Egyptians storm Israeli Embassy building, remove flag
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Published: 10.09.11, 02:00
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1. Great!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.09.11)
Thank you Egypt and thank you my Brave Egyptian brothers for giving us hope!
2. Don't take it personally
Veto ,   USA   (09.09.11)
Egyptian soldiers always seem to stand by and do nothing. Just doing their job, after all.
3. going too far
daze ,   US   (09.09.11)
I don't mind egyptians chipping away at the wall, but I hate it when they lift their skirts to pee on it
4. P***pots
John Williams ,   UK   (09.09.11)
Urinating against the cultured...and actually it's a metaphor for what the Arabs have done with all their life chances....
5. World Unity: BIG ISRAEL, co-existent Islam iso Islamism.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.09.11)
6. Egyptians are upset with slow-paced reforms...
William ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
You're attacking the wrong embassy you chumps! Israel has nothing to do with your internal corruption and oppression. We're a soft target for your racist emotional hatred because if you chipped away at the Egyptian military wall, you'd get killed. You're selfish cowards - that's all.
7. Hello Israelis
Nour ,   One State   (09.09.11)
Party is over! Camp David called for a resolution of the Palestinian question within 5 years of the agreements signing. Where are we today? I'll tell you where: Pan Arab revolution and unity. Welcome to the new neighborhood. New rules will apply soon.
8. The Israel should be prepared for
Oleg ,   USA   (09.09.11)
a coming war. Unfortunately, but this is true. Israel is surrounded by enemies and nobody in the world will do anything to help. Instead europe will help Israel's enemies and the US with this president will simply stand still. There are too many young idiots in muslim world, who know nothing, care about nothing and live with only one wish - kill. The whole religion of Islam is too young by itself. They are now at the stage Christianity was 700 years ago. And the West simply ignore History lessons, like it always does. Unfortunately, helping arabs eliminate israel and letting all those muslims to come and live in democracy, they do not know and do not wish, the West civilization is digging its own grave. Politicians are stupid and population are just sheeps.
9. i still dont understand
oferdesade ,   israel   (09.09.11)
why we constantly go wher we're not wanted - tourists in turkey, diplomats in egypt. enough already. they need us, let them court us. they dont need us, there's a big world out there where we are doing good and are truly wanted.
stude ham   (09.09.11)
and the arabs made believe that they were after democracy. as if arab democracy ever existed. the arabs remain trapped in their hatreds ...
11. Ok we don't like Israel but ...
Egyptian ,   Giza   (09.09.11)
This is useless ... We already have sent our message by bringing down the flag ... The wall will be rebuilt anyway !!
12. End Israeli retreat and end our suffering.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
Once again, Israel is punished for ceding our land to our foes. Had we kept Sinai, it wouldn't make any difference how the Egyptian "street" felt about us. War with Egypt would be all but unthinkable because the immense strategic asset of the SInai would enable us to win quickly and with relative ease. Every single Israeli retreat has disastrous results. There is not a single exception. The lesson for Israel is very simple. End Israeli retreat and end our suffering. If our enemies force us to fight another war, we must NEVER cede a single inch of the land we liberate.
13. #7. New rules? Palestine is forever fictional.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
#7 Nour. I'm afraid the "new rules" are all in your head. Along with fictional Palestine. Change is certain. Israel will continue to grow stronger and richer every year. While the world increasingly realizes Palestine will never happen. It is fictional forever, like Oz and Neverland.
14. #1 Salma. False hope for fictional Palestine.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
#1 Salma. If you choose to draw hope from Egyptian hostility towards Israel, you are free to do so. However, nothing that is happening, or will ever happen, in Egypt or anywhere else will change the fact that Palestine is forever fictional. False hopes for fictional Palestine. Reality may not appeal to you, Salma, but at some point you have to deal with it.
15. Next Time, No Return of Sinai
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (09.09.11)
Lts face it, these Arab countries have always been cesspools slime. They prepare their babies for Jihad with suicide vests, and use retarted people as carriers. Egypts problem is its growth stats..from 29m to over 75 in 3 decades. They seem to forget why Israel is in the territories (or was). Gaza was illegally held by Egypt from 48 to 67..their real problem. The Muslim Brotherhood isorchestrating get more sympathizers..then, as in Lebanon, take over the govt. The radical Islamists have their following and talking points, the secular Arabs have no unity, purpose or raison d'etra..except to end the Jeiwsh states existence. Egypts problem is not Israel but Egypt. Hopefully, someonei in Israel is watching all of this. Carolyn Glick was right, Israel needs another 1 or 2 armored divisions on its border and complete the fence. I would remind these thugs that the Aswan Dam is vulnerable to Israeli nukes...if used, ending the Pharoahs dreams. Next time, no return of Sinai...Cairo, and Alexandria should be for hte history books., if Egpt again starts a war.
16. Israel to expect More reactions from the arab nations
Dave ,   UK   (09.09.11)
After Mubarak has gone, Israel has no place in Egypt anymore, the Israeli embassy will close doors soon or later.. The Gold era for Israel has gone. With the tense rising with Turkey & with the stupid role the US is taking in against the Israel/Palestinian conflicts, and with the Americans suffering the financial crisese and so is now weaker and with the dramatic changes in the arab region, Israel to expect a very touch time in the future.
17. Peace treaty
Joseph ,   Dallas, TX   (09.09.11)
If the Egyptians don't uphold the peace, the peace treaty is void and we get the Sinai back.
18. # 1 Salma and # 7Nour
David ,   On this planet   (09.09.11)
Wake up the Egyptians don't love, in fact they hate you just like the entire Arab world, otherwise you will not be living in a rat infested refuge camp for over 60 years., so don't come in here to tell us how wonderful your brothers are. So sad
19. Netanyahu is so far out of touch with reality he's dangerous
Erdogan ,   Turkey   (09.09.11)
Netanyahu is so far out of touch with reality he's stupid & dangerous. Israelis should begin to ask: who lost Turkey? Who lost Egypt? The relations it took Israel 30 years to build up in the region are unraveling before Israelis’ eyes.
20. More Nasser-style rhetoric. Egypt hasn't learned anything.
Doug ,   UK   (09.09.11)
I've heard before all this belligerent rhetoric and actions from Arab leaders, their cohorts, Arab demonstrations and contributors on forums. Nasser was a prime example. What followed was incitement to attack Israel and another Arab defeat, more Arab territory lost, etc. etc... Learning from history is not an attractive trait in the Arab world. They engage in veiled talked of peace but underlying it always is a tone of hostility and threat. It is always their way or no way. But it never works out for them that way.
21. 1 - They're just making room for the new Hamas HQ
Charles   (09.09.11)
Now your brave Egyptian brothers can more effectively enable the complete oppression of your Palestinian brothers in the West Bank and Gaza. Not sure why you enjoy that?
22. islamic winter
gallula ,   France   (09.09.11)
it is easier to destroy than to build still in the middle age in front of a top modern country- Poor arabic people
23. #1 - they didn't do it for you
William ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
they did it for the 5 Egyptian soldiers who were killed while aiding "palestinian" terrorists from Gaza. Perhaps they can help you the same way when Abbas comes home from the UN with his head up his ass.
24. #2- I don't know. Egyptian soldiers seemed pretty active...
William ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
when they were helping the Gazan terrorists infiltrate Israel a couple weeks ago.
25. hahaha - and the wall still stays in Egypt
William ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
so they basically pissed on their own country... explains why Egypt is in the state it is today.
26. #7 - and 5 years later, we signed the Oslo Accords...
William ,   Israel   (09.09.11)
only your side lied (again) and admitted the Oslo Accords were really an attempt to pacify the West and chip away at Israel. Hey - isn't that the same thing Abbas said about the UN State bid? Enjoy the VETO. This and the lack of "Pan-Arabism" are two things in the world we can always count on - including the sun rising in the morning.
27. urinate on the wall
ed ,   canada   (09.09.11)
I read somewhere thats how dogs and monkeys communicate. They also sniff each others ass. was anything mentioned about that in the facebook?
28. memorial for egyptian soldiers
ed ,   canada   (09.09.11)
Word is it is a statue of an egyptian soldier gazing contentedly at his navel while twiddling his thumbs. The crowd is expected to show appreciation by defecating nearby.
29. Nour @7, I cannot understand your obsession with ending
leo ,   usa   (09.09.11)
Camp David. When this will happen you, the Arabs of occupied territories, will be the most to lose. Even more than Egypt.
30. Guess the Egyptians heard about S & P's rating upgrade
It's unfortunate when neighbors get nasty because they can't keep up with the Joneses--er---in the case, I mean Jonases.
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