Gaza-bound boat: Greek commandos forced us back
Yaron Druckman
Published: 01.07.11, 23:57
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1. Unlike the IDF, Greeks know how to deal with terror
Mikey   (07.01.11)
Supporting bunches. Heck, I didn't hear about paintball guns this time, the Greek special forces don't play around. And well done, breaking the law of another country.
2. So sad
boaz   (07.01.11)
So sad that the peace activists are doing the dirty work of Hamas
3. This is clever
Leon ,   Ottawa, Canada   (07.01.11)
Israel has stopped the flotilla by outsourcing the job to Greece. I wonder if they contracted the commandos or was the Greek navy bought by Israel to pay off Greece's debt.
4. Israeli participants
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (07.01.11)
In my opinion any Israeli citizens participating in all these "flotillas", which ONLY aim is to slander Israel and worsen it's international standing, must have their citizenship revoked. Enough is enough! We don't have to suffer this human shit among us.
5. For once I approve of the Greeks
Cameron ,   USA   (07.01.11)
Nice change from having to hear about Greeks running stupid on the streets every night.
6. ..did you hear the violins playing in the background??
nva ,   jerusalem   (07.01.11)
"""As commandos point their weapons, passengers are singing 'we shall overcome' in the middle of the Athens Sea."""" OMG..R O F is hysterical to see how these lunatics romanticize their misguided and mistaken ""humanitarian"" can these people be so naive??
7. Flotilla
Arthur Citrin ,   New York, USA   (07.01.11)
A question for the so called "activist". So whose dirty work are you doing? Hamas's?
8. i wish the guys of the IDF were mean like greeks lol
Ester   (07.01.11)
9. #1 Mikey
Shlomo Kamera ,   Australia   (07.01.11)
What is your definition of a terrorist Mikey? For me, Ben Gurion was a terrorist.
10. Gone, but not forgotten.
Schmule Mule ,   Israel Already   (07.01.11)
Like a bad shekel, they'll be back already! Oy veyyyy!
11. Israeli Bribes To Greek Military and Politicians
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.01.11)
A morally bankrupt country and a financial bankrupt country reached an agreement. The results were the same as the last time. Armed thugs on the high seas terrorizing unarmed civilian humanitarians. Shame on Israel and Greece.
12. The Hebrew-Hellenic Connection
Pantherjet   (07.01.11)
It still works after all these centuries. ειρήνη / שָׁלוֹם
13. Bravo Greece
David ,   On this planet   (07.01.11)
This is how a sovereign state should act, certainly not like Israel does, letting the world dictate to you,The only ones they put in jail in Israel are the Jewish settlers. shame on you
14. Still blaming Israel!
Maria ,   USA   (07.01.11)
15. yay 3 cheers for Greece!
IlanaB   (07.01.11)
Good posts.1,2 especially true,3,4!
16. The Greeks used guns. paintball guns. what it makes them in
barbara   (07.01.11)
the eyes of those terrorists??? to me they are heros!
17. what about letters of support for the kids of sderot???
shira ,   sderot   (07.01.11)
Children suffering from trauma because of the missiles falling on them every day. These rocket are launched from Gaza!!! My children sleep in shelters and rooms without windows cause we don't have enough time to run to the shelters. I'm sure the good grandmothers from the "audesity of hope" could bring them a letter too...
18. Always active represented by nice elderly Americans.
james ,   UK@!   (07.01.11)
But make no mistake. There are other people on the flotilla they do not want you to know about: Khaled Mashaal's son in law - the head of Hamas's military wing. and former finance Minister of the Hamas terrorist government. These for sure are NOT nice peace activists ...
19. Singing We Shall Overcome for Hamas
Stephen in New York   (07.01.11)
Doesn't that clarify why these people are called "useful idiots?"
20. Greece does the right thing
Bar Kokhba ,   Oak Park, California   (07.01.11)
It is comforting that Greece was not swayed by this flotilla of fools but rather embraced the rule of law to guide them. This rarely happens when Israel is part of the equation. Their motives are not that important, although one might hypothesize that Israel’s prosperity and their soon to be developed oil and gas resources may have factored into Greece assuming such a proactive and clearly pro-Israel position. Countries will always do what is in their best interest, irrespective of prejudices or biases.
21. they used guns not paintball guns. GO Greek!!!
barbara ,   :)   (07.01.11)
22. to the greek navy:
soldiers mom ,   israel   (07.01.11)
thank you. i wish you good life and good health. may god be with you and protect you wherever you go.
23. Flotilla participants are so egocentric
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (07.01.11)
that they become indignant when they flaunt the laws and commands of a foreign country's government and then are reined in. Many western democratic nations have warned these participants against taking part in this voyage but, like spoiled children, believe they are entitled and refuse to listen or simply listen and then go about doing whatever they please. could these characteristics be typical of the liberal mindset?
Dianab ,   San Francisco, USA   (07.01.11)
FROM WORLD CITIZEN: "A morally bankrupt country and a financial bankrupt country reached an agreement. The results were the same as the last time. Armed thugs on the high seas terrorizing unarmed civilian humanitarians. Shame on Israel and Greece." BRAVO, World Citizen! This could not have been said better. The lunatics have certainly taken over the asylum.
25. i agree
so right!!!   (07.01.11)
26. Bravo Greece
A Greek Friend ,   Greece   (07.01.11)
It is about time that Athens woke up and allied straight up with Israel. Enough said action talks by itself. Gaza is not starving?? What about a Ship for the Kurds of Turkey? Or the Greeks of Occupied Cyprus? In addition I don t see any Arab crying for the Greek Cypriots condition in occupied Cyprus or the rights of Greeks in Constantinople? Rest assure that we the majority of Greeks side with Israel and not with the Islamic fundamentalism of Hamas and left extremism from wherever it stems that has sided together for the destruction of Democracy in the Mediterranean Basin.
27. the flotilla of obama's friend won't sail anywhere!
kyle ,   CA, USA   (07.01.11)
happy forth the july everybody! go greece and go israel!!!!
28. These activists are not law-abiding as they like to draw
laurance ,   AZ, USA   (07.01.11)
themselves in the media! They broke the American law of "action against a country friendly to the United States" And they broke the law regarding the approval of the Greek cruise. They are not peace activists these are activists of war and terror.
29. Hurray Greece !!!
Sharon ,   Israel   (07.01.11)
Hurray Greece !!! We are so proud of you, our Greek friends !!! God bless you !!!
30. well said #2!! GREAT JOB GREECE!!
jessica ,   Israel/USA   (07.01.11)
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