Iran: We have reserve nuke facility
Published: 20.01.11, 18:11
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31. #9 Bloodyscot - BRILLIANT analysis !
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (01.21.11)
So BS deduces that N Korea is LIKELY Iran's enrichment sub-contractor. Hmm, then WHY doesn't Iran simply ask N Korea to do ALL the dirty work and just run its own minimal enrichment to DUPE the world that its nuke program is really truly "PEACEFUL"?
32. The extinction of the Dinosaurs..
Tim ,   Brighton   (01.21.11)
The Ahmadinejadaurus: Small monkey like with odd grin. Craves friends but leaves a foul odour everywhere he goes The Nasrallahsaurus: Large round bulging creature with no neck. Perspires grease through its pores. Thrives in filthy underground ratholes surfacing only occasionally The Mashaalasaurus: Close relative of the Haniyehsaurus and the Zafarasaurus. Loves to preen and show off. Grabs all the best foods leaving crumbs for the rest Anyone able to do some cartoons?
33. #23 Steve - is NZ so cut- off from the world?
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (01.21.11)
Steve says - Israel uses Iran to distract from what they do in Gaza and the West Bank and to prevent a peace settlement. If so, then Israel is doing a damn LOUSY job. And I thought NZ has pure FRESH air that clears the head.
34. Is Ahmadinejad revealing one location to distract?
Joe ,   Canada   (01.21.11)
Indicating publicly the location of an other uranium enrichment plant to discourage the bombing of the previously known sites may be a simple trick to distract intelligence gathering by the IAEA & others from searching for more hidden sites.
35. My Korean and Iranian language skills are perfect
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (01.21.11)
They allow me to make deep observations into the minds and souls of the upper echelons of their respective leaderships and more importantly implant into their minds and souls my own fantasies of how things are run in the Middle East and East Asia. Viva United Mexico and Texas! I know this because I am the Best Ever World Affairs Expert in Training. My Tex-Mex Burrito Crystal Ball still informs me Obama reelected and it is always right even if Obama will not be reelected. It is all true, I only report the way I see it with 100/100 vision through Al Jazeera colored glasses 8000 miles away from Middle East and 11000 miles away from Korean Peninsula. BLOODYTHIRSTY SCOT GREATEST EXPERT OF TEX-MEX BURRITOS, ENCHILADAS, FAJITAS, MIDDLE EAST, FAR EAST AND NOW HUMAN RIGHTS IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!!!! DALLAS, TEXAS
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