.09.11)
People can decide what kind of environment they want to live in.If the haredim want to discourage the use of internet in their communities, why should that matter to the rest of you?While the internet can serve as a tool of useful resources to us, its privileges has been abused via porn etc.Sex predators have used chat rooms to lure children. People have seemed to lose their social graces and manners due to the excess amount of time they spend on these social networks such as Facebook, Myspace,Twitter etc. People read less books than they used to. Children don't play outside as much anymore thanks to these Wii games.Modern technology has weaken the mind and made us lazier.I'm not implying that we should revert to the stone age but facts are facts.If you want to surf the web all day, no one is stopping you. If the haredim want to isolate themselves from anything that has nothing to do with religion, then that's their choice.Secular Religious or Ethnicity, communities across the board have the prerogative to establish and mandate their standards upon those who live within by proxy and by default. If the Haredim choose to cut themselves off from the rest of the world, then that's their loss.I agree its not a healthy attitude to have but I can understand why they don't want their children exposed to outside influences that can harm them on a mental,physical, and spiritual level.Any smart parent would not allow their underage children to use the internet unsupervised.
9. Now , let's hope that ALL the "religious"
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.09.11)
Jews will obey and we will get rid of all their BS , and have only SANE people here [ exept some salma's and alikes who are a different category : stupids ones ]
10. their culture is not secular culture
zionist forever   (02.09.11)
Their culture is of avoiding exposure to secularisation which is not wrong its about wanting to do everything possible to keep their children on the right path. Its no different to secular parents setting blocks on their computer to stop children seeing things like porn. The problem is not a desire to keep them sheltered from the outside world but their tactic. They are rightly afraid that if their children or the yeshiva students just coming out of the shelter of their parents home to be exposed to this non Torah observant society. They want to keep them on the right path as they see it. The internet is especially dangerous to the ultra orthodox community because it provides them access to things like porn etc. For the haredi I think what is needed is a slow introduction to the internet with approved sites which will allow them to know whats going on in the real world but within their sheltered enviroments. Before internent some ultra orthodox families did not let their children watch TV but would let them watch jewish videos. I have a relative who is a rabbi and he does this although he does understand about the outside world and lets his children use the internet under supervision. First we need to educate the adults so they can educate the children. I think the solution is not scare tactics but education so they can make use of the advantages of internet without exposure to things things they believe will distract from a Torah lifestyle.
11. personally, i never use the internet but
Tomek ,   Poland   (02.09.11)
the rabbi must have misunderstood the term 'computer viruses'
12. 2 Joel M., Tel Aviv: Surverys show 80% of the searches on
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
the internet are to pornographic sites. A marriage license and economic support give a male the lawful right before God to see a woman's naked body. Surfing the internet to see porn sites or looking at pornography from other mediums is toxic for the eternal soul. It is unlawful for those with the Torah written on their hearts. Job in the Scriptures made a covenant with his eyes not to look upon a maid. He had sex only with his wife, even in his mind and heart and soul. Looking at porno is the first step to adultery in the heart and then in the mind and body.
13. Scare tatics
Safta ,   Israel   (02.09.11)
Scare tatics usually backfire. This is why so many young people are leaving the fold.
14. Being near computers or other electronic devices such as
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
cell phones and microwave ovens and wireless phones does cause cancer. So it is best to put an X-ZUBI diatomateous earth sticker on such devices to decrease the cancer danger. See for information about that. XZUBI is the only product on the market I know of with in vitro studies that prove human DNA can be protected from the damaging effects of EMF/RF (electromagnetic radiation/radio frequency).
15. They're good! They make G-d laugh!
Lewis ,   Jerusalem   (02.09.11)
16. Welcome to 21st century Israel........... (End)
Patrick ,   Or Akiva   (02.09.11)
you surely mean 12th centruy....
17. Whoa! did I really just read that?
I mean really according to Joe Jackson's song "Everything gives you cancer!" so what makes the internet so much stronger as a cancer giving source? Oh I see the fact that the Haradim say it! tee hee tee hee!!!
18. Now I understand why the new sect is covering their women up
It is to prevent them from seeing the internet and getting cancer. Good G-d in your heaven please do have a mighty full laugh and send us some rain! thank you Amen!
19. Rivkah, you know a lot about Biblical and Internet erotica
Reb L. Yell ,   Carmiel, Israel   (02.09.11)
20. Lying causes cancer!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.09.11)
21. Listen to Rabbi , don't use the Internet.
Salma ,   Palestine   (02.09.11)
It's your Health,....It's Your Future...It's Not A Joke! Or at least take a break from Internet for fifty years, and then we will see If Rabbi will change his mind or not ! byyyyyyyyye ; )
Talula ,   Israel   (02.09.11)
Is anyone actually buying into this? This MORON of a rabbi clearly has no faith in Haredi intelligence if he can come up with something so utterly and absolutely absurd. How can smart ones (and come on, there must be some) not see this for the biggest load of crap? Aren't they insulted? Wouldn't anybody be insulted as such a cheap shot at their intelligence? Clearly this idiotic Rabbi is getting a little nervous that the Haredi will actually see there is a normal life to be had out there - effectively knocking this loser off his self-appointed position as the big I AM.
23. 19 Reb L. Yell, Carmiel, Israel: I read the Scriptures but
Rivkah   (02.09.11)
have never gone to an Internet porn sight.
24. I blame mark zuckerberg
david ,   manchester,uk   (02.09.11)
25. #12 gossiping, lying & criticizing others is more toxic....
to one's soul than looking at porn on the internet! In other words have a little think about removing the log in your eye before coming over to another person and trying to pick out the speck in theirs!
26. Rivkah as I recall there is plenty of sex in the Bible!
what do you do with those sexually graphic and pornographic passages in the Bible? Do you skip over them? or do you read them? If you read them, how do you feel afterwards? Oh Rivkah holier than all of us are you how do you handle sex in the Bible?
27. 4 Rivkah, Honey About our sexual nature...
if G-d didn't want us to enjoy it He wouldn't have made it feel so goooood! So Honey get yourself off of ynet (that's the internet you know) and go get yourself a goooooood feeling bit of sex! Trust me it will improve your mind, soul and may-be even your postings here on ynet!
28. Rivkah: the topic is internet & cancer not internet & sex
goodness you have really wandered way off topic point this time! too funny!
29. Internet cause cancer? No, Orthodox Judaism causes stupidity
Randy   (02.09.11)
And, unlike cancer, there is a cure.
30. salma you gave me an idea
zionist forever   (02.09.11)
Salma you have just given me the idea of how to solve the peace process standstill. Israel should issue internet enabled computers to every single palestinian and do everything possible to make sure they keep returning to their computers. When they all get cancer then the settlers can have the whole place and the jews can return to all of Judea & Samaria without having to worry about arabs.
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