Israeli diplomats train on 'Twitter PR'
Ronen Medzini
Published: 29.08.11, 01:01
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1. The major obstacle as I see it...
William ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
being able to keep their words to 140 character limit.
2. Nice Idea, but illegal occupation is anathema to Europeans
Alex   (08.29.11)
Israelis can present it in any way they like, and on any media platform they like, but in the eyes of the world the occupation and settlements are still illegal and a violation of International Law. The idea that economic migrants from America and Eastern Europe have more claim to Palestinian land than the indigenous Palestinians, just because they're Jewish, is a bizarre concept, and could only be conceived by some sort of delusional theocracy.
3. So Late !
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.11)
Is it incompetence or arrogance that makes Israel complacent when it comes to facing threats? Arabs and their supporters in EU got here with PR and mind games, with words and pictures
4. Good Luck Tweets ; )
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.29.11)
another vain attempt to tilt public opinion toward "Israel".
5. no more delusional than a bunch of
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.29.11)
foreign workers brought here to build a railroad for the turks suddenly deciding that THEY deserve the land. as for illegal occupation being anathema to europeans, europeans INVENTED occupation and perfected the concept. arabs inherited the idea. israel is merely staking out nits own tiny claim.
6. Alex
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.29.11)
Most are NOT economic migrants . Look only at the USA or West european ones . "indigenous" palestinian s , came , for MOST of them , to this country when Jews began to build it , and needed workforce . Illegal occupation ? first ask WHY we had to conquer this so called "occupied" territory . Simply , we were ATTACKED by an ILLEGAL occupier of Judea Samaria and Jerusalem .
7. Support for a Palestinian state
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.11)
is a failure of all mankind. That failure, as usual, as always, is directed and blamed on Jews. There is not a country or civilization on earth for the last 2000 years did not know that Jews = Israel = Holy land, those that don't know that, are obsessed with genocide and spiritual dementia.
8. if you really wont to help israel. instead of posting here>
@@@massage@@@@@   (08.29.11)
open a twitter acount!!!! and tweet about israel anbd the terror attacks and the palastinian lies every day!
9. a very positive initiative
mike ,   berlin germany   (08.29.11)
it seems that there is a genuine need for more professional online activity from the Israeli side.good luck!
10. Hey Alex - Europeans are the masters of occupation!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.29.11)
What a silly, ignorant and flippant comment by Alex that "illegal occupation is anathema to Europeans". Alex's claim is totally opposite to facts and history. Europeans (Britain, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France) spent centuries colonizing and raping the world. Europeans colonized and raped North and South America and stole those entire continents from their rightful owners! Not only is his use of "anathema" silly, but its meaning is also based in the Christian church, which blessed the illegal occupations by the Europeans! The exact opposite of the meaning of anathema. And then, of course, Alex tells us that the children of the Arab refugees from 1948 have no claim because they are not indigenous! Well, if we wanted "delusional" theories, Alex just gave them to us.
11. Next they need to be thought break dancing..
Helem in action   (08.29.11)
what the hell...why not?...
12. 'Twitter PR'
Niss ,   uk   (08.29.11)
the palistinians have very good PR and many followers round the world waiting for tel.calls anywhere to boycott to lie or demonstration and it works to tarnish Israel name about time Israel starting fighting back it should be used to get into the media and to tell both sides of the story
13. Re: 4. Good Luck Tweets ; )
RLG ,   hales USA   (08.29.11)
Salma - your attempts to influance on these talk backs isn't doing to well either
14. #2 - it is? Whole European history based on occupation
William ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
of other people's land. And because of their stain they are ever diligent to attack Israel for an act which isn't even legally accurate. After all, the land in question, per the UN, is disputed not occupied. That's why the ICJ couldn't issue more than an advisory which is both non-binding and non-comprehensive in its factual arguments. Infact, there was no evidence nor arguments presented prior to the "ruling". Second, "Palestinians" never had autonomy and Arabs rejected it being part of a partition in 1947, thus placing its status as "unknown". It was illegally annexed by Jordan (a war crime), the Jews were ethnically cleansed from it (a war crime), and Arab immigrants were flooded into the region (a war crime). Israel's act of taking it back in a defensive measure (not offensive) is not a war crime nor is it an occupation per intl law. "Palestinians" are hardly indigenous as you claim. In 1930s, they spoke 20 different languages. Name one "native" population which has that much diversity and yet centuries of history as you claim.
15. #4 - I agree with you Salma
William ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
The PA itself is so much better as tilting public opinion towards Israel through its intransigence and support for violence and ethnic cleansing. Oh, perhaps Abbas and Erekat would like to tweet the racism that your species likes to exhibit so often.
16. #6 - notice Alex's language to obfuscate the facts
William ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
He must be from the uber-Leftist crowd where this type of action is well-entrenched. Since the facts of "Palestinians" being illegal Arab economic immigrants from the 1930s has been brought up more often, people like Alex has began using the same language to falsely describe Jews (who arrived legally and to a sovereign nation, I might add) in hopes to stigma Israelis and to move light away from the "Palestinian" history. They're the likes who use "Nazi" and support claims that Israel launched the Eilat attacks to deflect pressure from peaceful protesters in Israel. My guess is Alex is from ISM where racist hatred and systematic revisionism is the norm.
17. Israel needs a Laughter Brigade - not more serious advocacy
Daniella ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
Israel advoacy is far too conflict-driven and cerebral. Check out Chelm-on-the-Med Online at for another approach.
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