How not to have a Palestinian state
Jose Maria Aznar
Published: 16.07.11, 16:33
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1. Amazing
Lee ,   Miami, FL USA   (07.16.11)
I love this guy.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (07.16.11)
Estimado Senor Aznar ,there will be a two-state solution. Jews will reside in Israel and Arabs will be returned to Arabia.
3. Aznar
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (07.16.11)
Good asrticle. The UN tends to make Israel desapear. UN is a tool from the Arabs and muslim states to eliminate Israel.
4. yes, but
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya   (07.16.11)
Mr. Aznar is a fine man, and his devoting time and energy to the cause of Israel is deeply appreciated. The Palestinian state, though, if there is ever to be one, should be in Jordan. No possible arrangements could make it feasible for Israel to accept a Muslim state squeezed beside it in the tiny, 40-mile space west of the Jordan.
5. This article should have been exposed in Capital Letters
Ari ,   Israel   (07.16.11)
and As Principal Heading. Good article well balanced in general terms.
6. Abbas doesn'twant to negotiate with Netanyahu
Steve   (07.16.11)
Mr. Abbas negotiated with former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. He will negotiate with a Prime Minister Livni because Abbas knows these two will only give; they will ask no hard questions and will make no "unreasonable" demands such as that he give up the right to destroy the Jewish state through the "right of return" or that he recognize Israel as a Jewish state, or that he give up incitement to destroy the Jews, etc. The destruction of the Jewish state is what Abbas is about. Mahmoud Abbas knows or he thinks Netanyahu has his measure. He does not want to talk to Netanayhu. It would not be a comfortable setting for Abbas. Thus he is going to the friendly United Nations to settle the Jewish question.
7. Bravo Senor Aznar!
Roy ,   USA   (07.16.11)
Outstanding! Aznar is one of the few who has both the wisdom and insight as well as the courage to act . He has earned great respect and his support as the founder of "Friend of Israel" is rapidly growing.
8. Jose Aznar? Who is this Jose Aznar?
Nour ,   One-State   (07.16.11)
I've never heard of him before. Is he in current affairs?
Nour ,   One-State   (07.16.11)
Racism and genocide are no longer acceptable in this day and age. You're "kindly" asked to come back to the reality that is the 21st century - and grow the hell up. Just as we don't expect you to go back to Germany and Poland, we expect you to accept the indigenous Palestinian Arab population - AS EQUALS, in this land. Personally, I don't have high expectations for your redemption. In you see residing in coucou land for all eternity. By the way, Mahmoud Abbas hails from Safad. The house you live in was probably stolen from an Arab, or built on top of Arab ruins following the Nakba.
10. #6 oh Lord, here we go again...
Nour ,   One-State   (07.16.11)
"...Abbas knows these two (Livni + Olmert) will only give" God, this is becoming tedious to repeat a million times. Read the Palestine Papers, and come back to engage in an objective discussion. The PP's refute what you're claiming, and is backed up by Minutes of Meeting which both sides confirmed as authentic. Abbas and Qorei'a puppets both wept and begged on their knees: Please, pretty please, we'll give up on all our rights, just give us a state! The rest is history. Livni is a certified war criminal who bragged about "acting wildly in Gaza" and "going all the way". Olmert will soon be a convicted criminal anyway, and as they say, the rest is history. What exactly are you raving about? Ring - ring ! Time for a cold shower Steve.
11. Finally a great article about the Palestinian intentions!
Dan ,   USA   (07.16.11)
12. America loves Jose Maria Aznar!
Sam ,   USA   (07.16.11)
13. talking about destruction ....Ha!
Akka's daughter ,   Palestine   (07.16.11)
Mr. Spain’s ex-PM, I'm sure you are ignorant of many things , you should know that 418 Palestinian Villages and towns destroyed by Zionist Jews Since 1948 , 385 OF THESE HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY ERASED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH (USUALLY BULLDOZED), BY THE "ISRAELIS". The houses, and property that was destroyed had been owned by those Palestinians killed, or forced to flee, by the barbaric tactics of the Jews. These destroyed towns and villages were rebuilt (with new Jewish names) as Jewish only towns and villages. The Palestinians who had been forced to leave were not allowed back. They were not even allowed back into the Jewish state, let alone back to their (now destroyed) towns and villages. Jose Maria Aznar, you can be a friend of "Israel" but You can't hide from the truth.
14. Aznar!!
john ,   cardiff   (07.16.11)
Aznar can make a better substitute for Liberman as the FM of Israel.
15. Ansar
jacky ,   barcelona, Spain   (07.16.11)
Jose Mari, Bravo!!!
16. Nour? Who is Nour? One state? Which state?
Timothy NY   (07.16.11)
17. The usual chaep talk from the ex-moustache, Señorcito AnZar.
WikiMiki   (07.16.11)
18. Now we know why you're the FORMER PM
HumHum   (07.16.11)
Stay that way.
19. to no.9
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (07.16.11)
Nice try, nour...Give 1 example of racism or genocide in the article...As always, your baloon of lies is being inflated. I'll give you racism and genocide... Last time checked, it is Israel only, who is for decades trying to make peace with a fictional so called nation, who invented their history and for over 60 years are trying to have their own nation and state, but not side by side with Israel, NOOO ! Allah forbid...But instead of Israel...NO ? I'll give you some slack though...Israel should have never created the refugee camps in gaza in 1973, an event of mercy by Israel, that led to rise of arafat (plo), who "created" your pseudo so-called nation...History does keep all the details of events between us, which we lived and are living thru and wrongly for us, we chose to forget...Because we keep on striving for peace with you.... You are a pathetic looser and nobody cares about your expectations...Racism and genocide ? Yes, it is written in charters of chamas and fattah...And they are acting on it way too well..
20. #10: What am I raving about?
Steve   (07.16.11)
I am only explaining "why" Mr. Abbas does not want to negotiate with Netanyahu. For my part, I am happy he does not want to negotiate, because there is nothing to negotiate. Netanyahu already gave up too much at his June 2009 University of Bar Ilan speech where he caved to Obama's demand that he recognize two states for two peoples. But there is not enough room in this tiny piece of land for two states for two peoples.
21. How come a herd of washed out...
Persian CAT   (07.16.11)
former disgraced politicians keep coming up with such nonsense, while the responsible officials, who are still in decision-making positions support the two state solution?!!! Jose Aznar is just irrelevant!
22. Why did it take a Spainiard
StevieT ,   USA   (07.16.11)
To articulate the obvious? The key statement is: "no agreement is possible, when one side is committed to the others destruction" Simply stated, this innate belligerency is not acceptable under the UN charter, particularly for new membership. In other words, legally, a Palestinian State as proposed could not be a legal entity and is still born from the start. Thank you Spain for presenting this very obvious position.
23. #8 Nour, No-State
Phil ,   Ireland   (07.16.11)
That shows you don't pay attention to the real world, ie the one with no Palestinian state.
24. Aznar
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.16.11)
Aznar became PM of Spain because of a politically anomalous situation at the time, but al-Qaeda settled his hash once and for all. By being as pro-Zionist as he is, Aznar betrays his native country, his national culture, and his Church; and he advocates preserving the world's most immediate threat to world peace.
25. Nour and Akka
Andy ,   Canada   (07.16.11)
The house in Safad that Abbas lived in was probably stolen from a Jew during the latter years of the Ottoman Empire and Abbas' family probably moved to Safad from Egypt after Jews began the economic revitalization of the wasteland that was Palestine. Move back to Germany or Poland? Jews won't move back to Aleppo or Sa'ana or Cairo or any other Arab country they were thrown out of during the last century. Destroyed villages? How about destroyed Millenia of co-existence? Give it up already. Jewish Israel is here to stay.
26. F.M.
michael Pielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (07.17.11)
Thank you Senor Azner. However Nour and her arab compatriots will have to return to their lands of origin the 22 arab states that belong to the arabs. The land of israel belongs only to the Jews.
27. Money, money, money
Rober S-Schwartz ,   EU + IL   (07.17.11)
Aznar the 3-11 Great Liar tries it again. He must be in need of money, our organizations and state have enough ready to be spent on lobbyists and and on pay-per-piece orders.
28. Right of Return
Pixelated Dwarf ,   USA   (07.17.11)
I believe that we should give the Arabs in Israel the right to return to the Arab states where they came from - Those who want to stay may do so with limited citizenship if they choose to behave like good citizens.
mark ,   t.a. israel   (07.17.11)
30. #27, EU+IL
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.17.11)
Really? He is a great liar? And what about you? If you know Hebrew you' understand: lashon ra.
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