Hamas reveals suspects in activist's murder
Elior Levy
Published: 18.04.11, 14:06
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1. Activist's Murder
Bruria   (04.18.11)
Someone needs to explain the truth to his mother--that he sported a jihad tattoo, was filled with hatred and laid with terrorists. Yes, every death is sad, but this one should not be made into a martyr.
2. Dear Mrs. Arrigoni, stay home.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.18.11)
Your son was either misguided or just plain stupid to believe that his efforts were honorable. Hamas is a group of animals. Did you forget they threw PA people off rooftops when they took power? Or maybe the thousands of rockets fired at Israel? The only thing amazing about your son is that he lived so long in a den of murderers. I am sorry for your loss, though. Too bad he sided with the animals.
3. For how long?
Paolo ,   Israel   (04.18.11)
For how long do we have yet to read about the death of this antisemitic bastard, executed by his own idols?
4. He's Jordanian, like every Fakestinian should be
Dwight   (04.18.11)
5. hey Arrgoni who's laughing now?!
a lovely person   (04.18.11)
That's a hell of a cause you were fighting for. I wonder what went on in your head while that guy was strangling you. Probably something like god damn it I'm an idiot. well DUH!
6. You reap what you sow...
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (04.18.11)
I think its hilarious that the cowards Hamas seek out these jokers that executed this naive Italian. Its like The Bad, The Stupid & The Evil... maybe a good name for a Clint Eastwood movie? What I do know is that I don't care.
7. Arrigoni "sacrificed" his life?
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (04.18.11)
Arrigoni did not sacrifice his life. He wasted his life. The only sacrifice is that Islamists sacrificed (murdered) him like an animal. For all you sympathizers out there, this is a foretaste of Islam's plan for all infidels including YOU. Arrivaderche Arrigoni!!
8. hamas
av ,   (04.18.11)
shame you cant accuse israel as usal .what you cant lie anymore
9. Poor woman...
Ram ,   London   (04.18.11)
...she's probably better off avoiding disappointment by not going to Gaza.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (04.18.11)
We'll probably never know the truth, because the Arabs are caught lying so often, for so many reasons, it's hard to know where the truth lies. Are these the real perpetrators or just a family feud being settled, who knows? What we do know is this, to quote the article: "posted on YouTube showed him with his eyes covered and bleeding, begging his captors for mercy" "Begging for mercy", what did these sick animals give him, death by hanging. A slow hanging, where he choked for several minutes, dying slowly. Somebody once said in an earlier post about this vile hate crime, what must have been his last thoughts? As died a slow and painful death, while his captors probably laughed at him. Laughed at the cowardly dhimmi, begging for his life. Yet his friends and mother still support these devils. How sad. What type of stupidity it must take, not to admit when your wrong. That the people you say are allegedly "oppressed" are NOT. The Proof is simple. If Israel were to stop shooting rockets and missiles, what would be the result? They would be attacked until they were destroyed. What would happen if the Arabs stopped firing rockets and mortars at civilians? You would have PEACE. That is the difference in a nutshell, but the leftists are to stupid to understand that simple fact.
11. Well, may be she will learn
Yossef   (04.18.11)
in Gaza, that life there is not that bad, that there is a nice market full of fresh product in Gaza city, and a new mall where she will be able to make some shopping, buying gaza T-shirts for what remains of her family. May be she will think that finally her son died for nothing, just to prove to himself that he can live with wolves. The problem is that wolves ate him. Too sad, but so predictable. Mam' it's not your business here in Middle-East, it's our. Stay home.
12. To all Jew haters accusing the MOSSAD
Maurice ,   Montreal   (04.18.11)
Once again you have been proven all wrong! This is not surprising as your false claims are almost always the product of your hate for Jews and Israel. You have ZERO credibility!
13. activist murder
mark ,   t.a israel   (04.18.11)
do not forget the story of the scorpion and the grenouille [ fable de la fontaine]
14. Terror Tourism
GZLives   (04.18.11)
The European useful idiot men murdered by their heroes, the women raped ... Two points - first, is its interesting to see when the "extreme" becomes the norm, those who feel the need to stick out from the pack have to go that extra step and become even more extreme then extreme. These people need to be put down like mad dogs. Second, Hamas is probably angry that these Salafists" took one of their tools away. But bottom line no one really cared about this guy other then what they could get from him and how they could use him. I read his Facebook and translated many of the things he said. He was a hater and a racist bigot so I'm not at all sad he was murdered - in fact he deserved it. Others here should take a look at who this piece of crap was - go to face book and look him up. He was showing off to his Italian friends back home what a bad ass ballsy guy he was - ooops
15. to the guys who killed you better run
free gaza   (04.18.11)
16. Good
Yaniv ,   Canada   (04.18.11)
One less idiot on this planet
17. Arrigoni
Bob ,   New York, USA   (04.19.11)
The only way he was working for peace was if he was an Israeli spy, as his killers say he was. Otherwise, he was just another Western idiot supporting Islamic terror.
18. 16-well...yes...
Ypip ,   Canada   (04.19.11)
19. Israel should nab them first
Phil   (04.19.11)
and make a little trade...
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