1967 lines? No, thanks
Raanan Shaked
Published: 28.05.11, 11:48
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1. Dont worry mate - Its all BS - It'll never happen
Scott , Sunshine ,   Coast, Australia   (05.28.11)
2. you talk as if there will be no consequences such as WAR
Joe ,   EJerusalem Palestine   (05.28.11)
It is funny to hear all these positions that sound more like an adolescent who lacks maturity rather than a well thought of idea. The new official position of Israel that clarifies it all of refusal to come back to the 1967 line, is simply a formula that will lead to war, not intifada, not small artisanal rockets but a full blown out war where there will be death and where you will no longer be able to go to your Bed and breakfast that you seem to really worry about. Your article is actually a very interesting example of the lack of comprehension of the changes happening around you and you are stuck in an unreal world. Wake up before it is too late for all of us. May god bring peace upon us all and get rid of the extremists on both sides thanks
3. Joe#2
David ,   Haifa Israel   (05.28.11)
one: jerusalem is ISRAEL not Fakestan two: you and your filty "people" will lose again. go home to jordan before its too late... JORDAN is PALESTINE
4. #2
Ariel ,   TA, Israel   (05.28.11)
He is not trying to be serious, and yet he did bring out some seriousness in you. "Give me or there will be war" Unfortunately today many (like yourself) consider that position a mature well thought out idea, and furthermore A NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE. Was the 1967 war about getting the 1967 borders back? Has anything REALLY changed since then? If Arabs can show us they changed and dont want EXACTLY the same thing they wanted before 1967(Hamas and many, many others still openly admit it) then maybe we can have peace. In the meantime, all we hear is "Give me or there will be war." Very mature, very well thought out. B"H
5. This article is kind of cute, but
E. G. Marsch ,   Netanya, Israel   (05.28.11)
actually it has a lot to do with security. This guy wasn't born, I guess, at the time of the cross-border terror raids that tormented Israel within the old borders from 1948 to 1967, and that was before the Kassam and Katyusha era. I wasn't in Israel at that time either, and for part of that time I too hadn't been born, but I did manage to read about it. Shaked, you could read about it too, at least. Those borders also leave Israel totally vulnerable to a large-scale invasion from the east.
6. @ joe #2
nva ,   jerusalem   (05.28.11)
Joe..i can't imagine that you live in EJerusalem - which slicha is in Israel not "Palestine" because 1. your comments show your total ignorance of Israelis..how we talk, think, poke fun with truths even if it's not really a joke, etc. You just "didn't get" the article 2. If you are sympathetic to an anti - Israel position, you need to understand that the only ones pushing the WAR button are you (plural you) 3. If you claim to live in Jerusalem you know that most Israeli Arabs in the Jerusalem area are GRATEFUL to be able to work, have free lives, receive state benefits of all kinds, and TERRIFIED that Fatah and Hamas might take over. I think your address is bogus but of course you are entitled to hold whatever ridiculous opinion you might want.
7. I wonder...
Faith ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
if this is just supposed to be funny, or does this guy really mean this seriously? If so, then I have no hope for the future here. His attitude is totally immature, selfish,and a bit stupid. Typical of the "me" generation.
8. #2: you obviously don't know who Raanan Shaked is
His business is Humor. But he also represents the typical Tel Avivi who lives in escapism, fed up with the conflict, and interested more in the new restuarant opened down the street or why the coffee in his usual coffee shop tastes differently. That's Tel Aviv, that's the every day reality of most Israelis - who live in a normal, western type reality. They are spoiled, laid back and can't be bothered with politics or thinking a few steps beyond their everyday convenient life. I'm not saying that as criticism. In a way it's good and healthy that Many Israelis live in the same reality as Raanan Shaked. By the way, I don't agree with him that when Bibi speaks about the 67 borders as being indefensible he doesn't mean that. I think he really means it, and that he has a point too.
9. To Joe @#2
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (05.28.11)
The main problem with your logic is that Israel is going to have a WAR no matter HOW MUCH LAND IT GIVES UP!!! The goal, as stated in the Hamas Charter AND the PLO Charter, which was never amended, as per the CLEAR instructions to do so in the "peace treaty" Arafat signed, calls for Israel's destruction. How sad to see that Bibi BRAGS that he is going to be GENEROUS giving away land that does not belong to him, and to leave Jews to fend for themselves when they are outside the final borders agreed to. The only option in my opinion is for Judea/Samaria to arm themselves and declare an independant State called, Kingdom of Judea, and let the chips fall where they may.
10. #2 Joe. War results from Israeli retreat.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
#2. The bottom line is very simple, Joe. Israel's enemies attack when they think they can win. Israeli retreat makes Israel's enemies think they can win and encourages them to attack. Israel's last two wars in Lebanon and Gaza are DIRECT results of Israeli retreats. In fact, virtually all Israel's worst problems are a direct result of Israeli retreat. Peace comes through Israeli victory, with no concessions. Not Israeli retreat.
11. Eat your veggetables!
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (05.28.11)
Eat your 67 lines! It's good for you! Otherwise you are at risk of total isolation and pariah status.
12. 1967 lines
dano   (05.28.11)
imagine the recent 'running of the refugees' that occurred in the golan heights occuring on the outskirts of tel aviv. then you can see why this is probably a terrible idea.
13. To Edward, #9
Paul ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
For a long time I have felt that there are similarities/parallels between the issues leading up th the American Civil War and the situation with the "illegal settlers" in Israel, and their desire to form an independent state. Do not forget, however how THAT turned out for you Savannah, Georgia residents. All that besides weakening Israel and opening her up to a fanatical Muslim invasion in a war of survival. Do you really want that responsibility on your head?
14. #11
Logic ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
Israel exports solutions, while her enemies only export problems. This is one reason why Israel will never become a pariah.
15. Thanks for all your comments but
Joe ,   EJerusalem Palestine   (05.28.11)
Being a moderate that truly believe in Peace and have great respect for Jews, It really scares me to read the responses. It is like a whole nation that came to live out of ashes has turned into a monster ready to destroy and kills anything. You guys have become racists, arrogant, self-centered and most importantly disconnected from a world that is completely changing!!!! Israel for the first time cannot longer count on Turkey, Iran or Egypt as an ally?! Does that make you wonder if you are doing the right thing? I understand the humor in the article but at this point there is no space for it, these are serious times that will determine the future, our future together. Yes I live in Jerusalem and all i want is to get rid of your Israeli card and be free of your occupation. thank you- Feras
16. Hihihi, I love it!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tsapuah, Efraim   (05.28.11)
B"H - Why bother with Bible, Torah, G-d, history, British mandate and the rest? Just call it "too small as it is for Jews": Love it!
17. Muayyad #11
Linichka   (05.28.11)
Son, we have been pariahs for centuries. We do not find it necessary to join hands, form a big circle, and dance and sing Kumbayah with you, Nasralleh, Ban Ki-Moon and Abbas. We'd rather build, on our own...unlike you sorry lot.
18. @2,15 and pro 67 border hardliners.
JD-Ashdod ,   Ashdod   (05.28.11)
You talk as if we took this land by force, let me remind you that this extra patch of land came by means of an Israeli victory from being atacked on full out war by some arab countries. Personally I don't think Israel has any obligation to give back this land. Another thing the only occupied land by Israel is the golan heiths and the Sinai peninsula as for the rest not even Jordan(the palestinians homeland since 22) is staking the claims. Please Stop this BS talk that Israel has to go back to 67 borders and come to the table to deal with the real core issue here which is the lack of PA's control over the militante terrorist groups and not accepting publicly the jewish state as a peace partner.
19. Stupid article.
Elad Lending ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
A waste of perfectly good electrons.
20. You are so wrong!
Ira G. ,   Ra'anana   (05.28.11)
I have become more supportive of Netanyahu's position vis a vis the West Bank. We cannot ignore the fact that Israel's most dangerous borders are exactly those areas from which Israel totally withdrew...Lebanon and Gaza. If the Palestinians left to their own control feel they need to attack us, we need to maintain control until they desire a state more than confrontation.
21. A bit hypocritical
Bryn ,   Birmingham, UK   (05.29.11)
Hmmmm.... if 80% of historic Palestine is too small for 5.8m Israelis how on earth is 20% big enough for 5.6m Palestinians?
22. He went to the toilet, was constipated
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (05.29.11)
With all the effort he had to exert for it to come out, intead of the right way, this article came out of his brain. My apologies for beign so rude, but this piece deserves it.
23. To Joe: There is A Price For 10 Wars
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodCaUSA   (05.29.11)
To Joe: Youve got it half-@%$^#$ backwards. Trace the enlargement of Israel since the partition borders, all due to wars initiated or provoked by the Arabs. Israel, while losing 6000 people in 48, garnered a little more territory (the 67 lines), The 67 War, with cries of "jihad" and the Arab world lusting for (Jewish) blood, gave Israel a few more squire miles but ALSO control of millions of angry Muslims. Some would say the longer defense lines, plus, compromised Israel. Well, had Egypts army been on Israel's 48 borders..there would be no Israel. Okay, so Israel offered the Pals a state..to the 3 nos. The 67 lines do NOT SECURE Israel, I agree, with Grads, katys, Velvels, etc., and the Iranian potential for chaos. But sometimes an extra inch or two makes the difference. Its size that countrs., even in warfare. One Israeli writer comments: the Auschwitz comparison ("borders') is irrelevant, considering Israel can now defend itself. Well, maybe..but presonally, Id rather defend from adjusted borders. The next war..the Pals might find themselves in Jordan..5 times Israel's size. That would be my leverage to Abbas and Hamas: you attack and lose, sleep with Abdullah guys. I would open up the border to Jordan..and secure the bridges..one way tickets. There is a price to pay for war. Ask the Germans and Japanese.
24. To Dano: Land is the Key Here, ask the Russians
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodCA   (05.29.11)
To Dano: you forgot a more salient fact. Had the Arab initiated wars been started on Israel's borders (Negev) wll just imagine the problems for Sharon, etc. Egypt erred badly by not dispersing its airforce or at least having a few dozen in the air always. Egypt also massed 100,000 troops and created the UAR prior to the 67 War, AFTER it fought in Yemen., compromising its forces. But look at history, most of its troops survived the 6 days. In 73 it had no plan to move fwd, satisfied to stay at the Canal. The War of Attrition, was futile, but deadly. The Pals know they cannot defeat Irael on the ground, hence the UN involvement. But they rejected the UN in 48. Now they need it, to perpetuate their delusion. They will use any land ceded by Israel control..similar to Gaza., daring Israel to retaliate and calling on Goldstone or his ilk. My advice to Israel: if Abbas goes to the UN, go into the Strip again, slice into parts, search and destroy and finish Cast Lead. Show no mercy. for militants. Goldstone interferes, arrest him.
25. '67 /'49 lines: 8 miles wide is suicide. JORDANS next king?
Jae ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
is palestine
26. #2 - war by whom?
William ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
The "Palestinians" have no ability to make war (just war crimes) and will not easily absorb the consequences of war in their society. Who else will fight on their behalf? Egypt? Jordan? Syria? Iraq? Yemen? Saudi Arabia? Lebanon? the EU? Be real - your "oh my, fear war" claim is as tired as your pushing the fake narrative seen in your by-line ("e. jerusalem, palestine"). What's a basis for war? Rewarding the initial war crimes and illegal annexation by Arabs of Jerusalem in 1948 and ethnically cleansing the Jewish inhabitants (natives) from the city. If Arabs can get that action justified and rewarded by the global community, why wouldn't they go further with more atrocities?
27. To those answering Joe#2 - He's ISM!
William ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
He's already brain-washed and probably writes in between his "anti-Israel" and "anti-Jew" escapades which feeds his deflated egotistic need to belong and matter in this world. Trying to teach him history of the region or law or basic sociology is a waste of time. If yokels like him could see past their ADHD and actually understand an issue before make a decision on it, they wouldn't be here in the first place.
28. ''deprive from us'' should be ''deprive us of''
defend our language   (05.29.11)
29. very amusing article but
NZer ,   NZ   (05.29.11)
be careful- half the people who read it will not ''get'' the hunour and will take it at face value as a serious op-ed.
30. What's wrong with the '67 lines
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.28.11)
Heck after the war the borders were perfect - let's keep them and avoid the next war by the thieving Arabs.
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