Price tag: Peace Now activist's entryway vandalized
Yair Altman
Published: 12.09.11, 15:13
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1. Shame!!!!
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (09.12.11)
When you live on money paid by Israel enemies, when you dedicate your time to act against a group of people, when you take to court continually cases against that group, you cannot expect to be loved by them. However it's not OK to do the paintings, it's much less aggressiveness that celebrating the razing of Jewish families.
2. Peace Now, Bet Zlem and similar are lost souls!
michael redbourn ,   arad israel   (09.12.11)
If you check out the leaders (forget the followers) of organisations such as Peace Now and Bet Zlem etc you'd discover that they have no other claim to fame than attacking their country. Kind of sad isn't it?! Without their group and the unnecessary publicity that they get they'd sink back into lonely obscurity.
3. "atmosphere of hatred and violence"
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.12.11)
For too long the settlers have been the brunt of hate from the left ,especially the media who demonixe them and make them out to be lower caste Jews targets of great abuse and hatred. Does the pagan,godless Left realize that what they wish upon others always divinely comes upon their heads ?
4. The End
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (09.12.11)
As a wise sage once said... "It doesn't matter what you think, we will all know the truth and what is correct in the end !" That "end" is nigh. If people don't think these are momentous times then they are either in wilful denial, are stoned or insane. The various groups itching for a civil war or advocating violence better understand quick smart that G-d is testing everyone. He is seeing which groups are seriously conforming to the divine plan. He is checking which groups really believe that the universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and ecpansive.
5. Price Tag?
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (09.12.11)
Maybe Peace Now price tagged themselves to gain some publicity and some sympathy? Nobody has ever been caught delivering a price tag. They are probably leftists who do it to smear the settlers. How else do you explain that time after time Jews manage to enter and exit Arab towns undetected? Especially when Moslems pray all hours of the night. The leftists and anarchists do the work and the Arabs get the compensation for alleged damages from the government.
6. #1 - why shame?
William ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
This is the only price tag acts I accept. Peace Now is a disgusting organization, run by a megalomaniac, funded with EU Leftist funds to implode Israel. Support for ethnic cleansing by Arabs is nothing to honor, even by the most law-abiding citizen.
7. "Left/Right", 1 option left, right:BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.12.11)
8. #5. A agree
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.12.11)
The cameras stop rolling. Also, I believe, Jews won't write: 'Peace Now, the end is near.' This phrase doesn't make any sense.
9. Typical right wing behavior
Haim ,   TA   (09.12.11)
Typical right wing behavior. If you dont support our cause we will force it on you. Guess it must really annoy the fascist right wing and their religious fanatics that there is another point of view than theirs. Once again we see Violence is the language of the right wing. Well we shall all have a good laugh when the settlers become part of Palestine, should make good TV viewing but on the other hand who gives a damm?
10. Baruch Hashem
usa   (09.12.11)
Piss now needs to piss off
11. To #6 William
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (09.12.11)
When I wrote Shame I was thinking in shame being against your own country and hating your brothers like Peace Now does. I apologize if was not clear enough!
12. 7 - Jerry why the f**k are you in the Netherlands?
Ezra ,   Mitspeh   (09.12.11)
Come help us settle the negev!
13. Democracy yes price tag no
Avramele   (09.12.11)
Graffiti and cowardly acts of violence are signs of a cause who's day has passed. Your rallies are under attended and the patience of the people with your criminality is over. It always takes time but peace and social justice will triumph.
14. shame on them!!!! these people are not israelis for me....
Daniel ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
15. real Israelidon't act like that!!! they act like palestinian
Lior ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.12.11)
terrorists!!! bring them to justice!
16. Shame on them! this is not how a real Israeli behaives!!!
Israeli ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
17. Price Tag actions
Spencer ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
I am not in favour of Peace Now. It's an organisation funded by anti Israel bodies and it is in itself anti israel, Peace now is a cancer in the body of Israel. Nor am I in favour of those Arabs for pray for Isreal's demise BUT the Price tag" actions are unacceptable and the perpetrators need to be tracked down and severly punished. There are other legal ways of dealing with the enemies of Israel.
18. 9. Haim
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.12.11)
Yes ,they learned it from the Left !
19. #16 israeli, israel... would you say, that lieberman behaves
eporue ,   europe   (09.12.11)
like a "real israeli" ? im just wondering... because - all those price tag etc comes not out of the blue... or what you think ?
20. #13 their rallies are under attended
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.12.11)
because their supporters are attending to their jobs, their productive fields. They are attending to the building of Israel, not it's destruction.
21. #9 Haim - I think you have your left and right confused
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.12.11)
It is the left who go running to the leftest courts when they dont like what the right is doing. It is the Left you organise protests (and concerts) when the elected government does not do what they want. All the while the rightests get on with life and growing, quietly.
22. Clear and Present Danger
Mary Snow ,   USA   (09.12.11)
In my opinion Peace now and many of these other foreign government sponsored and directed left wing groups are and have been a clear and present danger to Israel
23. Peace Now are official traitors
24. Left wing scum traitors
Metr ,   USA   (09.12.11)
25. don't be too quick to believe arab stories of vandalism
dante ,   uk   (09.12.11)
Jewish extremists may or may not have vandalised certain property in arab areas. the fact that offensive graffiti has been applied to buildings does NOT mean that Jews did it. and, in the past, various provocations blamed on the Jews were found to have been committed by arabs. the all too credulous and biased press corps was happy to become an accomplice to arab perfidy.
26. #9 Haim. Palestine is forever fictional.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.12.11)
#9 Haim. Palestine is forever fictional. We will never allow such a terrorist abomination to arise in the very heart of Israel. However, the fact that you support such an atrocity against Israel says all that needs to be said about your despicable loyalties. They are clearly with Israel's genocidal enemies.
27. #12 Ezra: Good point, on my way though.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.12.11)
28. Don't agree #2
Navah B ,   Eilat Isr   (09.13.11)
Pretty arrogant to slander anyone who doesn't agree with what you think! Last time I checked Isarael was a democracy...debate is healthy, get used to it or move to China /Russia perhaps!!
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