'Terrorist was trying to get to the kids'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 29.08.11, 09:06
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1. Have we turned into a nation of wimps?
Sarah B's husband ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.29.11)
A man with just a knife could do all this damage? Hezbollah operates with weapons a little more deadly than knives and Iran might soon be operating with nukes, so what do we do then?
2. What a bunch of animals
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.29.11)
Why do we even allow them into our country? These are jackals and hyenas. Beasts who have no place in Medinat Israel. GET RID OF THEM! Unspeakable and uneducated, souless beasts. Make them GO! They are a plague upon humankind and civilization.
3. A taxi killer,not the first time ....
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (08.29.11)
.Palestinian terror use taxi or trucks to kill Israelies ;this time he needs to get a good 30 years in prison...and let him pay for the civil damage and hospital care... Deport his family out in Jordan or in Gaza and see if other teen killers will want to try again... When terror get unpunished ,will spread more and more....
4. foolish policies
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.11)
Cops trying to subdue a crazed terrorist is just plain wrongheaded policy. What does it matter if he didn't get to the kids inside. He managed to try and kill the others. Now he will assume hero status in jail with all the benefits, education, family visits and soon be released in a prisioner swap to try and kill more Jews. Thanks to the daffy political eshelon.
5. #2 Sarah B, you are an idiot...
Avi ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
"Unspeakable and uneducated, souless beasts. Make them GO! They are a plague upon humankind and civilization. " Sarah B, you are beginning to sound like some one from the 1940s. You need professional help. We don't need idiots like you spreading their venom in the area. You don't live here but we do, and we suffer the consequences of incitements by idiots like yourself...
6. A product of Pales. schools (end)
Roxanne ,   Haifa   (08.29.11)
7. #5
Haven't you realized that "the real" Sara B doesn't write in YNET anymore? This was written by someone from the anti-Israel camp who hated Sarah B's intelligent comments (Salma? Graczek? Eporue?). Now they also write in the name of Sarah B's husband and children.
8. Guards Did Their Job
Nathan K ,   Michigan, USA   (08.29.11)
I train in krav maga, and let me tell you, disarming a motivated attacker with a knife is not as easy as it looks in the movies... I can't help but wonder why no one had or used a firearm, but I wasn't there, so I can't second guess the guards/cops actions, and neither should anyone else. They did their jobs well and saved countless lives...
9. your enemies will NEVER believe you anyway.
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.29.11)
10. Palestinian would-be killer
Mike ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
Sounds to me like this Palestinian was treated by the Israelis with kid gloves. He was 'ightly injured' upon arrest? I would have caused him permanent damage, even paralysis.
11. False handeling
Tom ,   Texas, nuff said   (08.29.11)
If I saw one of 'um with a knife i'd blow his head off, he doesn't deserve the benefits of Israeli prison.
12. Gaza
Matt   (08.29.11)
See they want me to go to war in Gaza, but they are threatening me saying they will all attack me and I CANNOT WAGE WAR. I can fight you all. But I will go to war when I decide, regardless of the threat, a threat to draw me into Gaza to crush them, international condemnation, they wont attack me. I will set up a CIA drone program over Gaza, West Bank and Sinai, and I am glad al-Qaida are in CIA because then the CIA will target them. What we do the strikes is not war!!! Otherwise you would have attacked me.
13. to Avi no 5
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (08.29.11)
Come on Avi,post no 2 is not the real Sarah B and post 1 is a fake's that wily Arab/English impostor.I's simply not her style.
14. Salma we believe that Taqiya is part of your cultutre
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (08.29.11)
15. nationalistically or religiously motivated
observer ,   Egypt   (08.29.11)
on a second thought after knowing that Israel allows thousands of its kids inside nightclubs, it's daring patriotically motivated attack. What do schools in Israel teach their kids?
16. my goodness!why u did not kill d terrorist?
anne ,   spain   (08.29.11)
he will endanger the lives of many again if given a chance!israel is so damn weak!if you are fighting can't be a pigeon ..pls..think first of the lives of your people before any terrorists!
17. To #8 Take a course in security in Israel
jason white ,   afula, israel   (08.29.11)
The guards had every right to open fire on this POS. Providing they had a clear field of fire and not shoot an innocent. That is the reason guards have pistols. As for unarmed combat, I once asked a former karate champion and teacher how he would stand up against a someone with a loaded pistol with all he knew. He said no chance, the pistol cannot be beaten with unarmed combat.
18. To Avi #5
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (08.29.11)
Avi you remind me of a story: Two Jews are dragged off by anti-Semites before a firing squad. The first one cries, "Stop! Stop! You're murdering an innocent man." "Sh ... Sh...," say the second Jew says. "Don't cause trouble."
19. #8, #10
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.11)
#8: The border policeman was worried that if a shooting battle started innocents would be hurt so he chose to risk himself and wrestle him to the ground. #10: if the terrorist had been hurt, the Israeli courts would sentence the policemen to prison and he would have to pay compensation.
20. if u wanna know what i think, he quite sounds like a jew!
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (08.29.11)
21. speedy recovery!
Alon ,   Israel   (08.29.11)
22. we're all praying for the wounded. get well soon...
Dan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.29.11)
23. OBSERVER Yelling Allahu Aqbar like terrorists globally.
PETER SAM ,   MELBOURNE   (08.29.11)
Proud of another Arab baby killer targetting children.? At least he did not get a chance to cut any baby throats this time or kill any captured pregnant women.
24. Handeling of the terrorist
Jeff ,   Canada   (08.29.11)
I think he got off too easily. He was a clear threat and the longer he had the knife, the more opportunity to stab others. As a former police officer, I would have shot him if I had a clear shot. If not, how about some nonlethal weapon like a taser?
25. bravo to the guards!
Esteban ,   Argentina   (08.29.11)
Just get rid of the terrorist, this animal does not deserve the luxury of an israeli prison. God bless Israel forever
26. Sarah B
Hakim ,   Palestine   (08.29.11)
A little strong there Sarah. The world is not black and white. Not all Muslims kill Jews. Crazy world out there so breath deep, relax, and make clear, thought out statements instead of knee jerk reactionary statements. And dont forget that your pills are to be taken after meals not before..
27. Most of the terrorists are deranged -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.29.11)
They are fed (brainwashed) from birth to hate Jews. There are the rabid type of deranged and the cold poker type. Either way, their minds have been turned into killer machines.
28. Sure he was very strong...
milly   (08.29.11)
He was full of demons!!
29. to #15
nva ,   jerusalem   (08.29.11)
Schools in Israel teach our kids to care about human life, to be strong and have courage. Sure as hell beats the training found in Egypt, Jordan, & the pali schools where killing Jews is the primary course curriculum ...
30. Ynetnews of 07.02.06 Shfaram lynch party
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.29.11)
"The Haifa District Court released five individuals suspected of being part of the lynch of terrorist Eden Natan Zada to a month's home arrest." Guess how our "righteous" judges would have dealt with Jews acting on self defense?
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