Gunned down Islamic Jihad opeartive involved in attacks near Eilat
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 24.08.11, 14:17
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1. IDF opened the gates to hell
Ilan   (08.24.11)
Dropped in a demon, then closed the door and locked it.
2. Kill one terrorist leader a day until the rockets stop
John ,   NZ   (08.24.11)
3. Keep these terrorist targets coming, good work.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.24.11)
4. Another head "decapitated" (End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.24.11)
5. Just one?
Neil B   (08.24.11)
6. kill one terrorist for each qassam they send to Israel
7. your reporting
simcha ,   jerusalem   (08.24.11)
a very badly written report: we killed a "local leader" - that is the emphasis which shows that we are dealing with the top commanders and activists? how sympathetic can your reproter be to this minor (?) victim?
8. Israel once again breaks the ceasefire
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (08.24.11)
Can this country be trusted for anything? Twice in one week it breaks the ceasefire.
9. no no no #6
August 24. 2011   (08.24.11)
Israel must hit with full force. One to One is useless. Take the whole bunch of them present who works the kassams. No more fooling around. we've had enough of ehud barak and his "playing soft ball". End the Gaza farce once and for all. It seems all the gangs of bandits are clamouring together.... give them what they want... and I aint talking about all of Israel. In fact get rid of the bunch you have there and settle down in your own G-d given land!
10. Gaza strike on Israel
noyne   (08.24.11)
looking at the wreck it looks like a baby's pram. What happened to the rest of it?
11. mazal tov!
Jew   (08.24.11)
12. re: LebanonPride, Canada
Lebanon Pride - please check your facts, Islamic Jihad broke the ceasefire a mere 9 hours after they agreed upon it on Monday by firing another rocket and hundreds of mortar shells into Israel
13. Only one!??
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.11)
Next time make it 100. Mazal tov Zahal
14. Lebanon Pride
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.24.11)
you so called "people" broke it first... 9 hours after begging us for one. No worres... Beirut will be the next city to burn... bring it on monkey boy... nice and safe in canada
15.  he was a tererorists who killed many people
george ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
16. after the fake cease fire of hamas...
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
12 rockets exploded on people in south israel after the "cease- fire", so whatever israel does is justified!!!!
17. Leb.Pride is so proud of Lebanon,he lives in Canada
Alan SA Pride ,   SA   (08.24.11)
18. Sorry for the car...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.24.11)
19. Chris Rettenmoser, you cracked me up man!!!
HaifaGuy   (08.24.11)
As someone has suggested earlier, Israel should establish a Ministry of Apologies in order to deal with the rising tide of claims by different countries in the ME, which are lining up to get an Israeli apology. Seems to be a highly wanted item these days... Your apology is just what was needed in this particular incident. And, yes: you've beat the claim by a few hours, at least! They would've called from the car insurance agency anyway, so your aBology is perfectly timed and placed. You are very funny and witty, love your posts :)
20. flotilla
mohamed ,   saudi arabia   (08.24.11)
Good job to Israel and dont let some stupid terrorist ruin your freedom that you deserve!
21. jihad leaders in fear
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.24.11)
This is a good way for Israel to bring deterrence back to the masterminds who will not sleep well at night and try to hide under their wives skirts when not below ground.
22. Thats what I'm talking about
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.11)
Great operation by Tzahal again. Actually I'm very much a part of operations like this. I'm very connected at the top level defence area. Thanks to all my fans as usual.
23. #22, Fake Sarah B, that was really funny !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.24.11)
24. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.11)
It wasn't Israel who broke the cease-fire, imbecile. Or do you simply think that Arabs can kill Israelis without impunity? Payback can be a bitch. Keep this in mind, however: Israel can reduce Gaza to a pile of corpses and rubble pretty much whenever we want. Yet, we have refrained from so doing. We do conduct targeted assassinations of terrorists who harm Israelis, though. Highly specific pinpoint assassinations of some very bad people. Got a problem with that? Tough.
25. @8
IsraeliPride   (08.24.11)
What do you mean "breaks the ceasefire" ?????????????? Should we stand by idle and let rockets fly into our country and let neighbors slaughter our people?????????? and as for trust....I donĀ“t really think you know what the word means
26. #9 Leb - PALs started the terror 100 years ago & never stopd
meir elazar   (08.24.11)
PALs massacred Jews in 1920, 1929, 1936. Haj Amin Al Husseini was the Grand Mufti and he collaborated with Hitler. While the Torah and QURAN acclaim that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews we have ruled Israel under multiple dynasties for extended periods of time. On the other hand the PALs were nomads who never ever had a government in Israel and simply overstayed their welcome. Now it is time for them to move on. JUST LEAVE. There is more than enough Arab/Moslem countries to absorb them just like Israel absorbs its own. But no other Arab/Moslem countries want PALs and if they do go there, they are kept in refugee camps because there is no end to the trouble they cause. They were kicked out of Jordan in Black September. They were kicked out of Lebanon. We are are happy to live in peace and prosperity with the Arabs in the Haifa and Akko areas and other places. But there is no stopping the terrorist from Gaza. They elected HAMAS to represent them and be their government. The HAMAS CHARTER uncompromisingly calls for the Destruction of Israel and MURDER OF ALL JEWS AND ISRAELIS. There is no peace option and we must do unto Gaza what they aspire to do to us and nothing less.
27. The post at No. 22 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.24.11)
.. but it was composed by a Brit. Being American, I would have written "defense." Nailed you again, asshole. Don't you have anything better to do than be so extraordinarily envious of me? What a sad, sorry existence you must endure. Pathetic, really.
28. To No. 8, Lebanon's shame.
Gabe ,   Canada   (08.24.11)
You would not hide in Canada if you had balls. You would hide with Nasrallah in his bunker. You are a despicable coward. No one is proud of you.
29. THAT WAS A CAR????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.24.11)
Like I said the other day Israel will decide where, when, how and to what extent they will respond. Yes we would like to see an all out air attack level Gaza. But right now I'll let the IDF decide who needs to be killed. As you can see, it wasn't much of a problem. All the terrorist leaders in Gaza, are now afraid to show their faces. Just a car ride across the street is a gamble, Be scared, very scared. The IDF is coming, and not to shoot up passenger buses and passenger cars, they coming to kill your leaders. I only wish the IDF would do a little special opt work on the largest smuggling tunnels, the ones that Dump Trucks can drive through.
30. Sarah B. #27
David ,   Haifa Israel   (08.24.11)
sorry... this must be really a pain in the tuchus.... some of the things this person says.... its obvious it is not you.
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