Jordan is Palestine
Haim Misgav
Published: 18.09.11, 23:22
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31. #4; Send the Arabs back to Arabia, their homeland!
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (09.19.11)
32. This line of thought is the crux of Israels problems
StevieT ,   USA   (09.19.11)
It runs against the grain of International thought and can assure the Israeli people enduring physical threat and deepening isolation. I do not delude myself about the depth of hatred Israel faces from its neighbors. This may never go away, but it must be intelligently managed. Pissing off the entire planet does not provide the cover Israel may need in the event of future conflicts.
33. International borders
Bertram ,   London, UK   (09.19.11)
World history teaches us there is nothing sacred about international borders. They are the consequence of wars and treaties. Nation-states have come and gone and will continue to do so. Annexation, as put forward by Mr Misgav, therefore has historical precedent. The question, as stated by Eric, is what do you do with the people living in the annexed territory? Ethnic cleansing? South Africa- style apartheid? Or the of granting full citizenship? For a country which claims to be a civilised, liberal, democratic state the answer is obvious, even though it may change the character of that country.
34. UNGA to Israel: GET REAL
Nour ,   One State   (09.19.11)
Enough with the Jordan is Palestine theatrics. The show has NO audience. The more you repeat your lies the more you make fools of yourselves.
35. Substitution
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (09.19.11)
Try to use "Germans" instead of "Jews" and any place in Eastern Europe instead of West Bank. Do you see the same as rest of the World?
36. sounds good!
Stan ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
Annex "Judea" and "Samaria," apply Israeli law, and watch the Knesset go from 10 percent Palestinian to 50 percent. Great plan!
37. Factual error
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (09.19.11)
Contary to the article, when Jordan annexed the West Bank in April 1950, the annexation was recognised as legal by just two countries - Pakistan and the United Kingdom.
38. Europe is israel
39. # Question to Dr Misgav
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
His Excellency Abu Mazem gives the answer to the question.. He explains, that his people, sucked in from around the yishuv, in search of jobs, rejected by their bretherin , urgently need to find their own identity. Therefore he pleads, through a senior spokesman, that he does not want his people to live among Jews. He remembers no doubt how Arabs expelled a million Jews from Arab lands in 1948-51. more than the 700000 of arab fellaheen that were scared by their own folk to leave Israel. Well, Abu Mazen can welcome his flocks when they seperate themselves from the Jews and cross to their promised land across the Jordan river.
40. This article states 100% Historical Fact
Israeli ,   Israel   (09.19.11)
That is how the establishment of the state of Israel played out. Anexation? Arabs living in Judea and Samaria are actually Israeli's and have always been. Judea and Samaria are the heartland of ancient Israel. That's the ignored historical fact. There is no "ancient Palestinian" arceological evidence from these areas of ever having occupied by an 'ancient Palestinian people'. There IS plenty of arceological evidence of JEWISH occupation of these areas. But, its not PC to talk about those facts.
41. Would be compromise. Jordan part of Eretz Yisrael.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.19.11)
42. Perfidious partitioning of Mandate needs rectifying.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.19.11)
43. Only BIG ISRAEL can bring balance and freedom to ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.19.11)
44. BIG ISRAEL, Arabs/Muslims as good neighbours.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.19.11)
45. #3 steve
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.19.11)
Good to see you back, with your ever increasingly ridiculous statements.
46. #4
Enoch ,   Toroto   (09.19.11)
Abbas declared that no Jews will be allowed in the "Palestinian State". What's good for the goose.....
47. Hey, the Jews don't want Judea (JUDEA) and Samaria to be Pal
either!   (09.19.11)
48. Historically correct and spot on !
Trumpeldor   (09.19.11)
Too bad ME history is ignored by leftists !
49. @11 Answer:San Remo 1920 bindind and still valid clauses
Trumpeldor   (09.19.11)
"Of course he provides no evidence of this ludicrous claim, because none could be found. I have studied international law." Your level in "international laws" is C- !
50. #14 simple
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.11)
All Christians, Druze, Samaritans and Bedouins as well as Muslims whose fathers lived in Israel before 1920 become citizens with full rights. All Muslim Arabs whose fathers came to Israel since 1920 are exchanged 1 for 1, with Christians from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq who want to come..
51. 100% Right. Jordans next king in line none other than
Michael ,   Irvine USA   (09.19.11)
Palestinian (via mother , queen rania, a palestinian, and wife of King Abdullah) crown prince- HUSSEIN II. When Abdullah dies or "retires" Hussein II will be designated king. JORDAN ISSSSS PALESTINE
52. #4 Your question on demographics:
Michael ,   Irvine USA   (09.19.11)
Quick answer: Arabs of Judea become citizens of Jordan (get passport & citizenship of Jordan- just like Abbas and the 4+ million Palestinians in Jordan today) and also get residency status in Israel (no vote for knesset, no required military duty, but maintain any proven ownership and business).
53. #6. Majority of Arabs in Israel came for work bn 1880-1948
Michael ,   Irvine USA   (09.19.11)
same time frame as Jews Returning to Judea and the rest of Israel. Thats why Mohammed in your Koran also urges the Jews to return to Israel. Are you denying the Koran Yousef?
54. #8. Historically Jordan WAS Palestine. There is PRECEDENT
Michael ,   Irvine USA   (09.19.11)
here. As recently as the Palestine Mandate, Jordan was 78% of the land of the Palestine Mandate- whereas Israel was 22%. FACT. Jordans crown prince is Palestinian via his palestinina mother, queen Rania. Thus Jordans next king will be Palestinian. FACT Jordan is Palestine. Oh, and lets not ignore that Jordans population is 80% Palestinian today. FACT It is the perfect storm....and makes perfect sense. Jordan is Palestine
55. #17 Samira our ancestors? You really want to weigh in??
Michael ,   Irvine USA   (09.19.11)
Our ancestors were in the land of Israel 24 centuries before Mohammed was alive, 24 centuries before the Arab occupation and subjugation of native peoples if Israel, levant, and north africa, and 39 centuries before the majority of todays Arabs illegally entered Israel looking for work from the burgeoning Jewish infrastructure being rapidly built between 1880-1948. If you want to check the Jews' connection to the land of Israel, open a book, any book. Learn some history- heck even open your Koran. Mohammed acknowledges Israel as the Jews' land, so why dont you?
56. they do got the same flag.
ghostq   (09.19.11)
57. This article shoes right wing Zionist gasping for air
Ahmad ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
Injustice has gone for so long with a cover from the hypocrite west.
58. Facts
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
Hashem asked all the nations if they would except the Torah that included the Arabs but no one wanted it except the Jews and with the Torah came the Land of Israel. Now after thousands of years they want to take the land that was given to the Jews by G-d which will be a big mistake as G-d will destroy the nations who try to destroy Israel.
59. Yes Jordan is Palestine
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.11)
Before there was a State Of Israel Jews were told to go back to there country, being Israel which was then impossible as we were not allowed to live in our own country that was given to us by G-d. But this is not so for the Palestinians as they do have a country, Jordan which they were thrown out from, its time for them to return to their rightfull country Jordan. Ynet this was a good article for a change.
60. Jordan is Palestine
Armand ,   Los Angeles USA   (09.19.11)
All previous Kings of Jordan said it themselves that ''JORDAN is PALESTINE''. Israel has to face reality and use the only thing that Arabs understand ''POWER"". Take military control of GAZA and present day JORDAN. Annex the West Bank. Then negotiate the creation of Palestine in present day Jordan. The hell with world opinion as it is and will always be against Israel.
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