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Rabbi: Boycott MK married to gentile
Ari Galahar
Published: 03.03.11, 22:47
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1. no where is it written being a rabbi somehow gave you
ralph   (03.03.11)
knowledge. in fact some of the biggest fools and thinkers i meet in and out side yeshiva's were rabbi's.
2. Bar Raphaeli, Portman, Wilf. Israeli women don't love us
a poor israeli man   (03.03.11)
3. Let "Jew" be defined
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.03.11)
MK Wilf is not a traitor. She is a proud Israeli and she keeps her cool, which is admirable. In comparison to her, rabbi Rosen is a miserable nobody. One reason for it lies in the fact that the rabbi doesn't know who is a Jew. Nobody has ever resolved the "who is a Jew" question. The accepted definition is by Orthodoxy, a child of a Jewish mother, for instance. This is a definition by genes, by race. It is abhorrent and devoid of humanitarian values, not supported by 75% of Jews in the world today. In its place, a cultural definition makes much more sense. Cultural Jews is a growing organized movement in America. It defines Jews as people who respect Jewish history, who want to preserve Jewish culture. Religion doesn't matter, rabbis are superfluous, genes don't matter, MK Wilf's husband can qualify under this definition of Who is a Jew if he so decides. On the other hand, person like me, for instance, can toss the importance of my Jewish genes in a waste basket, since I so decided. I have no doubt MK Einat Wilf will work toward passage of a Cultural definition through the Knesset. Resolving this issue will remove the darkest stain on Jews and Israel today, once and for all, the stain of racism.
4. Rabbis and stupidity
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.04.11)
In his attempt to promote "family purity", this rabbi is doing the exact opposite of what he hopes to do. It is declarations like this that help promote and "justify" anti-Semitism on the grounds that Jewish religious leaders are themselves racists. My father was a Christian, my mother a Jew--I have lived in Israel for over 40 years, served in two wars, raised a Jewish family with a Jewish wife--how am I "less of a Jew" than anyone else? MK Wilf's children will be Jewish, according to Halakha, isn't that enough for him? What about the pasuk from the Tanach about making strangers who choose to live among you welcome? It seems to me that Rabbi Rosen's declaration is in itself a violation of the Torah, selfishly designed and made to give him his five minutes of fame. God help us all if people like him come to power in this country--we will become a theocracy as bad, if not worse, than Iran.
5. Thank God
Aron S. ,   Lancaster, USA (now)   (03.03.11)
the Rabbis are not running the country! This Rabbi Rosen needs to understand that you don't have to be married to a Jew or even be Jewish yourself to be a Zionist or a loyal Israeli citizen. In fact, there are many Jewish and among them very religious anti-Zionists - I would talk about them first, if only to look at my own glass house before throwing stones at others'.
6. @ #3
Aron S. ,   Lancaster, USA (now)   (03.04.11)
I'd love to hear where you came up with that 75% from. Just like Christianity and Islam, Judaism has a process by which you can become Jewish if you are not and desire to. Granted some modifications of the process are long overdo, but you're suggesting thousands of years of tradition be thrown out... Makes me wonder if you don't have another agenda not mentioned... Religion is central to the Jewish culture - it is at the core of Jewish culture. Call yourself as you will (and I've never heard of "Cultural Judaism" though I do live in the States) there are some basic tenets that cannot be changed or ignored if you want to call yourself Jewish. Additionally, before you criticize and accuse an entire country you nowhere state you yourself support as the homeland of the Jewish people, BTW - go live there for a while.
7. Einat Wilf
msobserver ,   USA   (03.03.11)
I meet so many secular Israelis who are clueless about Jewish tradition & practice. Apparently the Israeli education system has been denuded of Jewish content. To now give the Education Ministry of the Jewish State to a woman who doesn't care enough to marry a Jew (it's not like there aren't any where she lives) is mind boggling - not to mention self-destructive. Do Israelis have so little pride in their religions and traditions that they would do this?
8. and I thought Israel is democratic and enlightened
ygalg ,   israel   (03.04.11)
if Israel won't separate religion from politics, it will lead to the demise of the only single democratic country in middle east.
9. #3 love contradicting himself.
Amihai ,   Yesha   (03.04.11)
Just quoting what you wrote: "Nobody has ever resolved the "who is a Jew" question." This is a definition [...] not supported by 75% of Jews in the world today" It easy to be more. Reforms did call themselves jews, and by calling so all the mixte couples or what they call conversion, it's easy. Or "the jews for jesus", where christian make up to 99%. "Cultural Jews is a growing organized movement in America. It defines Jews as people who respect Jewish history, who want to preserve Jewish culture" One again, you're saying the opposite of what you said before : there is no universally definition of a jew. And it's not because a majority agree with one of them it's the right one, too. So, all the ones disagreeing with the 3000 year's old definition of a jews are the one trying to force their perspective on the others. I could call myself an american, but it still won't make me one.
10. disgusting, theres no other word for it
anat ,   israel   (03.04.11)
11. Danny Ayalon?
anne ayalon ,   NYC USA   (03.04.11)
At least Einat Wilf is a decent person. Danny Ayalon's wife is a christian missionary, and somehow he escapes Zomet's criticism.
12. Better idea, boycott the rabbinute.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.04.11)
13. if this is not racism, hatred, and bigotery, what is it?
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (03.04.11)
14. Silly rabbi...trids are for kix!
Brian ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.04.11)
This "rabbi" MK shows his totally foolishness by even paying attention to Wilf, who will in all likelihood not be in the next Knesset. She jumped the Labor Party ship with Barak, and the chance of her getting re-elected to the next Knesset are similar to the life expectancy of a snowball surviving the hot air generated in the Knesset cafeteria...
15. Because Jewish is nothing without....
doing one's best to keep all of Torah one can.
16. Why does she not live in Germany ?
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (03.04.11)
17. the rabbi is absolutely right.
pinchas ,   Boston   (03.04.11)
sorry all you liberal, empty -of -Judaism secular Israeli nudniks... but how can an MK ,whose husband is non-Jewish and has not converted, be the chairman of the Education Committee? That's what the rabbi objects to, and to say he's just a bigot is both a lie and shows stupidity. Should Israel appoint an intelligent Arab as head of the IDF? How about an atheist as chief rabbi? Don't you get it?--- it's simply inappropriate and against common sense to do such, and the same applies to Madam Wilf as Education chair.
18. Taliban Rabbi
Alex ,   NYC   (03.04.11)
The guys is a racist indeed. Fortunately, he's a minority as such. He would make great friends with the Taliban.
19.  What are the decendents of Boaz
Jonathon ,   HB, USA   (03.04.11)
So I suppose that would include the decendents of Tamar, Rahab and Ruth - think about it!
20. Sincere question to all the talkbackers here
David ,   St Lous, Missouri   (03.04.11)
As a Jew, I have been looking for a Jewish woman to marry for the longest of time, without any success. I did not want to have a child with a confused identity, nor did I want a Christmas tree next to the Chanuka menorah. Tell me, honestly, have I just been naive and foolish? Should I just open myself to anybody that comes along in this great big world? To MK Wilf, I must sincerely ask, were there no intelligent, attractive, kind Jewish men that met your standards where you live? Is it hard to find a Jewish husband in Israel? Just curious.
21. MK Gentile
Jeff ,   ISRAEL/USA   (03.04.11)
I think most of the talk backs do not understand the concept of Judaism. You have to have a true belief in God and the commandments. You should also have a belief that there is good and there is bad. That being said, you should also have a fear of God and realize that he is the Almighty and will control our destiny for the better, providing we follow his laws. Otherwise, we can only fesr for the worse. This is not ancient thinking, this is the jewish way of life and culture. We should also take today's modernity into our lives and combine the two - hence - Modern Orthodox. What I cannot understand is how a Jew can marry a German Gentile. This is not racist, I am of German background. Hopefully, he will embrace the beauty of the Jewish Nation!
22. traitors...
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.04.11)
she says: "There are greater national traitors than me", probably, BUT she does ADMIT that she IS a TRAITOR....
23. so she admits being a traitor
lazer ,   jerusalem   (03.04.11)
If why Ynet says is correct she is a traitor, but just a small one. Phooey on some one who says such rubbish. Let her run for parilement in Judenfrie Germany...
24. Boycott Rosen and all other racist '' rabbonim'' who do noth
rachel ,   galut   (03.04.11)
nothing but incite Jew hatred amongst gentiles with their racist rantings. People like him and likes of him are not only fueling hatred towards Jews, their supremacist rantings also make every Jew hater out there feel justified in their hate.
25. Just because she is stupid doesn't mean that she can't be a
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.04.11)
good MK member. Some of the other MK members are also stupid. Why give just the smart ones a chance to do the government work. Maybe she couldn't find a German Jew who was right for her. Oh, I give up ! What about voting for more Jewish Israeli Cabinet Members & Prime Ministers. Real leaders & Visionaries. Moshe
26. To @ 13
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (03.04.11)
Yes ,you got it 100% correct in my opinion.
27. to # 25
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (03.04.11)
Well Moshe she has a Doctorate from Cambridge university and a degree from Harvard and there is more. She was also a intelligence officer in the army. Not exactly in line with your classifying her as" stupid". She is also, by the way, a beautiful looking woman.You must feel very threatened by all of this.I guess the rabbi feels just like you.
28. #3 Let "Jew' be defined
Hannah ,   NZ   (03.04.11)
It's perfrectly well defined. Sarah's son Isaac was a Jew; Hagar's son Ismail was not. Ruth took on Judaism with an open heart; her children were Jews. 'Cultural' Jews who were born Jewish are lapsed Jews- the 'Cultural Jew' with a gentile mother simply isnt. Judaism is a religion and a nation, not a race. Hitler does not define Judaism.
29. Those Rabbis are disgusting me
Shaul ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.11)
You can see it shine through already, if those Rabbis (like Rosen) get more influence in this country's politics, we slowly are becoming a single and narrow minded country (just like our neighboring countries or Iran). They are very very close to ruin the first democracy in the Middle East and making it a religious state with all it's disadvantages.
30. Mingling politics and religion in politics (here Knesset)...
David ,   Munich   (03.04.11)
is a recipe for disaster. And a another disaster is a Rabbi like Rosen, unfortunately he is not alone.
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