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Bibi takes Sara to the movies
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 26.08.11, 13:42
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1. I wonder
Adam ,   Raanana   (08.26.11)
If the Netanyahus had to pay 70 shekels for 2 drinks and a popcorn like the rest of us have to.
2. Back in the day (during his first term 1996-2000)
az mah! ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and Sara used to go to the movies here in Jerusalem. They'd come in during the commercials at the beginning and leave just as the credits began on screen. So what's the big deal now? Why do they now need VIP room? and really with all the big beautiful screens in their three homes (Ceasaria, Aza Street and the PM's official residence) why couldn't they just see the film at home? What's the big deal? Why the special press release?
3. Sarah looks good in black and I like the high neckline.
Rivkah   (08.26.11)
4. to #2
Ros ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
Are you sure your from israel? the cinema city has a special VIP theater, for anyone who wishes, its about 6 people in the theater so no wonder it was closed for them, so whats now, you can go to the VIP theater but the president must stay at home? wheres the logic in that
5. Bibi & Sara have no shame.
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.26.11)
Don't they know that Sderot and Ashkelon under fire ?!!!!!!!! Is this the right time to go to the movies ?!
6. To #5:
Chico   (08.26.11)
7. @4 r u sure u r from Israel?
az mah! ,   Israel   (08.26.11)
First of all this article is about the Prime Minister of the State of Israel NOT about the President of the State of Israel. In case you didn't know they are 2 different positions. Secondly, may I strongly urge you to have a look at the news for Israel between last Thursday and this Friday? What this press release is saying is that while the South of Israel was under DIRECT ATTACK by Hamas, Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his wife were enjoying a VIP screening!!! I don't know what that says to you but what it says to me is that Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his wife were out at the movies while the citizens of the State were under direct attack! Wow! Wa'allah! Ma Ze?! What's that all about VIP leadership?!
8. #5
Jane   (08.26.11)
Who are you, freaking Tokyo Rose?
9. bibi and sarah
sas ,   israel   (08.27.11)
they look like such a young loving couple....................
10. My personal and humble recommendation to Benjamin..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.27.11)
..and Sara Netanyahu: You should go and see a movie called: "HOW TO WIN A WAR". Another movie you should see is called: "SHOWING COMPASSION, LOVE AND PATRIOTISM FOR YOUR COUNTRY". Another movie is called: "GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT". Another movie is called: "DESTROY ISRAEL'S ENEMIES NOW AND WITHOUT DELAY". Another great movie is called: "BIBI - GROW YOURSELF A SET OF BALLS". These are really good movies and I urge the Netanyahus to see them.
11. Play Time
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (08.27.11)
Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife are allowed some time off. Being PM of the State of Israel is one of the hardest political jobs in the world, having to prioritise so many things. People in the Israel must realise that to be an effective leader you need a balance of work, rest and play. Also if you pay peanuts you are liable to get monkeys. The socialist roots of the state are deep. There must be respect shown for those willing to take on the heavy spiritual lifting in a place. Tall poppy syndrome should not be a feature of the landscape.
12. #11 did u just say that Netanyahu is a socialist?
Or are you just blaming the nation's socialist roots for Netanyahu's movie going? Either way you slice that one I think Netanyahu will be really upset with you...he sees himself as the Prince from Machivelli's book and you know that chap was hardly a socialist!
13. Breaking news! Breaking news! Bibi takes a shower!
Vlad   (08.28.11)
Honestly, give the man a break!
14. Our grandson
non yachna savta   (08.28.11)
just gave his parents the same gift for their respective birthdays and anniversary. Grow up all you bored imbeciles and get a life. Bibi is best, for us, and I shudder when I even think of the alternatives. Bibi is way better than any of them. Actually quite complimentary to our PM and his wife that this pea brain criticism is all you can manage. I forgive you, though, as you've probably just returned from your 'all included' vacations and from over loading your trolleys at duty free, and you're feeling a little bored and frustrated...
15. @14 & where have u come from?
Bibi good for Israel? Gees Louise 'non yachna savta' for someone who isn't a yachna u sure have misplaced comments? Exactly who r u 2 4give the rest of us? in other words Savta - G-d is alive and well and in His Heaven...its up to him to send messages of forgiveness to us!
16. Gd, please protect us from those
#15   (08.28.11)
who have no sense of humour.
17. Bibi takes his wife to the Movies
elizabeth   (08.28.11)
Well now... big deal!!!
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