Rabbi Dov Lior arrested
Yair Altman
Published: 27.06.11, 15:37
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1. Rabbais should keep out of politics!
Sons Of Cyrus   (06.27.11)
They should be teaching all people the Holy Trinity of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds - Nothing more.
2. Why did it take months
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (06.27.11)
If warrent was issued months ago why did it take until now to fulfill it? Abuse of authority and incitment to commit violence are serious be it from a leader or a Rabbi.
3. good
John de Frece ,   Ramat Gan   (06.27.11)
a good and proper piece of work well done to the police May he be convicted and sentenced to a substantial term in prison Its the only way to handle clerical fascists !
4. good. no one is above the law!!!
israeli ,   israel   (06.27.11)
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.27.11)
6. To # 1 and # 2
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (06.27.11)
Your ignorance is appalling! You say that he should stay out of politics, do you have any idea what is this about? For sure not! It's about Torah comments!!! It's a religious study, not politics. Only an ignorant can write like that, or a religion hater like Eric.
7. Stupid, stupid, stupid
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.11)
Rabbis are becoming an embarrassment these days. If its not a sex scandal, its organ trafficking, if its not organ trafficking, its soliciting murder... Alas, gone are the days when Rabbis stick to their duties of being God's men on earth....
8. Saddly, he may not be too far from being wrong.
Robert ,   NY USA   (06.27.11)
Non-Jews have a serious sadism problem and his raising the alarm on this shouldn't be a crime. It's very serious. I can prove it. I was shocked he's not far from wrong. And print the full context of what he said, not help them cover it up. They are sick and need to be told so.
9. The rabbi's king, or the king's rabbi
Zelda   (06.27.11)
Another crackpot rabbi who thinks that he is the king of Israel. A leading personality ? What a pervert joke. He is a worthless leader, a worthless personality who glorify killing just like a common criminal. in the same league as an al qaeda; it's called halachic expression. How is that for a religious man in black personal philosophy.
10. Disgraceful!
Carmi   (06.27.11)
Unfortunately, neither the police nor the above talkbackers show any respect to this intelligent Rabbi who is also a Holocaust survivor. "Those who are kind to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the kind".
11. #4 exception
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.27.11)
No one is above the law, except for Leftist professors like Sternhell and Zimmerman.
12. Make the arrest permanent. Put him in a dark cave somewhere.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.27.11)
13. Stalin would be proud of you.
Moishe ,   Golutsk   (06.27.11)
Judging by many talk-backers here It looks like the State has many descendants of NKVD and Evseczia. State of "Israel" is becoming truly Bolshevick state. You are giving many nachas to comrade Stalin.
14. I support Rabbi Dov Lior.
Israeli 2   (06.27.11)
His ideas and good thoughts are not half of what I would have preached in his place. The rest of you are destroyers of Israel
15. Sounds like persecution of the Rabbi since in wartime
Rivkah   (06.27.11)
it is necessary to kill the people one is at war with and it is unlikely to be Jews.
16. This is political persecution.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.27.11)
Or should I say politically correct persecution? Whoever ordered this should be fired. This is double-standard justice.
17. No Police or Other MKs?
Matt ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.11)
Were there really no police officers or non-right-wing MKs to comment on this story? Why were the only people interviewed and quoted his supporters? This is lazy journalism.
18. Under the watch of Netanyahu
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.27.11)
Lets not forget that the godless perverts of the left just had their queer day march in Tel Aviv just days ago. Much freedom in ISRAEL for the forces of darkness but the light of truth is being extinguished by the socialist,bolshevik police just in time for God's judgment on the wicked of Israel. The missiles of Iran,Syria,Lebanon and Gaza are aimed at the heads of the wicked of Israel.
19. Nr 7 and 6.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.27.11)
Was not the Prophets GODs men on earth? Was not King David a GODs Man upon Earth ?. Is this realy Sarah upon Earth ? What a fall from insight this then is, as in comparison to Nr 6. Arn.Sweden
20. to nr. 4.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (06.27.11)
you are 100% right. nobody may be above the law
21. to nr. 7.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (06.27.11)
this time i agree with you completely. i hope that we can agree with eachother more often in the future.
22. rabbi dov lior
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (06.27.11)
rabbi dov lior is no better than khamenei and ahmadinedjad of iran. he makes distinction between jews and non-jews. islam and the quoran makes also a distinction between muslims/believers and non-muslims/non-believers and apostates. that is bad, wrong, evil and should have to be punishable by law everywhere and always.
23. Rabbi Lior
michael Pielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (06.27.11)
Without Rabbi Lior and his religious zionist supporters the state of Israel would not exist. G-d bless you and watch over you Rabbi Dov Lior.
24. Freedom of speech only applies to lefties in Israel!
Sargent Preston ,   U.S.A.   (06.27.11)
25. Rabbi Lior arrested
Yoel ,   OSSINING, NY 10562   (06.27.11)
Your report on this matter is not clear. The title of this article states that the rabbi advocated killing non-Jews. The body of the article states that the rabbi was referring to time of war. I think there should be some clarification as to what Rabbi Lior really said. As for arresting anybody, rabbi or not, for expressing a political or religious opinion, this goes against the grain for someone like me who has been trained in the American tradition of free speech.
26. Who wrote the book
David ,   Los Angeles USA   (06.27.11)
Torat HaMelech was not written by Rabbi Lior he only gave a Haskama (aprobation) to the book, get your facts straight.
27. Back in the U.S.S.R.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (06.27.11)
28. "in which he legitimized the killing of non-Jews"
split ,   US   (06.27.11)
Der Stürmer's publisher Streicher got hanged for less ,...
29. 7 - Rabbis are becoming an embarrassment these days.
split ,   US   (06.27.11)
You too ;) ,...
30. to no7-"DURING WAR TIMES"
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (06.27.11)
I do hope, that it was not you, writing this post...You could not have missed, what what Rabbi Dov really meant and clearly stated It is a sad time for Israel and the Jewish people, when we chose to persecute our religious authority leaders..Its like setting our Tora in flames...Are we starting the witch hunt of our Rabbis ? Because that is exactly what the far left want, together with our enemies... Why is it ok to kill jews at all times during our whole history, but when a Rabbi, a Holocaust survivor, has pronounced, that it is ok to kill our enemies DURING WAR TIMES, some of us go mad ? Why ? Didn't we get enough "beatings" thru the centuries and nova days, to finally realize, that if we want to survive as a nation, we need to kill those who seek our death..There is no other way to achieve peace...Never happened before thru all our history... Only the far left traitors, could have gotten Rabbi Dov's mesage the way the police did...A sad and troubling time for the Jewish land and people, when we go after our own, causing our enemies great joy and encouragement to attack us...
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