IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.03.11, 19:27
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61. #36 #46 #48 What You Call Defense We Call Murder
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.15.11)
Continue down the road you are travelling. You think you are making Israel strong but instead you are making it unflexible and brittle. You think that throwing the weight of your military around is the answer to every perceived problem your country faces. These sorts of actions are acts of a government desparately trying to make it appear that they have everything under control. But the Middle East is roiling. Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya Tunesia, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, the Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, and Iran are in forment. The radicals may not be in control now but they will be. They have the oil. Sooner or later the West, primarily the USA , will see the error of backing Israel. No amount of Jewish money will change that tide when it turns. Then Israel will truly be isolated. Oh you claim that everyone hates Israel. You claim that everyone is anti-semitic. The time draws near when Israel really will be isolated. But that will be because of the thoughts, words and deeds of the people of Israel. It is the hate that you project unto the world that will come back to haunt you.
62. observer #19 get some glasses
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.15.11)
The UN did indeed authorize it. It's called UN Security Council Resolution 1860(2009) and UN Security Council Resolution 1373(2001). There is also nothing in the freight manifest of the Victoria revealed the true nature of the content of the ship's containers, in violation of the relevant provisions of the International Maritime Organization's Conventions and professional standards, including the Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. That makes the entire affair legal. Just as everything we have done is legal.
63. #40 It must not be too secret if I know about it.
Strangelove M.D.   (03.15.11)
Does the US Coast Guard have the time or resources to check every container on every ship coming in and out of NY Harbor? Not so secret sources also talk of WMD already in the country. Now, you know why Obama is sweating bullets, and afraid to make any kind of move, one way or the other.
64. To: No. 42
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
No -- you made the charge. YOU prove your point. That's how it works in adversarial systems; something you should know, since that is precisely how it works in the U.K.
65. To: No. 57
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
No, the vessel stopped at Mersin, and then set sail for Alexandria. It was en route to Alexandria when it was interdicted. Mersin was therefore NOT the vessel's last port of call, merely its most recent one. Sorry -- you'll just have to deal with all that egg on Turkey's face. Did you REALLY think that the combined efforts of Iran, Syria and Turkey could outsmart Israel? Think again. We're watching you all the time.
66. To: No. 53
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Israel was acting to enforce an internationally-recognized and fully legal blockade. Please don't try using logic. You don't have the requisite equipment, i.e., a brain.
67. the picture of bibi was taken during the fire not now
zionist forever   (03.15.11)
The picture is of Bibi onboard a plane observing the Carmel fire not him telling the navy its ok to board the ship.
68. West Bank State
Eddie ,   london UK   (03.15.11)
The Palestinian state that Barak wishes to create, and Livni will unilaterally withdraw from, will have these shipments on a daily basis, unencumbered, whilst the IDF will not be able to interfere. And much more heavy weaponry will be moved there. From the jagged border, they will be firing at Israeli targets,and any response from Israel will be seen by the world as war crimes and ethnic cleansing.
69. Surprise Surprise
Harvey ,   London   (03.15.11)
Quelle surprise .! Iranian warships check into Syrian port and two weeks later a boat leaves Syria carrying armaments from Iran. I wonder how that happened . Maybe Assad ,Ahmad and the Hamasniks are all members of the Magic Circle.
70. Egypt-bound ship carried weapons to Libya
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
The ship departed from Lattakia port in Syria to Mersin port in Turkey, from where it set off bound for Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria is only hope, only port that can connect Libyan fighters in Benghazi. Game-changer weapons desperately by apposition fighters in Libya. enemy fighter pops up from behind a wall to fire at troops and then takes cover before they can respond. An XM25 gunner can then use the laser range finder to get the distance to the wall, program the explosive to go off a few feet behind it, fire over the wall, and then watch as lethal shell fragments rain down from above. It wasn't during routine surveillance as IDF declared, but Gaddafi tipped Israel.
71. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
Imposter strikes again. This is not salami's post.
72. erdogan is in bed with terror
alexi   (03.15.11)
israel carefully avoided including turkey as part of the iranian syrian terror weapons cabal. But no doubt to me, erdogan knows what's going on. look at his islamic government arresting media, going after any and every military officer, introducing sharia in new areas.Because he is well dressed, well groomed,harismatic, and operates with a parliament he has been getting a free pass. Yet since he has been president and later pm, he has been lying his teeth off and protecting iran, sudan, hamas, hezbollah and syria. So this raid and a good one for israel proves that the turkish report on the marmora is full of lies. Gaza is well stocked and if it is cut off,.it is because of the iranian funded brotherhood that run it. The area has to be cleared and arabs shipped to Jordan;that is what I would do.
73. #70, observe this!
Chatich   (03.15.11)
"In addition to weapons, soldiers who boarded the "Victoria" also found a radar used to detect ships prior to the launching of anti-ship missiles." Please, monsiour observer extraordinaire, explain to us all what the Libyan rebels need with such equipment. To defend against Qadaffi's vast naval armada? We're all waiting intently to hear your answer...
74. #53 Little Leon
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (03.15.11)
There is nothing illegal about enforcing the law and the law states that exporting weapons to terrorists is prohibited. The UN also imposed restrictions on Iran's activities concerning import and export of weapons and here they are sending weapons to a terrorist entity. Let me tell you something, little Leon - Jews are not going to be slaughtered without a fight again. Bigots like you, tiny little Leon are the real danger to the world.
75. #53 hey idiot, have you checked the International Law at Sea
It is obvious that you didn't. If you did, you'd discover - to your obvious disappointment - that the ship boarding was 1000% legal and according to every international law, at sea or not. That doesn't include of course "laws" invented by genocidal Islamo-Leftists like yourself, crazed that their illegal cargo has been discovered and the sources and accomplices exposed. We shall block any attempt to arm terrorist organizations, and we shall fight you and other murderous racists on every street, in every house and on every forum. Meanwhile, go grow a brain before posting here, moron!
76. #70 you'll excuse me if I crap on your "report"
Where exactly do you get your information, mr. expert? You make me LAUGH! I'll tell you who tipped Israel: Ahmedinejad. When in his megalomaniacal Muslim arrogance, sent the weapon-carrying ships to Syria. So whose report is correct? Mine or yours?
77. #6 Yea Right And erDOGan Is Secular!!!
Brazen   (03.15.11)
78. Sarah , All your posts here : GREAT
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.15.11)
It's also a subject [ maritime law ] you know very well .
79. 61 , who is "we" ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.15.11)
Sane people ? objective ones ? People who know about what they are talking ? No , none of them . Only informed by one sided media ? Hatefull ? Believing liars ? supporting murtders of babies ? Yes , that are the people you call "we" .
80. YAY
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
Finally some very good news for Israel. Bravo Shayetet 13. Kol hakavod to Israel's navy.
81. #53-Leon's Foolish Remarks
Louis Fried ,   Woodbridge, Canada   (03.15.11)
It is not an act of "piracy" to defend yourself. These arms were destined for the terrorist organizations in Gaza to be used against Israelis especially those in the border towns. Any self-respecting democracy would have done the same thing. Congratulations IDF.
82. #70 blind observer
GOOD ,   USA/IL   (03.15.11)
Why don't you show us the proof that the illegal weapons were bound to the rebels in Libya? Even if that were the case it is still illegal as the UN imposed sanctions on Iran so they are not allowed to export weapons. You see, you can't keep lying and expect us to say nothing about it. The proof please............
83. #61 world citizen You and Your Statement
Brazen   (03.15.11)
coulnt be the FARTHEST from the truth. arabs are rising up AGAINST arab dictators and rulers WHO HAVE STOLE from their people, they want to be treated as people NOT things expendable to their government as it has always been post-colonel middle east. Israel is NOTHING like arab countries arab in Israel at least have rights, in arab countries if you not from that country you reside in NO WORK, NO RIGHTS and this is from YOUR arab brothers. Yella
84. #33 babbasid You speak for the moslem world
Brazen   (03.15.11)
do you? Well I guess you let the jennie out of the bottle.
85. Shame their were no IHH terrorists on board
Turkish cowards
86. Congratulations
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (03.15.11)
Congrat and keep up the good work. You should start a huge media campaign about the weapons now.
87. To: Charles at No. 78
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
Merci beaucoup, Charles!
88. # 78 & # 79
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.15.11)
Bravo Charles, your light shines, this evening.
89. 54 Iranian frigate accompanied larger cargo vessel.
Stephen in New York   (03.15.11)
The cadets were on the frigate and the “supply vessel” was a larger cargo ship. I wonder what was on that ship. And certainly it was easier to seize the contraband from a neutral cargo ship than an armed Iranian convoy.
90. #82 who said Iran was source of weapone but Israel
observer ,   Egypt   (03.15.11)
Syria doesn't share border with Iran, but with Israel.
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