Organizers: Tent protest ready to resume
Tani Goldstein
Published: 24.08.11, 18:10
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1. Enough. She does not have the decency to meet the man
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.24.11)
and she wants him out. Have they even got a list of their "demands" or is it just 'bring down this government? Am I the only one getting tired of this protest?
2. Communists
Dan S. ,   USA   (08.24.11)
These people are making use of a real issue for their own benefit. Who are they, who obviously know nothing about economics nor have any other wish than to bring down the government and bring about endless revolution and class warfare, to issue demands? If the government had any balls they would give these protest leaders 24 hours to either pack it up and go home or be arrested. The economic problems need to be solved by experts in these areas, not by a bunch of leftist loudmouths who should have never been let out of the army.
3. little dafna
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (08.24.11)
our little dafa is nothing but a fraud and power hungry reactionary.
4. losers.
Golan ,   modiin   (08.24.11)
These populist protestors can only do one thing-protest. And they refuse to talk to anyone that can change something that is willing to talk to them... that means they have nothing to offer, nothing to say, and nothing to do. That is the definition of loser.
5. Form your own party
Logic ,   Israel   (08.24.11)
Call it the reform party or the social justice party. Run for the next elections and try to win. You can't expect a conservative government to break the budget or meet all demands.
6. She Looks Stoned
David ,   NJUSA   (08.24.11)
stude ham   (08.24.11)
these protests are now far too stupid to be be taken seriously.
8. Fools = Tools for your masters
Educated ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.24.11)
The facts have been reported widely, and the fact that US styled capitalist economics and policy has been shoved down Israel's throat since the 90's - resulting in a capitulating and degrading system slowly turning Israel into a backwards third-world-country is not acceptable. Israel is too precious. Israel is for all Jews and locals alike, it is too precious to sell away to a few families and keep 80% of us working ourselves into a life of debt. It doesnt take very much education to understand how to implement economic policies that work. I worked in the EU and just made aliyah from europe and coming here to Israel is scary as hell, because its like coming to a third world country that has no future. Indeed that is exactly what you will have if you are incapable of learning from the best, most prosperous, technologically advanced, healthy, and successful systems in the world today. (IE: socialist scandinavia, socialist france, socialist spain, socialist germany, etc etc etc...) What did all of us Jews waste our lives on coming here if we will end up living worse with less hope of a future in our homeland than we would as the very bottom most rung of society in the countries we came from? Whats the point?
9. How about cheap apartments, free higher
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.24.11)
education, child allowances and advancing in careers only to those of us that completed served in the I.D.F.? And nothing for draft dodgers or those that made alyah after the age that the I.D.F. would draft them.The same goes for reserve duty dodgers!
10. #6, you beat me to it! :D
Lobo ,   USA   (08.24.11)
11. Oh enough with vishous talbacks already
Little old me   (08.24.11)
Dear people who talkback from abroad: you do not live here, you have not experienced poverty, and you have no clue how hard it has become to live in Israel (economically speaking). So please, do us a favor and go fart-out your ultra right opinions elsewhere. The real threat to Israel is not some 10 missiles fired at Ashkelon- it is the loss of the middle class. But what would YOU know about it! Daphni Leef, we support you!
12. smolanim
13. To nr 11 - You should have your head examined
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.25.11)
The most vicious talkback is yours - ignoring missiles and rockets being fired at our country. There are mental hospitals for deluded people cut off from reality who think that its normal having one's countrymen killed and having "only" 8000 rockets/missiles fired at us for the past 5-6 years and having Arabs inside Israel, inside Gaza and inside Judea and Samaria. It's even more insane to even contemplate giving away a grain of sand to the Arabs let alone allowing them to live here let alone arming them and giving granting them money, water and electricity in Gaza and let alone letting them carve up our ancient homeland and letting them have a state in our land and then just shrugging it off, sticking one's head into the sand and playing dumb like you do. People of your kind are a lethal threat to our survival, because you hate Israel and you don't care about Jewish lives. And you have no need for the middle class if Israel is destroyed or if Israelis are getting killed by bombs, rockets and terrorists. Life comes first. Money comes second. Democracy and freedom of speech involves everybody in here - inside and outside of Israel, and that includes Jews and friends of the Jews from outside of Israel that support Israel and wishes Israel well. It's better to have a "right wing extremist" - meaning normal people with normal minds supporting Israel from the outside, then having "normal" - meaning self hating Communist Israelis/Jews in Israel. What counts is what will benefit and help Israel. People of your ilk and Daphna Leef destroy Israel. The "right wing extremist" talkbackers want to help and build up Israel. Daphna Leef is an idiot and so are the protestors. They have zero knowledge of economics and business. They have no clue what to do and they already discard and reject the committee before it has even delivered any solution. Yes life in Israel is tough: we have to fight the Arabs inside and outside of Israel and we have to deal with traitors and left wing extremists inside Israel like yourself that love stabbing us in the back, and on top of that we have the oligarchs and the state bureacracy - the real reasons for the social-economic situation.
14. well obviously
Little Old Me   (08.25.11)
It's YOU who should get his head examined, and before that, you should acquire basic education. Judea and Samaria is not Israel- they are occupied territories according to both Israeli and international Law. But I've got no energy to argue with the likes of you. You crazy settlers are the reason it's so bad in Israel. If our taxes weren't spent to fund you and your settlements, maybe there would be some money left to pay the doctors...
15. Oh go shoot some Palestinians
while you're at it you crazy asshole. Stop blaming all of Israel's problems (caused by bad economic decisions) on the Arabs. This protest has nothing to do with security issues. And lets face it, if Israel didn't have to spend so much money funding YOU and protecting YOUR sorry ass over there at the settlements, the economic situation would have been much much better.
16. to 11
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (08.25.11)
Don't feel like a fool after reading post no 13. Littlle old me-indeed,grow up.
17. #15
was supposed to be a reply to #13
18. Well said # 11 you are 100% right
Haim ,   TA   (08.25.11)
Dont pay any attention to those right wing traitors whose only language is violence and threats. You have to feel sorry for them really , they cant help it, maybe there will be a cure for religious nuts one day , we can only hope.
19. #little old me - where are you living?
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (08.25.11)
because many posters here, who have had enough of this, live in Israel. We know why things are expensive here, and one of the reasons is security. #15. Security costs us A LOT. but so do never ending protests. I dont know how many police are involved in this protest, but just for the gay pride marches in Jerusalem we bring in 7000 police men. Do you have any idea how much that costs the state?
20. These protests are in no way connected to patriotism.
miri ,   israel   (08.25.11)
The people have made themselves heard and maybe, just maybe, some adjustments will be made in social and economic issues. This has nothing to do with the bombardment of rockets in the south. Life still goes on here on a daily basis ! Kol Hakovod to Dafna Leef , who looks as she does (exhausted) probably because of her present quest for social justice.
21. To #13 -Alexander
miri ,   israel   (08.25.11)
You just don't get it !!!
22. To Israel; Invoke Martial Law for Your Jews
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodCAUSA   (08.26.11)
I have words for the leader of thisprotest movment, but they would not be allowed on the website. Just who does she think she is? Israel is a democracy, last I looked. It has procedures to change policies. It has 60 parties...Unlike the US with 2 formal. Israel's challanges are many..and these protests are udnermining its security, to a dangerous level. Who will pay for the socialistic new society that the protestors really want? Should the military be compromised for their agenda? We in the USA, who have no vote or say, but contribute heavily to Israel...are disgusted with the protests. Not everyone here can live in Manhattan, or Beverly Hills or other exclusive areas. Not everyone can drive a Lexus..or send children to private schools. We manage. The wealthy pay the taxes..and risk their shekels in forming companies. They are the people who hire (and fire). When our stock market plunges..they suffer. When real estate values plummet, they are hurt..they bleed, as Shylock said famously. Israel's socialistic roots AND TENT CITIES, are a thing of the past..until now. But what really disturbs me, is the timing. With 140 countries about to approve a Pales entity..and the resultant Arab so-called non violent approval...with Egypt/Syria/Libya in chaos...and Iran near testing the bomb..this is no time to disrupt Israel. There is a Knesset guys..there are 60 parties to join. And if you think the grass is greener elsewhere..relocate..Take your famiilies and move to Russia, Poland, Germany, the Ukraine...try to get into Australia and the US with its immigration limits. Or move to Japan. (130 Muslim countries dont want you). Enough said!
23. Protesters, I am with you!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.26.11)
It's time for justice for Israelis! Stop the terrorist attacks instigated by the government to keep Israelis from protesting. Reduce the high taxes and rents that are killing people financially. Increase wages so that people can live with their self-respect and dignity as human beings. And change the political system so that the politicians are truly accountable to the Israeli people, and not to some banking elite who don't even live in the country.
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