Anat Kam convicted of leaking classified IDF docs
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 06.02.11, 11:00
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1. And when she gets out, will she move to Gaza?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.06.11)
Kam thinks that she's smarter than the IDF and the government, and that she was a whistle-blower. Since she thought that our system is so bad she had to break the law, maybe she'll consider moving to Gaza or Ramallah where the politics are more to her liking and where the Palestinian courts don't object to Palestinians assassinating Israelis.
2. Blau trial
Dan   (02.06.11)
And when is the trial for Blau? Why is he still running around free, after he fled to London with full pay and support by Haaretz? Freedom of the press is one thing, writing articles based on stolen classified material is a totally different thing. Even if approved by the censor. Because Blau knew that the material was stolen.
3. Shame!!!!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (02.06.11)
Why should we bargain with traitors? Either one of them are plainly traitors to the State of Israel! This is a shameful decision from the prosecution, no deal with her, no deal with him and of course trial HaAretz also! And Mrs. Beinish wonders why the people don't respect the Supreme Court? She should wonder why nobody demonstrate in front of her house.
4. Anat Kam
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.06.11)
Kam stole top secret documents of military operational value. If these documents reach Israel's enemy, it is likely that hundreds of IDF soldiers will die. Because she is a Leftist, Kam hasn't sat a day in jail, and will probably get less than Pini Cohen did for insulting Dorit Beinish. In Obama's US, Bradley Manning stole confidential (not secret) documents of no operational value, that proved that the US under Obama commits war crimes and that Hilary Clinton broke International Law. Manning has been detained for more than a year under inhuman conditions and will probably be executed.
5. no! traitor DID intend to harm state security.
dante ,   uk   (02.06.11)
she wanted to hurt Israel and she should be punished for that. she is an enemy of the People and State of Israel.
6. Anat Kam
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (02.06.11)
I hope she serves a very long prision sentence with out time off for good behavior. She still doesn't understand that what she did was wrong. People like her that jeapodize the lives of others with their self rightousness need to be taugh a lesson once and for all
7. Free her
Ivan ,   Haifa   (02.06.11)
She did the correct thing, she´s contributing to israel´s humanism development and evolution, she´s the best Israel´s image.
8. And why is Haaretz
Chana ,   Israel/Indiana   (02.06.11)
still even in business publishing their rag? This isn't about freedom of the press. They are traitors to their country and the brave soldiers of the army. I cancelled my subscription and won't read it on line, either. I don't know why everyone else isn't boycotting it. And I'm just an American.
9. Anat should not serve time in jail
David ,   In this world   (02.06.11)
She is not a Mizrahit or Religious. Beinish will get her off. And Haaretz will love to give her a job.
10. to #8. I did it 7 years ago
Mark ,   Israel   (02.06.11)
You're not along. I stopped reading Haaretz online/on-paper years ago. It's the news paper of little circle of people which write and read it for themselves. Absolutely out of Israel people life.
11. Had she been a settler she would have gotten life
Al   (02.06.11)
AS it is, she is told by her liers to dress like a goody two shoes. In the USA she would have been dragged in shackles, dressed in an orange jumpsuit. In Israel she wears a business suit and smiles for the cameras. Pathetic..This POS should have been fried.
12. I Hope She Does the full Nine Years, But
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (02.06.11)
It is the least that should happen to her. Look, she'll get out, write a book, sell the movie rights and end up a millionaire. Just for nine years in jail. They will pay her couple of million for the book another $5 million for the movie rights, a speaking tour at $25K/speech. Heck at the the end, she will be a hero of the left, and up $10 million. She'll never have to work again, but will be picked up by CNN as a special news correspondent on the Middle East. I'm sick. What a strange world we live in.
13. A real Patriot
The Last Zionist ,   Eilat   (02.06.11)
She knew that the Army is not above the law a sought to expose illegal behavior. There are proper channels under the law within the army to follow, but anyone who is aware knows that at one level or another the complaint would be shelved to cover one butt or another
14. Anat kam and response to 8 and 10
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (02.06.11)
As an English speaker from the West The Haaretz and Tribune are the only decent English papers in the country. The Jerusalem Post and JPost on line is a rag, I may not agree with the left wing editorals in Haaretz but the writing and copy are much better and better than most of the Hebrew papers too
15. What exactly does a leftist have to do to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.06.11)
harm state security? A rightist just needs to sit on a hill top in the liberated territories and it harms state security, peace in the middle east as well as the rest of the universe. Both kamm and blau deserve to hang for this act of espionage.The rag ha aretz should be closed forever and owners and editors jailed for publishing secret documents. But I bet peres is chomping at the bit to sign a presidential pardon. Hopefully the next government we elect will also jail the prosecutors for this deal as well as kamm's lawyers for defending her. There is no defense for this filthy act by a snake like kamm.
16. 8 & 10
zionist forever   (02.06.11)
I like the Haaretz online because it makes you laugh at times They blame the Israeli government, settlers or anybody else who hasn't dedicated their entire life to the peace process. If Abbas sneezed Haaretz would be blame it on Liberman. I remember an article the other day blaming the overthrow of Mubarak on the fact Israel hasn't made peace with the palestinians. It really does make you laugh some of the rubbish they come out with. I think the only thing that really angers me is the fact they are still backing Kam & Blau and are totally unapologetic about the fact they published all Blau's stories based on the stolen material.
17. there are some things the arabs do we could learn from
zionist forever   (02.06.11)
When they catch a traitor they don't let them stay under house arrest where they complain the conditions are still to harsh because they want more visitors and the right to go out more. Then community service as a punishment. the arabs would have had a very quick trial and they would be executed in public as a warning to others. If we are not going to execute Kam then she should be spending the rest of her life in solitary and Blau should be in the cell next door.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.06.11)
Once again the true, two faced double standards of our fine Elitist Zionists shines through. The more one hates and defiles our land and people the more justice works on their side. If this had been "a Haredi" or a "settler”, the lynching mob calling themselves "the media", would have had afield day and demonize it into an enemy of the state. Now she will serve no time and up in the Knesset or as one of our "Hasbarrah" (Israeli abuse of the word public relations) bright lights. For sure she will travel to all our fine Liberal Universities worldwide spewing poison against the IDF and us as a people. Promoting boycotts while on our payroll. Yes this is our brave new world order at work.
Y hirsh ,   Israel   (02.06.11)
What kind of a person are you to turn on your own country and fellow soldiers
Eran ,   Singapore   (02.07.11)
I am amazed at the Israeli judicial sysytem. 1. We suspect Kam to be a traitor, yet we have her on house arrest! 2. The judicials, is it because they are lazy?, go on a plea bargain just for the comfort of making an easy trial and let her get away with the minimum sentence. This is very wrong. You are paid for what you do and not for what you do not do. 3. Let Israeli justice judge her..fully.. for what she has done is extremely serious. 4. let her walk away if she is innocent or 5.Let her rot in jail for a lifetime , if the judgement proves her guilty.
21. You must be kidding
Roy ,   Miami   (02.07.11)
Analyze this; "The documents stolen by Kam contained plans of military operations, summaries of discussions within the IDF, deployment and order of battle (ORBAT) of IDF forces, summaries of internal IDF inquiries, IDF situation estimates, IDF targets and more." Pollard did not do such damage to the US and he is in jail the last 30+ years. You dont have to be a genius to estimate the gravity of Kam's offence. She should be put behind bars for many years to come. Maybe even stripped of Israeli citizenship.
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