Goldstone to visit Israel in July
Nahum Barnea
Published: 05.04.11, 14:23
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1. Want to be a fly on the wall...
Head Scratcher ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.05.11)
It's hard to imagine two Jewish men with less in common than Richard Goldstone and Eli Yishai. What are they going to talk about? Do they have any common frame of reference?
2. He should be speaking in France, Britain, and the Arab world
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (04.05.11)
to tell them what a pack of lies he had promulgated. It's about time he undo the damage he caused.
3. Goldstone
zznhl   (04.05.11)
Dont bother coming...stay at home. You are not welcome here in Israel. In the history of Judaism only two other Jews have done more damage to Israel - Yigal Amir and Judas Escariot.
4. Invited for what, Goldstone is resposible
Dani ,   Amsterdam   (04.05.11)
for defamation I don't think the Israeli population will be happy to have him as guest.
5. i would have never invited him
ronen   (04.05.11)
6. Richie... due to the presence of
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (04.05.11)
frothing at the mouth nationalists... invest in some body armor.
7. #3 - you neglected to mention Annas & Caiphas.
seadog1946 ,   ArthurKill, NJ   (04.05.11)
8. Birds of a feather
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (04.05.11)
Goldstone said "he loves both Israel and the Jewish people" which is why he accepted money to write a report that declares that Jews do not have the right for self-defense against genocide. Yishai is a leader of the party that was elected on Right-wing votes, then took money to support the Oslo accord, leading to the deaths of thousands of Jews. Instead of meeting in Israel, why don't they meet in Saudi Arabia? Nobody wants them here.
9. It's a trap!!!!!
JEW1 ,   ASHDOD   (04.05.11)
Goldstone is educated. Has power and position and tons of experience. He is not a neive person. But still he gave a false report. He knew exactly what he was doing. This is a plan b and something is fishy here. Please do not fall in to a new trap and invite this lier to Israel.
10. Strange.
Jules   (04.05.11)
It is possible that Judge Goldstone knew from the very beginning that the whole purpose of that "investigation" was the DELEGITIMIZATION of Israel as a state and a country; the Gaza war was just a pretext. It appears that a whole, hidden from the general public view grand-plan aimed at the destruction of Israel has just hit the wall, but the major participants still don't know what to do next and in what direction to run.
11. Yishai is an Idiot- Bar Goldstone
Rich ,   USA   (04.05.11)
What kind of a moron is Yishai? To invite the man who condemmed Israel on insufficient evidence? Did Israel pay off Goldstone for the retraction? It sure sounds like a deal was made here. If Goldstone will be in Israel in July - I won't. The soil of Israel will be tainted..
12. He has to make tchuva
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (04.05.11)
And he thinks that Israel is the best place, But he sholud learn the Tschouva laws : he has first to repair what he has done..
13. Goldstone is not welcome in Israel
Judith Nusbaum ,   rishon letzion   (04.05.11)
As an Jew and an Israeli I am appalled by Minister Yishai's invitation to Goldstone to visit Israel. Goldstone is not welcome here. He caused great damage to Israel by his lies. Nothing he could possibly say now could undue the damage. Stay home Goldstone. You are not welcome here.
14. He should be persona non grata
Percy B ,   New York, NY   (04.05.11)
Far from actually inviting this snake to visit Israel, he should be declared persona non grata and he should be banned from entering Israel. Why is it that our people are jumping to accept Goldstone's half-hearted "apology" -- he still blames Israel for not participating in the probe!
15. Judge Golstone
Head Banger ,   Israel   (04.05.11)
I support Judge Goldtsone!
16. It's too early for an invitation.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.05.11)
I don't see why Goldstone should be welcomed back into the fold. In his article he *still* blames Israel for not submitting itself to scrutiny by his kangaroo court. There's no way to undo the damage he's done, but he hasn't done much yet to redeem himself.
17. Hear Both Sides!
Revelation Needed ,   Maine, USA   (04.05.11)
Is Mr Goldstone going to get the opportunity to meet privately with each side of this issue, or is Israel going to allow him only to see/hear their "sanitized" version? Perhaps he, and all Jews who wish to learn how Israeli 'justice' is applied should take an unannounced trip to the Kalandia gate (West Bank), get out of their pre-permitted vehicles, and walk through the Gate in line with all others who are required to use it everyday. Once through, they should proceed using only roads non-Jews are allowed to use to get where they are going. Only when Mr G (and all others who weigh in on this debate) experience both sides, will the judging be done more fairly.
18. Goldstone appears to be removed from reality
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (04.05.11)
Very strange. It appears that Goldstone has no idea how much damage his report did, nor how he is perceived as nothing more than a tool exploited by Israel's enemies. Admitting his mistakes is the first step. How he'll correct them has yet to be seen.
zionist forever   (04.05.11)
We don't want men like Goldstone in this country who will undoubtedly use it as an excuse to start condemning us for lack of progress with the peace process. Goldstone is the very last person we should let into the country right now.
20. Goldestone
Cima ,   USA   (04.05.11)
He had paid his dues, and now he can visit Israel. He lost his sold his soul to the devil. He repented for what he did. Next he will call for deportations of all Palestinians from "Israel Historical home Land"
21. Invite a Jew hater on our money?
yehuda ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.05.11)
Yishai should pay from his own pocket.
22. Goldstone visits Sderot
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (04.05.11)
I say GREAT!!! Just be sure to give Hamas the time and coordinates so that they can personally give him a taste of what southern Israel had been getting for eight long years of terrorist rocket attacks that this "judge" never condemned in his "report"!!! Then MAYBE this lier will write another "report" based on the Truth this time!!!???
23. Goldstone is personna non grata
shadi- Gaza ,   gaza strip   (04.05.11)
surely , he got bribed by some Israeli politicians and businessmen to retract his first findings on IDF war crimes against Gaza civilians ........ I wonder how much money he got from Israel as award ????? evidences of IDF atrocities in Gaza still clear to public in Gaza border towns
24. Let him come and charge him with crimes against......
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.05.11)
the Jewish People! There is no place here for a man that has caused more damage to Israel than any Palestinian has ever done! The UNHCR, which is the center of hatred against Israel and Jews has stated that the report stands so what has his "retraction" achieved? Former Ambassador Dan Gillerman obviously doesn't know that Judge Richard Goldstone is a totally self-interested individual who does nothing that will not serve his own personal interests. I can only hope that his entry into Israel will be denied as he is simply an enemy of the State of Israel and its people. I find it very strange that Yishai, the man, who by his negligence and disregard for the safety of the people of Israel, caused the deaths of 44 people in the Carmel fire, has the gall to talk about the "the extent of the suffering that the Israeli public has been subjected to due to Hamas terrorist attacks". Look at the suffering that Yishai has caused to families of those burnt to death!
25. the first thing he should do is donate the 130G he made
oferdesade ,   israel   (04.05.11)
donate it to vaad lemaan hahayal, for example?
26. no. 23, this was counter bribe to your first bribe
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (04.05.11)
you bribed him first to report falsehoods on Israel and the counter bribe neutralized your first one. now he is neutral and anything he expresses should be taken as honest.
27. His majesty goldstone
Michael Pielet ,   boca, usa   (04.05.11)
It is so nice goldstone wants to visit Israel. Goldstone should visit all the Israeli military cemetaries and ask foregiveness for all the soldiers he murdered. Next Goldstone should go to the cemetaries where victims of terrorism are buried and ask for their forgiveness.
28. He spoke his conscience in the past...
Marco ,   Spain   (04.05.11)
Too bad that his conscience had a weakness, and it flew over the kokoo's nest at the first sight of the mighty old green do$$ar.
29. ....however a bribed conscience doesn't count
Marco ,   Spain   (04.05.11)
In his own mind Goldstone has already envisioned himself Secretary General of the UN. The only challenge standing between him and this position was producing a report hostile to the Jewish State to curry favor with majority Muslim and affiliates in the UN that could vote for or against him. It stands to reason that he will cook up something and accept without questioning any stories indicting Israel and completely ignoring all testimony exonerating Israel.
30. too little too late
DavidM ,   CT USA   (04.06.11)
Goldstone's visit to Israel can be summed up this way-too little, too late
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