No US pressure on Israel
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 17.05.11, 11:01
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1. Author of this article understands what he's talking about
Yored X ,   Yoridia   (05.17.11)
My only quibble would be: let's call Pharaoh Hussein a lame pig, not a lame duck, duck is too nice for this destroyer.
2. Obama will finesse until his reelection
Moderate Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.17.11)
then, America will begin to follow American interests which includes strongly supporting Israel, albeit not blindly. Hence, Palestinian state is inevitable near 1967 borders with Jerusalem capital. Side note, public IMF/French political leader scandal will hurt Israel badly as thumb-in-eye of US.
3. The growing irrelevance of America
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.17.11)
As its economy dwindles, so is its international influence on the Europeans declining. Israel's problems are going to with the Europeans, who are our major trading partners. At the bottom line, economics will determine the political outcomes and we would be well advised to remember what happened to South Africa.
4. Rabin's dubbed worldwide as the brave Prince of Peace,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.17.11)
and Netanjahu's ideas are identical: 1) Jerusalem will remain united under Israel's sovereignty. 2) Major Jewish settlement blocs will be part of the sovereignty state of Israel. 3) The Jordan Valley will remain under Israel's control. 4) Future Palestinian state will be demilitarized and Israel will control its airspace and border passes. In addition: The leadership of Palestinian state must accept Israel's right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people. A peace agreement must be considered the "end of the conflict". A peace agreement must be the "end of all future demands". Rabin spoke at the Knesset in October 1995, while Natanjahu in May 2011. The former, the left wing Labor Chairman and Prime Minister. The latter, the right wing Likud Chairman and present Prime Minister. Both, men of peace who have been/are also Jewish/Israeli patriots eager to see a peace in our region but not at the expense of Israel national and security interests. P.S. Rabin's approach as well as that of Netanjahu's are based on UN Security Council Resolution, 242, which was designed to resolve the Arab Israeli conflict, has been accepted by ALL relevant parties to the conflict and has been the basis for all peace talks to date as well as actual agreements. Sadly, the Arabs, instead of allowing for the conflict to come to an end have chosen to "pocket" all that they have received up to now, e.g. autonomous region, "police" force, etc. but not reaching an accommodation of peaceful coexistence between Arab and Jew, between the Muslim-Arab world and the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel.
5. the problem
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.17.11)
The problem is not Obama. A few weeks ago, Obama begged Abbas not to go to the UN security counsel to condemn Israel. Abbas refused and told Obama to shut up. If they were as brave as Abbas, Israeli leaders could also tell Obama "no". The problem is that Netanyahu is nowhere near the caliber of Abbas.
6. #3 half right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.17.11)
You may be right about America's irrelevance (I disagree) but you forget that in Europe the moderates are disappearing. Europe will become increasingly Islamic, radical Left-wing and radical Right-wing: Israel haters one and all. Israel can succumb to their demands for suicide or forge alliances based on mutual interest with China, India, Persia (when they get rid of Ahmadinejad) and maybe even Russia. Also, the Saudi apartheid regime will eventually fall. Once that happens there will be a chance for peace because if they want prosperity, the Arab people need Israel.
7. "All politics is local" doesn't quite apply because ...
Raymond in DC   (05.17.11)
Tip O'Neil's belief that "all politics is local" doesn't quite apply in this case because Obama believes in the "fierce moral imperative" of creating a Palestinian state. One can debate whether this comes from the anti-colonial bent of his father, the "liberation theology" he absorbed from Jeremiah Wright, or the Palestinian narrative he took on from his friend and mentor, Rashid Khalidi. But it's clear he's driven by this imperative. Netanyahu needs to make clear not only that his own position not only has the backing of the Israeli people (thus, no chance of replacing him with someone more pliable like Livni), but the backing of the American people. More than ever before, this is the time for Netanyahu to stand firm, even at the cost of exiting the White House by the back door.
8. @ 3 we have to agree to disagree.
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (05.17.11)
I have to agree that currently the US economy is weak, however the size of the US economy is almost 25 percent of the world economy combined so if you believe that the US is becoming irrelevant you are deceiving your self. Currently oil prices and gold is weakening the dollar which is a benefit to most American manufacturers but hurts the American consumer at the oil pump which in most cases the cost of gas/fuel is still 60-70 percent cheaper in the US than in Europe and Israel. Our problem is we spend to much. We have to cut our defence budget which is almost 50 percent of the total world military expenditure and cut all economic and military aid to foreign governments unless they face natural disasters. America needs to take care of America and no one else. Maybe we can go back to a conscription military like Israel and pay our soldiers a 100 dollars a month instead of thousands.
9. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.17.11)
You forgot Social Security. We have to do something about that -- means testing, for example -- and we have to raise the ages of eligibility. People are living well beyond that magical age of sixty-five Right now, Social Security is a welfare fund and it is no longer a cash cow -- people are drawing out far more than they contributed. That has to stop. We should also contemplate means testing for Medicare eligibility. The single largest industry in the United States is health care. That's a good place to start. It costs more to stay one night in a semi-private room in a hospital in New York than it does to stay at the Waldorf Astoria. And there is no mini-bar in the hospital, although I suppose they do have an interesting array of mind-altering drugs at their disposal.
10. #8 dont kid yourself
Josh ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.17.11)
America's economy is the biggest debt in the world, with Obama's bailouts setting you guys back several trillion, while producing no positive impacts on the economy, Obama lost Lebanon to Iran via Hezzbolah, aided Al-quida in over throwing Gaddafi, Obama threw long time ally Mubarak to the wolves, and now its looks as if Egypt's new government will be more radicalized, Obama is persistent in placing all the pressure of a Palestinian state on Israel, and none on the Palestinians, while Syria slaughter there own citizens in scores with a green light from washington. Its not hard to see that America's international allies have taken a big hit, which is why Abbas told the US to F off, which is why Lebanon told the US to F off, which is why Egypt now is telling the US to F off, its clear that America under Obama's foreign policy is to appease America's enemies at the expense of its allies. The difference is Russia and China stand behind the allied countries, you can see this through Obama's tight lips in regards to the brutal suppression of protesters in Iran and in Syria, while Allies like Israel are disgraced and insulted by Obama for building homes in there capital.
11. # 2 moderate jew in N.J.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (05.17.11)
"Follow american interests". The establishment a new terror state with Jerusalem as its capital? Are you really jewish, do you really know what american interests have to with Jerusalem? You should seek professional help!
12. @ 10
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (05.17.11)
Did I not say we spend too much. In regards to Egypt, Iran, Lebanon the PA etc. Do you believe for a minute the American public that is having trouble making ends meet gives a bleep bleep about the Middle East and who lost Egypt, Lebanon etc. If you told the average American that he would have more money at the end of the month and will have to pay less taxes at the end of the year but Lebanon and Egypt is lost and it is because of Obama they would say who cares about Lebanon and Egypt good job Mr. President. I don't mean to bust your bubble but unless America is in a war foreign policy to Americans is FOREIGN and even then if it drags on too long they lose interest.
13. #2 Moderate That's a BIG "IF"
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.17.11)
IF, he is re-elected As of now Unemployment is 9%, rampant inflation, $4 gas, twice what it was when he was elected Obamacare, forced down America's throat despite the vast majority NOT wanting no part of it Things don't look so rosy for Obama this time around
14. #8 - One correction
Dan S. ,   USA   (05.17.11)
One major problem is Medicare. The original intent was and remains good, but in order for this to work, either the cost of medical treatment needs to fall significantly or the US needs to stop paying for expensive medications and procedures to keep those who are basically living on borrowed time alive. By dumping this menatlity in which we think that somehow a miracle will occur and that people whose time is up will get better (which they won't when you're dealing with incurable conditions), the savings would be massive, enough that the US could afford BASIC government subsidized health coverage for all citizens (no elective or extraordinary procedures or treatments). Cutting foreign aid would help as would eliminating things like farm subsidies. Furthermore, enacting a much lower flat tax, such that the rate of income and capital gains taxation were equal and less than 10-13% and then closing all loopholes would end up bringing in more tax revenue while reducing the individual tax burden. Until the US gets its economic house in order, its influence will continue to diminish. Saying the US economy is so powerful without taking its debt into account is like saying you have tons of money just because you have a bunch of credit cards you cant even pay off.
15. Right On. Obama's main issues are domestic and the US is not
Jordan ,   Is Palestine   (05.17.11)
happuy about the slide into economic pit that we are in under obamas watch. Bibi should say loud and proud Jordan is Palestine and explain why. Get it discussed, get it talked about. the door will be cracked open, and then swung open...
16. 63% of Americans support Israel
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (05.17.11)
according to a recent Gallup poll. Obama will postpone throwing Israel under the bus until 2012. Thanks to his trashing of the US economy, he needs to kiss up to Jewish voters (where his support fell to 50%) and pro-Israel Christians. But don't be fooled by his current lack of pressure on Israel! Obama has not changed his spots. He is a Muslim-born pro-Palestinian ideologue who will dedicate his second term to destroying Israel (read Raymond #7). Obama must be voted out next year because when he will be, G-d forbid, a lame duck president, there will be nothing to stop him from advancing his anti-Israel agenda.
17. Better pray we run that SOB off in 2012
Cameron ,   USA   (05.17.11)
18. Obama's defeat in 2012 is critically important.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.17.11)
Obama's strategy now is to string gullible liberal Jews along till the 2012 election. Than if, heaven forbid, Obama wins, he will be free to express his true hatred of Israel. There will be no more elections for him to worry about. Obama's defeat in 2012 is critically important for both the U.S. and Israel. This man is wreaking destruction everywhere from the U.S. economy to weakening America's allies, especially Israel, while strengthening her foes.
19. #3. No sane comparison between South Africa and Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.17.11)
#3. You say, "Remember what happened to South Africa". There is no sane comparison between South Africa and Israel. South Africa had a small White minority imposing itself on a large impoverished Black majority. Israel has a large Jewish majority and a claim to our land of many thousands of years. Recently a large Black American organization demanded that anti-Israel activists stop comparing Apartheid South Africa to Israel. No decent person accepts the comparison.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.17.11)
Bin Laden is dead and gone. Is wonder boy Obama going to threaten to bring him back if Israel doesn't fall into line? Mr Netanyahu can afford to tell Obama to take a hike.Diplomatically,of course. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
21. I love you Ian
Marco ,   Spain   (05.18.11)
Exactly my thoughts, and of course platonic love.
22. You all morons, you missed his Point
Kazim Ali ,   Kut,Iraq   (05.18.11)
The key implication of this article is this: the repositioning of Israel in the new regional context .Now the playing field is the rivalry between Israel and Iran for the supremacy of the region .The first step is to erode Iranian standing via their client state of Syria, and by implications Hizb Allah , then take on Iran once the morale is seeped. All this talk about Israel standing with Obama is smokescreen with no strategic value .Obama after all is too weak and preoccupied to have a side fight with Israel during an election year, he is not that naive . The purpose of the visit to kiss and make up of sorts at the personal level possibly, but more interesting part is to agree and affirm the strategic road map, the more interesting and less clear is how to assess the Turkish orientation. Y
23. Obama Reelected?
Karen ,   Israel   (05.18.11)
Obama's citizenship status is under more scrutiny than ever now. I think a second term is highly unlikely. And, if in fact, he is deemed ineligible and impeached/not reelected, then everything Israel has done because of his pressure becomes a travesty of the greatest proportions. I think this should be kept in mind when dealing with the man.
24. Ostrich with fine feathers
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.18.11)
This is another fine piece of fluff from a man convinced that holding on to the status quo is the only thing to do because the alternative means he may loose his job in Ariel as Ariel may be negotiated away. It's all wishful thinking and is very much like an ostrich, his head stuck so far in the sand that he exposes his real thinking parts.
25. 16, 17.
birdi ,   israel   (05.18.11)
Its up to people like you Sue & Cameron to spread the word amongst your citizens not to vote for Obama. You are both able to see the writing on the wall now; you have the power to change things for the future.
26. 2
birdi ,   israel   (05.18.11)
try sending a fax to the moon, instead of a delusional, very stupid talkback which shows you know squat about the real situation that Israel is facing.
27. @16 racist comments
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (05.18.11)
You are so far off base it''s pathetic. Obama will be reelected because there is no alternative leader in the US that can unseat him. To say that he is a Muslim is a stupid racist comment and just shows you are a racist. Even though he is not a Muslim so what if he was, does that diminish him as a human being. Obama is looking after American interest and if Israel doesn't like it so be it. America is for American interest and not any other nations interest just like Israel is for Israeli interest and not any other nations interest.
28. No. 27, Obama's private interests are not America's
Marco ,   Spain   (05.18.11)
You seem to confuse between basic American interests and a President's personal preference. You also forget that America prides itself on being a moral power otherwise how is it different than the evil empires that preceded it? On both counts Israel is important to American interests and Israel shares its values with America as well. At times in history Presidents abandoned America's interests, based on preference. This is what the Muslim in Chief is doing now in the White House. To glorify Islam Hussein is doing everything in his power to damage America and its loyal allies like Israel. The Osama=Obama episode was a sacrifice of another Muslim to endear himself on the American voters to be reelected and then to stronger pursue the much larger goals of the Islamic Umma.
29. funny
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   usa   (05.18.11)
Marco just because Obama doesn't kiss Israel's tail like other Presidents doesn't mean he is a Muslim. Obama is doing more to enhance Israeli-USA security than Bush ever did with his reckless shoot from the hit policy (Iraq). By the way if Obama succeeds in getting the Palestinian-israeli conflict resolved that could be the best deal for Israel and the USA.
30. #23 Supporters don't care if Obama was born on moon
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (05.18.11)
Whether Obama is reelected or not will NOT be a result of the citizenship issue. He is backed by the media, the unions and 50% of the voters. The same people who claimed that John McCain was not eligible to be President (he was born in the Panama Canal) ignore Obama's ineligibility under the "natural born citizen" requirement. Obama's father was not a US citizen and he was later adopted by his stepfather who was also not a US citizen. But anyone who brings up these facts is called a "racist." His recently produced birth certificate may be authentic, or it may be a forgery. No matter. As Donald Trump said, Obama may have gotten away with one of the biggest scams in US history. Meanwhile, no one knows what is going to happen in 2012. If the economy is still bad next year (high gas and food prices, continuing high unemployment, etc.), Obama will lose. However, if the economy improves, or if voters don't like the Republican candidate, Obama will win another 4 years. It's that simple.
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