'No Palestine without Jordan Valley'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 08.03.11, 22:35
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1. Palestinian state then
Jay3 ,   Israel   (03.08.11)
There never has been and never should be.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.08.11)
I suppose that as what are being wrongly called borders are actually the 1948 cease-fire line and Jordan has dropped out of the conflict,Israel might have a case for starting shooting again. That seems to be what the PA wants.Would they really like to put it to the test? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Yes to "Palestine" in fairy tales.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.08.11)
There is only one place "Palestine" belongs. In fairy tales. Like Oz, Neverland, Atlantis and other fictional states. Although "Palestine" would more likely give small children nightmares than entertain them.
4. #1
palestinian   (03.08.11)
No Palestinian state then...never was and never will be...Jordan is Palestine.... You guys seem completely disconnected from the new realities on the ground. With new neighbor from the west (Egypt). And more pro-Israel dictator falling. Hezbullah. Hospitable Turkey. Stronger Iran. No love for you in the world and increasing de-legitimization ....Well, good luck in the next years, you really need it. I'm wondering how long your arrogance can stand...
Greg Talbot ,   Boston, MA   (03.08.11)
Fayyad should have ended the sentance after the word "Palestine".
stude ham   (03.08.11)
and what will israel get in return? only a signed piece of paper easily to be shredded at the first change in arab leadership. jordan valley must remain in israel's hands. middle finger salute to these arrogant arab robbers of our lands.
7. Jordan Valley
Irv ,   columbus,USA   (03.08.11)
Instead of seeking peace with a group of people who up their price at every turn why doesn't Israel seek WAR and then there will be peace!
8. The truth about the Arab Public Relation (Video) !!
9. muhammad and the jews
cristian ,   bs as arg   (03.08.11)
there are numerous written account of muhammad having had contact with many jews from tribes living in and around medina,his relationship with jews includes his theological teaching of them as "people of the book" ahl al-kitab) his claim of final slaughter of jews by the hands of muslims as one of the events preceding the day of judgment,the quran states that THE JEWS WERE SPECIALLY CHOSEN BY LORD who raised many prophets among them,blessed them and granted them favours and held them over ALL OTHER NATIONS,muhammad married two jewish women,safiyya bint huayy,a captive from the banu nadir and rayhana bint zayd
10. the irony
golan ,   modiin   (03.08.11)
there is no peace process. There is a process to create a PLO controlled state that will threaten the Jewish state. The master concept proposed by Shimon Peres was that the PLO receive autonomy and self determination. The Arabs will gain economically and reject Islamic extremism. This will lead to a quelling of the non-Arab Iranians who will no longer hate Israel/Jews and a new era will reign. If that does not work then the world will see Israel's gestures as far reaching and any regional tension will be quelled by the world's realization that Israel is not to blame. unfortunately the opposite has happened. Even while the Arabs (including the PLO) shoot rockets on Israeli civilians the "world" reports that Sderot is an illegal settlement and now even Hamas is seen as a "partner" that Israel should deal with. And that is absurd.
11. No Palestine without Jordan Valley'. No Palestine,no problem
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (03.08.11)
No Palestine without Jordan Valley',no problem,no Palestine.
12. Sorry but NO "palestine"...
Yossu ,   Canada   (03.08.11)
Only on Facebook... and that's can bring 1,000 bibis and 1,000 fayyads saying "pal" this, "pal" that... It---won't---happen... mark my words... In the meantime, go to facebook and Like "palestine". I know I
13. When Shah's friends came to Beilinson ...
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.08.11)
there were Iranian cars in Petah Tiqva. Good money was made by the hospital and doctors. Under peace conditions there will be no reason why an Iranian truck could not travel to Petah Tiqva for business, or vice versa. No reason why Israelis would be prevented from visiting the Jordan valley, or Jordanians from eating humus in Abu Gosh. Time to think outside the box Bibi, Ehud and even Avigdor. You too Salam Fayyad. The 1967borders are fine for peace and represent an optimal solution.
14. To # 1
Rachel ,   US   (03.08.11)
The only Palestine is across the river.
15. No Palestine (state of Invadia) period.
Yaniv ,   Israel   (03.09.11)
16. demands of hague
alexi   (03.09.11)
hague is no one to be proud of. he sent british commandos with an ambassador who got arrested by the libyans who were then beseeched by the brit ambassador to let them go. hague is like the arabs-big mouth threats. he ought to shut the hell up and go eat shwarma in abu london, the new capital of britain. Abbas is not getting a state with control of the jordan valley and he can trigger a thousand infitadehs and it won't help. pacifists are not arround. israel will smash rebellions including abbas if he starts. israel is accomodating the palestinains who are in reality foreign interlopers on ancient israeli sacred land. There is only so much they will get. A better option would be for all of them to go to jordan, which itself is about 1/4 ancient israeli land. Don't push it.
17. am i missing something or hasn't this
Barney ,   USA   (03.09.11)
whole "palestine" been a moot point fairytale from the start?
18. Reality check #4
GZLives   (03.09.11)
Have you any idea how much Egypt depends on tourism to stay afloat ? Do you actually think they would ever even entertain the idea of going to war with Israel given the damage that would do to their economy? You need to get a hold of how little any of them really care about you ... its always been about using us to keep their populations under their boot but now that's over so neither you nor us are really that important. And as for "delegitimization" .... don't believe the hype. Our economy has grown. Its all hype or should I say "Pallywood" - time for you to come to the table or continue the miserable existence your leaders have relegated you to
19. don't listen to Hague
eddie ,   london UK   (03.09.11)
Hague has become a laughing stock in the UK, and he is on his way out, after his botched SAS fiasco in Libya. The western press, even the leftie papers, are not bothering with the israeli Palestinian conflict anymore. The troubles now encompass the arab world and will take a decade to stabilise. There will be no pressure on Israel until the surrounding areas are clear of conflict.
20. Natanyahu AND kADDAFI
Saif ,   Egypt   (03.09.11)
from the picture above ...... BOTH ARE SURROUNDED BY FEMAL BODYGUARDS . who said 1967 line is valid anymore . a million man march to jerusalem from each direction .. stay tuned .
cristian ,   bs as arg   (03.09.11)
The muslims and the christians really know that the jewish people are the chosen one ,muslims and christians read the scriptures which say the jews lord people,and their souls feel jealous about the jews,they both want to be jewish friends but the jews are narrow-minded and they just think about themselves and do not want goyim with them ,then muslims and christians who at first wanted to be friends after all become their enemies.At the end the jihad of hatred,revenge,death,suffering and pain is all about THE CHILD JEALOUS FEELING,I THINK THE PROPHETS HAD WRITTEN SOMETHING ABOUT IT,HOW SAD!
22. To 14
Palestine prevails   (03.09.11)
It's funny when people half a world away try to decide how we live our lives. To reiterate, Israel'll need some good luck over the coming period in face of isolation and delegitimization.
23. Messianic Kingdom
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (03.09.11)
All these negotiations are revealing. They are positive because they show that there are some foundations of trust which can be built on. Positive connections between people no matter how tenuous must be exploited for all they are worth. There is so much satanic energy in the world that the good side of humankind must be promoted at all costs. The peace baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater. The prophesied solution to the interminable problems in the Holy Land is for a Messianic Kingdom to reign. The divinely mandated command and control structure will be based in the Old City with the Temple Mount as its centre. In more secular, palatable terms this will be known as "The Special Regime". The hierarchy is as follows : G-d Moshiach The Sanhedrin National Advisors; International Agencies; The Auditors; Ambassadors; World Defence Force; World Bank The Nation States There already is a nascent form of this government in operation. The current GDP of the world is approximately $45 Trillion. At a modest 3% growth rate over 39 years this can grow to $130 Trillion by 2050. An increase in the general welfare of the global community will thus be the result. The Redemption, i.e. Counter-balancing is a process that unfolds over time. The better the moves of the cube, the quicker the pace. The Master of the Universe has a plan. Deny it and see what happens. His timetable will trump all others.
24. Since 1917 I am yet to hear them say "yes" once!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.09.11)
"The Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity", observed a very astute man. They keep demonstrating to the entire world how true that observation was.
25. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, accepted by all ....
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.09.11)
...relevant parties to the conflict, including the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and on the basis of which all peace talks have been conducted does not mention at all the need for an additional state in the region in order to bring about peace to the region. And, concepts such as "Palestinians", "Palestine" and a "Palestinian state" don't appear at all in this important resolution. Any talk about an independent "Palestinian state" is strictly a good will gesture Israel has made. And as a maker of such a gesture - without ever seeing the Arabs reciprocating - it is for Israel to determine the future "secure and recognized boundaries" a phrase that does appear in UN Security Council Resolution, 242.
26. There was no Pales before 1967. West Bank belonged to Jordan
Gaza to Egypt   (03.09.11)
Israel never had a war with an Arab Moslem country called Palestine. before 1967 West Bank belonged to Jordan and Gaza belonged to Egypt. going back to 1967 borders means that Israel should give West Bank to Jordan and Gaza must get attached to Egypt. Israel should not stablish another Arab Moslem country for greedy Arabs. they have so many countries and oil and are all rich. It was enough that ISrael gave back Gaza to Arabs and made another Islamic state for them. West Bank should not be given to Jordan or any other Arabs. They didn't have to attack Israel. IF Arabs had won the war in 1967 and succeded in occupying the coutry and throwin all Jews in the sea, as their leaders had announced, they would never give back Israel to Jews. there is also another problem. the very few Jews who are still living in Arab occupied countries and living under Arab apartheid occupation rule may soon have to move to Israel as nationalistic fanatics are taking over power in Arab countries like Bahrain and Yemen. These lands in West Bank should be given to these Jews who will be spelled or forced to leave under constant threat, from their homes in Arab occupied countries. No one in the world has ever or will ever defend the right of Jews expelled from Arab lands. Arabs in West Bank can easily move to the homes of these Jews who will be forced to leave their homes.
27. #9 he didn't marry the captive women. he raped them.don't
dont' belive lies.   (03.09.11)
the complete story about how these women got raped is in Islamic one case He killed the leader of the tribe and his son with torture and after killing most of the men and taking women he raped the daughter of the leader the same night. this is what the occupation army of Islam did with every tribe and later every country they occupied. robbed and raped and looted. why do you think that Jews didnt' belive that he was a prophet? name one prophet who taught that one should attack other people and kill them and rob them and rape their women and force their religion on them.
28. Same huge mistake
Dan David   (03.09.11)
Again, Israel to ofer more and invite more presure and more demands. We do not learn - do we ?
29. To Saif, #20
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (03.09.11)
Oh, you don't like the 1967 lines anymore? Because Egypt has done SO WELL in the last few wars against Israel you'd like to try again? You just don't learn, do you? What will it take, the complete annihilation of Egypt before you figure it out?
30. To #22
Howard Immanuelson ,   US   (03.09.11)
> Israel'll need some good luck over the coming period in face of isolation and delegitimization. I told the guy today that this order was in honor of Roger Waters as I placed a large order of Ahava cosmetics for my wife. We both got a good chuckle out of that.
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