IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.03.11, 19:27
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31. #18. Sho me one person who...
Persian CAT   (03.15.11)
loves his/her jailers, and I'll let you lick my ice cream. If you think the people in Gaza are not facing an "outside threat", then you must be dumber than a door knob.
32. A job well done
john   (03.15.11)
Israel should give these weapons to all opposition groups in those criminally run countries and leaders who had direct involvement and had knowledge of this Gaza bound terror boat.
33. Mandated by the UN. ??
BabbaZed ,   Phoenix Arizona USA   (03.15.11)
So Sorry ! The UN is not a "World Government", and, the Islamic world has declared war against Israel. "All's fair in war"
34. #3 Don't blame German Government.
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (03.15.11)
It's a German MERCHANT marine ship leased to a French company flying a Liberian flag. Did you get that? Moshe from USA that means that the vessel is at the moment a Liberian Flag Ship leased to a French company from a German company which means that it has nothing to do with the German Government. I know that may be complex for you to understand in the United States of America but according to Maritime Law (that is law of the Sea) this ship really has nothing to do with neither the German Government nor the French Government. It probably has everything to do with a series of private fake companies all of which go back to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Did you get all of that? So please don't blame the German Government as they are a very important ally of the State of Israel. Best for a good day
35. Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal! (well done boys & girls of IDF!)
EBR ,   Jerusalem   (03.15.11)
36. #16 please do sit down! I am about to shock you!
Avi ,   Haifa   (03.15.11)
You have got it all wrong my friend. The ones commiting the Act of Piracy are the people responsible for sending out the ship in the first place...that would be the Iranians and Syrians. The Defense of the State of Israel is NEVER EVER an act of piracy! Kapish?
37. This world doesn't know what's about to hit it.
Strangelove M.D.   (03.15.11)
For the naive : Iran has nuclear weapons (via N. Korea) in container ships parked off US coast, just waiting for the day it's nuclear facilities are attacked.
38. well done!
krzysztof ,   krak√≥w poland   (03.15.11)
well done!
39. Turkey was connected.
pan   (03.15.11)
Mersin is the base of Turkey's mediterranean navy command.Do you really believe that their military intelligence was in no way aware of the shipment???
40. TO Dr. Strangelove #37:
Israeli 2   (03.15.11)
Why are you revealing this top secret information??? Now the Israelis will know it and intercept it!!! What are you? Working for the Mosad???
41. Excellent work, IDF!
Heather Czerniak ,   Mississauga, Canada   (03.15.11)
My husband and I and our kids will be moving to Israel in June. the kids will be eighteen and are looking forward to serving in the IDF.
42. Are you serious?
Raf ,   UK   (03.15.11)
I am amazed with the degree of ignorance that people show beleiving such pathetic stories. to put it simple so that your primitive minds can understand, the ship was going to support the Libyan regime. if not, prove the opposite!
43. Salma's talkback today sounds different
SNS   (03.15.11)
Salma's talkback today sounds different. Like a different person wrote it. Like someone with very good knowledge of colloquial English.
44. A victory, but will it mean anything?
Henry from New York ,   USA   (03.15.11)
Israel finds weapons, bound for Gaza's various terrorist groups. Wonderful news indeed, but will the world even care? Is this going to be reported accurately outside of Israel? The public want Israel-bashing, not the truth, and the news companies will give it to them. Watch Israel either be ignored or painted as the villain.
45. The Axis of Evil will be crushed!
David ,   USA   (03.15.11)
Remember , the Axis of Evil is Syria, Iran and now we have to add Erdogan! These idiots" days will be numbered like Sadam! Gaza can be paradise if these looneys stop with their hate of the Jews as it tells them in their Koran. They have to re-write this book so the next generation can live in peace!
46. #16-World Citizen, the world, cry me a river sucker
Eyal ,   USA ISRAEL   (03.15.11)
Israel won again. It sucks to be you.
47. weapons
spooky ,   birmingham uk   (03.15.11)
excellent , well done , now take the ship out to sea and sink it ,end of story
48. #16 you think you are pinky and the brain ? you really think
rachel ,   usa   (03.15.11)
you are going to take over the world ? maybe you should chill and take your pill !!!
49. #19 NON-OBSERVER requires observation
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (03.15.11)
i see you had to stick your uninformed self into the discussion During both World Wars, each side intercepted enemy shipping, for the most part sending it to the bottom of the sea That involved hundreds of ships and millions of tons of what each side did want the other side to have The plain facts are they sunk the ships no matter where they were,many times right off their own coastlines UN my foot, they're unable to protect the people in Libya, Sudan and a host of other nations or prevent the smuggling of arms from Syria into Lebanon The "Mandate" was disregarded by the Arabs when they attacked Israel, that's a lousy standard to use for what should and shouldn't be done Israel will continue to protect itself, whether you like it or not, for that matter nobody cares if you do or don't
50. #43 What do you expect ? These are people paid to write BS i
rachel ,   usa   (03.15.11)
in the news all over the world !!! They are "world citizens "
51. #45 these people will never stop .they area members of a cul
rachel ,   usa   (03.15.11)
cult who believe they know it all!!!!!
52. 43- Multiple writers using same name
Stephen in New York   (03.15.11)
Excellent observation. A week or so ago there was a discussion at about the exact same post appearing the same day under the name of Natallie Durson at and under the name of Tukman at This is an organized effort and an example of warfare by other means.
53. Israel is truly an outlaw nation
Leon ,   Ottawa, Canada   (03.15.11)
This is another illegal and reckless example of Israeli piracy in international waters. Israel does not or should not control international waters and it has no right to seize unarmed ships whenever they choose. Using this logic, ships carrying weapons destined for Israel should be seized because Israel is far more of a threat to the peace of the world. Stop terrorism by blockading Israel.
54. Barak - proven wrong again?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.15.11)
It appears this ship left the very same port where two Iranian warships (one a supply ship) docked only days before. Barak insisted that there was no need to stop or inspect those vessels before they entered the Suez because they were just "cadets" on a training exercise. (The US also elected not to stop them, though they urged Egypt not to allow them passage.) Was Barak snookered? Or maybe today he'll tell us he knew all along what they were up to and intended to capture the arms on the way back - on a neutral cargo ship rather than an Iranian warship.
55. MUSIC TO OUR EARS. Well done.
The 11th Man ,   London   (03.15.11)
56. Uh..........yeah, #42
Cameron ,   USA   (03.15.11)
57. Lol
Ali ,   Turkish Republic   (03.15.11)
Not Mersin but Hatay Ship owned from GERMANS which operated from FRENCH company with LIBERIAN flag from IRAN via SYRIA and LAST STOP of ship was MERSIN so stop moaning.
58.  IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel
Marianne ,   US   (03.15.11)
Are you listening to yourself.. what country does not protect itself and people? Israel is not the threat and you know it.. they don't go around slashing the throat of babies and blowing up innocent people.. Open your eyes.. God bless Israel
59. To: No. 31
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.11)
The only threat to peace and tranquility is Hamas. They are the ones who continue to fire missiles into Israel and they are the ones that trumpet to the world continuously that they seek the destruction of the State of Israel. Since every member of the European Union, the United States, Canada and Oceania, to name but a few, acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel is well within its rights to follow the law and act to interdict arms shipments intended for Gaza. Israel is equally well within its rights to enforce its fully legal and internationally-recognized embargo. Speaking of "dumber than a door knob," no one is interested in licking your "ice cream." Try your good friends the mullahs. I'm sure you'll look simply fetching hanging from a jib crane.
60. Responsability
Pedro ,   Brazil   (03.15.11)
If Israel do not obligate the owner of the ship to take responsability what his ship is transporting, how the ship owner will have interest in be carefull about what his clients are transporting in his ship?
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