Gaza: 3 PRC operatives killed in blast
Roi Qais
Published: 31.05.11, 13:39
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1. Another member of the Palestinian "unity" government?
rivka ,   los angeles   (05.31.11)
Is this what is demanding "Statehood" recognition at the UN? Abbas as the mouthpiece in his efforts to legitimize a State of terror with 20 "associated" factions, "committees", "branches" and "leaders"? Anyone out there smelling the coffee yet?
2. Hands up who's upset?
Talula ,   Israel   (05.31.11)
No show of hands - well well well! Good riddance to bad rubbish is all I can say. And what's this 'work accident' business? it's terrorist activities and you know it!
3. How long did you let them operate ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.31.11)
How long did quisling Netanyahu let them operate in Jenin before he did anything ? We see the same scenario in Gaza where Hamas has been allowed to grown into a formidable army thanks to the quisling politicians in Jerusalem who always put failed foreign interests above Israel's survival.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.31.11)
Why have these sorts of training camps. After all any new Arab entity would under zero threat. Egypt has no intention of attacking Gaza, Israel feels the same. Unless attacked first, Israel has no reason or desire for a war with the Pals. Unfortunately the Pals clearly don't feel the same. They want to be ready to attack Israel. Something that would never happen unless the Pals provoked it. The training camps for the terrorists show the true intentions and goals of the 20+ terrorists groups that make up the Pals.
5. Now that Egypt opened Rafa..goodie goodie..They can now take
James T ,   USA   (05.31.11)
They can now take all responsibily carringfor the Pals..Thank the Lord Israel can take it easy ..(to a degree that is).But what I wanty is for Egypt to take all of Gaza the sooner the better..I mean,health,food,and everything in between.BUTsorry to say the IDF will still have making sure no weapons entering Israel. As for the Fakestininas: There will never be any peace with Israel while still attached to the terror entity Hamas..The world is so thrilled and anxious cannot wait for the Pal state to emerge...While at the same time the palestininas have a great task ahead pushing the boulder up a steep hill like Sisyphus...It will take not one year,not two but decades with their begging bowl hands outstreched as hasd been since the Rebirth of Israel ..What dimwitted some people are to believe it will be achieved in a vacuum. Jews managed in the 1800 by blood sweat and tears,no whining,just worked like slaves---built a country whereby the surrounding arabs flocked to see the miracle Jews created. And this was long before the Balfour Declaration was not even dreamed of. It takes Love and Guts. Out of the ASHES ROSE ISRAEL LIKE PHOENIX . Can the Fakestinians do that ??
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (05.31.11)
7. Another "Work-related" Accident...
Jenny ,   Miami USA   (05.31.11)
These shahids these days, blowing themselves up so often....sigh...
8. They don't qualify for 72 virgins and are the virgins glad.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.31.11)
9. "IDF denies presence in area"
William ,   Israel   (05.31.11)
Even if the IDF was there, and we killed these pigs, who cares?? It would be an honor for the IDF to take out the garbage.
10. Oops there goes another...
KB ,   US   (06.01.11)
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