Death to baby killers
Hagai Segal
Published: 10.06.11, 15:29
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (06.10.11)
And soft in the head too which is why its enemies no longer respect it nor fear it like they once did.And child murderers should be done away with.
2. NO NO NO and NO to Death Penalty
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (06.10.11)
If you kill them, then you don't worth more...
3. No! These scumbags WANT to die! Make them live and suffer!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.10.11)
Palestinians love their martyrs. They love to die for the cause. This guy and his friends and family would love Israel to execute him so he can go to heaven and have sex for eternity with his 72 virgins. Don't do it! Instead, think of the different ways to make him work a life sentence to build eretz Yisrael - the worst punishment he can get! Put him to work making building blocks for Jewish houses the Jewish national homeland. Crikey - build a pig farm in the west bank and make him take care of the pigs, which could be sold to Christians.
4. Death to Baby Killers
Pinchas ,   Johannesburg   (06.10.11)
How dare you refer to this monstrous piece of scum as a "freedom fighter". He is an animal, and must be treated as such. He is no human being.
5. I agree.
RobJohn ,   Seattle, Wash.   (06.10.11)
You have touched upon a truth that is extremely relevant in today's world.We know the death penalty is final, Rehabilitation is for those who are capable of such, This is not the case here. I believe you. Tthe world is looking at you and responding with the statement, "If you do not respect the lives of your own, by dealing very firmly, with those who take your lives, particularly of children, then why would you expect us to respect you?" The world we inhabit now is far removed from That of the past few decades. Israels neighbor countries care none for her or her inhabitants. As the massacre of the Fogel family shows, the perpetrators, who represent the worst of Israels neighbors, care not a tad for anyone. To kill such innocent children(Fogels)and parents is heinous and to suggest clemency in any form for the perps is ridiculous. What, are they then too be re-claimed into upstanding citizens at some future date? Sure thing, Don't kid yourselves. The message the world will see is one of weakness on Israels part. Not even capable of protecting her own. Those who state such, would in many minds, have cause. When the very perpetrators of such a heinous crime come out and say they enjoyed the event and would do so again, who is kidding who as to the relevancy of rehabilitation? Perhaps only those such as Livni et al would fall for such claptrap. Some crimes require no thought of any clemency. None, This is one. If you, as a country, want to be regarded as a people who really have regard for human life and the right to freedom of expression, then allowing perpetrators such as these to live is not in any way sending the message that Israel cares for her own.
6. wanted
observer ,   Egypt   (06.10.11)
they wont escape either. anybody to stage a flee-shooting event?
7. YES to the death penalty. Dip them in honey next to wasps!
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.10.11)
8. It is ironic.........
Bill Pearlman ,   WPearlman@aol.com   (06.10.11)
that if the Fogels had been killed in Texas or Alabama these guys would be dead meat. But in the land of Israel they will eventually get out . Look at Samir Kuntar.
9. You got my vote!
Malcolm ,   Ashdod   (06.10.11)
Unfortunately our overly merciful judges would never give such a sentence. Unless perhaps one of them was a victim. Would be interesting to have a referendum on returning the death sentence for especially heinous crimes.
10. Don't even give the a trial - shoot them where they stand
Talula ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
even that is more than they deserve. Only the lowest scum on earth can stab, murder or abuse a child.
11. Death Penalty
i love Israel ,   Germany   (06.10.11)
Israel should stay clean! Instead of kiling two stupid arabs Israel should take 5000 arabs from prison and built a large Town with 50000 house units next to Itamar.That would save a lot of Taxpayers money and would strenghten Israel presence in Samaria.
12. child murderes should be executed
ryddi ,   j-m   (06.10.11)
and all others as well. people are sick of phony righteousness.
Sergio HaDaR   (06.10.11)
It's about time to DO JUSTICE and make sure that the liberation of these predators does not become the excuse to kidnap our soldiers, and then see the same predators murder again as they already did. Don't second-guess G-od Himself who said: "do not take ransom for murder" and imposes the taking of the murderer's blood AS JUSTICE to pay the blood of the murder victim. No pity or excuses for two who slit babies' throats. Doing JUSTICE is NOT being like them but doing G-od's Will and acting in righteousness!
14. Israel needs to toughen up
Rachel ,   US   (06.10.11)
They deserve the death penalty for killing baby Hadas alone, not to mention the other family members.
15. hang him high
real vision ,   usa   (06.10.11)
and by his ballz
16. that he will not regret his acts even if he’s sentenced to d
split ,   US   (06.10.11)
Think what you been doing that they hate you so much ,...
17. Kill them:1)it's sweet, it's revenge2) it's a cleanup!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.10.11)
18. A big YES to death penalty for all baby killers!
Youssef ,   Beirut   (06.10.11)
And this includes the IAF pilots who dropped bombs on civilians, naturally.
19. We should not see this evil face alive
20. Observer, Egypt
Evi ,   London   (06.10.11)
I am with you, my Cousin. God bless.
21. It's not called a death penalty when you kill rabid dogs.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.10.11)
22.  Death to baby killers
suter ,   tel aviv /israel   (06.10.11)
hang him like eichman in the us he got too the lethal injection and in the arab world he will be hanged
23. Death to baby killers
david ,   brooklyn ny   (06.10.11)
What happened to burrying them with pigs. that should stop alot!!
24. to1
suter ,   tel aviv /israel   (06.10.11)
in the usa he got the leathal injection in arab countrys he will be hanged in israel he got too eat all hes yaers in prison so its about time to continue like in eichmans case baby killer dont have space in ouer human world
25. #16 split
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.10.11)
It is what they have been doing to themselves, 'assisted' by their religion. And the fact that Israel is not going away. You should know that. But then again, you do.
26. to nmb 2
suter ,   tel aviv /israel   (06.10.11)
why not killing him? in the usa he got lethal injection ,in the arabs country he will be hanged so why israel feet kids murders for 20 years in prison? hang him on the gate to gaza so the know what goes on
27. If nothing else
American Sabrah   (06.10.11)
Use them as shooting targets for the IDF if they want to die that badly.Rub them with pig lard before you carry out the procedure.
28. As Usual
mba ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
As usual, Israel and Israelis are reacting instead of being proactive. Vote in the death penalty as law with all the conditions and then "hangem high". Stop with all the reactionary nonsense that is representative of a grammar school play ground (making the rules as you go). Of course these laws are applicable to everyone.
29. Death
Moshe ,   Givataim   (06.10.11)
Someone being able to kill a baby does not worst to stay alive. Death to these killers. Send a clear message to this terrorist.
30. Well spoken, mba Israel: We do need
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.10.11)
the death penalty, one which can be applied in especially nasty cases. It should be formalized, however.
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