J Street: PM refuses to meet delegation
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.06.11, 12:57
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1. One gorl from the group shouted during the speech
Moshe ,   Netanya   (06.06.11)
Should Bibi meet her? She is bigger that this dudes in j-street.
2. Why should Bibi have tea with the enemy?
Rachel ,   US   (06.06.11)
These leftists are aligned with the Pals and support their BDS movement and everything else. So I don't blame the PM for not having time for this trash.
3. PM stand strong against palestinians lies!
hala   (06.06.11)
4. Ben Ami:
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.06.11)
You give yourself far too much credit. You are not a foreign head of state, or anyone of similar stature. Your behaviour, and the platform of your group, is not friendly to fact, it is in direct opposition to the will of the majority of the Israeli population. I am sure Bibi will happily meet with any US congressmen who comes representing the US or an Israel-Friendly organisation, but I fully support our elected PM in refusing to give you a PR platform. These congressmen are here supporting J-street, not representing the US.
5. J street is not welcome in Israel
David ,   On this planet   (06.06.11)
Those Us congressmen and Congresswomen should have known that they were used by J street to gain recognition, You will think that they are smarter than that and refuse to be sponsored by J street, Too bad they got egg on their face
6. just be glad that you are allowed into Israel
elhrac ,   USA   (06.06.11)
as enemies of Israel, these people really should not get entry visas.
7. Jihad Street has learned well from the terrorists...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (06.06.11)
Standard operating procedure - commit awful actions (in JihadStreet's case: lying for years about being sponsored by the Torah-hating, Israel-hating George Soros; opposing any condemnation or sanctions against the Iranian regime; opposing any condemnation of Arab terrorism in the US Congress; including in their official events speakers for the BDS movement against Israel; letting groups under their umbrella remove the "uncomfortable" word "Pro-Israel" from their literature and PR; continually demanding that Israel commit security and cultural suicide without ever demanding a single change from the Arabs; and on and on and on) - and after all that, whine when the Israeli government refuses to legitimize your sponsored propaganda tour. Just like the thugs of Fatah, Hamas and Hizbullah, Jihad Street loves to play the victim card.
8. Ben Ami is a hypocrite and a liar
ezer   (06.06.11)
Why should anyone in Israel meet with an ultra radical pro arab group like J-Street? Let them first acknowledge the truth - that they are nothing but a pro-Arab group funded by Arabs states and left wing radicals and only want to advance the Arab agenda even if it endangers Israel.
9. In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed fool is king.
Jonathan ,   UK   (06.06.11)
Netanyahu is a disaster for Israel get rid of him.
10. so
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (06.06.11)
Please remind me where it is written that an Israeli Prime Minister is obligated to meet with every person who comes to Israel. Elections in the US are coming--these Congressman need to polish their "friend of Israel" badge ( even if they aren't really a friend) I am pleased and proud that Israel is finally waking up and not cowering before the US and every American politician that wants to manipulate her for their own purpose. J street is no friend of Israel!!
11. Ha Ha Ha
Erich   (06.06.11)
If George Soros wishes to meet the Prime Minister of Israel, let him put in a special request. The PM doesn't have the time to meet Soros' lackeys at J Gutter.
12. Just look up these 5 Reps records on Israel
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (06.06.11)
Just google their names with anti Israel or positions on Israel and you'll know why no one wants to meet them.
13. Meet people on Sheinkin Street. They know more than Bibi.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.06.11)
14. Good for the PM! J Streetists deserve no better.
Scott ,   USA   (06.06.11)
Perhps he should meet them -- and ask them to condemn Hamas and the Goldstone report.
15. J Street are virulent anti Israel gang
Ibrahim el Awal ,   Dearborn, USA   (06.06.11)
To say that you are pro Israel, "for peace and security of Israel" is not enough. The DEEDS of J Street reflect a smart virulent anti Israel enterprise which is financed by Iran through surrogates. Half their budget comes from Iranian and Muslim sources. George Soros a rabid anti Israel enemy is also supporting J Street. J Street also joined forces with radical left, sent accusatory letters of Israel to Congress. The fact that J Street was joined by misguided US congressmen is not surprising given the tones of money that they have. PM Netanyahu has no reason to meet with these people. Do you believe that he is capable to change their mind about Israel? Does Israel PM have nothing to do while war is on going in Golan heights?
16. US Congressmen
David ,   On this planet   (06.06.11)
Congressman Steve Cohen was disappointed. He said he was deeply committed to Israel's security and welfare, If he is committed for real he should stay away from J street
17. Jewish, only by birth, but not in their hearts or deeds!
Robert Blum ,   New York USA   (06.06.11)
J-Street may have people who are of Jewish birth, BUT they are NOT of Jewish heart! They are the detractors and would be destroyers of Israel that Isiah warned of in the Torah, who would come from within our own nation.
18. meeting
colin   (06.06.11)
J Street try every dirty underhand trick to get a recognition form Israel The Israeli public see them as traiters and Bibi must do what the majority in Israel demands. Somebody must infrom these J street bastards to go to hell.
19. nothing scandalous about it
nadav ,   tel aviv   (06.06.11)
Bibi knows that Israelis understand J-Street is an anti-zionist trojan horse supported by George Soros, a premier hater of Israel and zionism. Ben Ami himself was for years on the Saudi pay roll while working on improving that totalitarian regime's PR. J-Street should be dismantled ASAP!
20. J Street
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (06.06.11)
J Street is not welcomed here, Bibi did the right thing, they are the enemy.
21. Bravo To Netanyahu
Neil ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.11)
Maybe he has a backbone afterall.
22. Should have checked the availability before booking
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.06.11)
From this article it seems they booked their tour and expected Israel to be sitting around waiting for them. Sounds like their learning their tact from Obama. I'm sure if Congressman Steve Cohen really wants to meet our gov, he can write on his own and see where he can fit into our PMs schedule, rather than our PM fitting into his schedule.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.06.11)
Sadly, J Street is nothing but a group of Pollyanna's, who believe in fairy tales. It comes down to a core belief system, the J Street gang believe that a piece of paper will bring peace to the region. Despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary. How can a group believe the settlements are a main obstacle to peace, when they didn't even exist and there were still 3 wars and countless terrorist strikes against Israel. All this, BEFORE the settlements ever existed. Israel didn't even have the land where those settlements are now, if they didn't have to fight a defensive war of survival. That's where the West Bank came from, the third War!!! In fact Israel at the time thought they would have a land for deal, after the 1967 Six Day War. But that was short lived, the Arab League met in Khartoum and issued the NOW Infamous THREE NO'S. NO recognition of Israel, NO negotiation with Israel, NO peace with Israel. So again we see the basic premise of J Street is flawed logic. But even worse J Street solutions cvould cause the demise of Israel. They is not be their goal, but as they say: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". J street needs to grow up, stop their schoolboy politics, and childish self importance, and just go away. Israel simply doesn't trust J Street, the politicians who associate themselves with J street should know that, if they don't those politicians have a poor staff. Don't blame Israel or their leaders, blame J Street. Plus here they go again trying to vilify Israel, what better proof could you have their behavior? They attempt to blackmail Israel, into meeting with J Street sponsored people, and if Israel politely refuses, they demonize Israel. Surely these are no friends of Israel. A friend doesn't try to publicly humiliate another friend. What better proof could you have of J street exaggerated feelings of self importance.
24. A most correct and fitting response
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.06.11)
The Israel PM's declination to meet with the J-Streetwalkers, and a hand picked group of Far Left members of the U.S.House of representatives; almost all of whom are participants in the essentially anti-Israel caucaus and are pro-Palestinian Progressive supporters of IHH, Code Pink and other organizations that over an extended period of time, to be flagrantly and blatantly hostile towards Israel. PM Netanyahu's polite refusal speaks tribute towards his judgeement. Personally, considering this group of jugglers, three card monte dealers, blackguards, footpads and buttwipes; they would not feel comfortable with a non leftist Israeli PM, anyhow. They would feel more at east with an anti-American detractor and anti-Zionist messager. However they cal always listen to their FM radios. I say again; EFF EMM.
25. Congress
Bob ,   New York, USA   (06.06.11)
They are members of Congress. Bibi should meet with them and tell them how despicable J-Street is. I don't care how anti-Israel they are, he should meet with them.
26. Very Frustrating For J (For Judas) Street
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.06.11)
Israeli government policy is to not even acknowledge their existence - and this obviously means no meetings, discussions with any of these jokers - or U.S. Congressmen foolish enough to visit Israel under an initiative sponsored by J Street. It's a very good lesson.
27. J-Street belongs in Gaza with their friends.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.06.11)
Netanyahu did the right thing. Of course, Tzippi Livni did the wrong thing, no surprise there. No point going on, I think we all know what J-Street represents. As the othe talkback said, Congressmen should not be dupes of an anti-Israel lobby & expect a warm welcome.
28. this is a rejection of Jstreet
Golan ,   modiin   (06.06.11)
this is not a rejection of American friends of Israel, only an anti-Israel group that once pretended to be pro-Israel is slogans but anti-Israel in practice.
29. Ben Ami, you make me laugh
Roy ,   Miami   (06.06.11)
"J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami was much less subtle, saying that the refusal of Israeli government members to meet with the representatives is an incomprehensible move. " Israel does NOT need J Trash.
30. Street wankers are not welcome here
Moshe ,   Sderot   (06.06.11)
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