Obama to Abbas: Left with no choice, US will veto PA bid
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.09.11, 08:30
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1. The Axis Of Evil
Hakim ,   Palestine   (09.22.11)
2. PA preconditions mean there can be no negotiations
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (09.22.11)
The PA will not accept Israel as a Jewish State but wants a Muslim State free of Jews?! The above is a complete non-starter for any negotiations! Even anti-Israel supporters would surely be shocked if this new Muslim State started forcibly removing 500,000 Jews from their homes. And Israel would sit back and watch? Why does Abbas refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State? He wants millions of Muslims who weren't forced out, to return (700,000 originally left) to Israel but can't insist on that if Israel is a Jewish State. I don't like Obama and wrote this about him back in October 2008 ourchangingglobe dot com/obama-and-the-missing-paper-trail Replace dot with a . and remove the spaces. But he got this right and seems to be learning on the job, and let's hope he'll soon change his Communist tack on the economy, which is not the American way.
3. onesaid
i had no way the other said alas both must return home but why netinyahue was laughing what will he do after that even if he will return to home or be on the top again ... they did not freeze any thing but the fire is more and more but sure both will be in home or maybe in his farm like mr. bush
4. David Cameron will be very pleased with a US Veto!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.22.11)
Britain will be able to sit on the fence and not upset the Muslims, at home and abroad, as will most of the EU countries. The British view is that those Jewish pests are really upsetting our Muslim friends and we much prefer seeing dead Jews and Muslim terror acts than to be seen as supporters of Israel!
5. Sweden says: NO to a Palestinian State
טובי ,   Sweden   (09.22.11)
and Yes to Israel. Noone should recognize Palestinia until Palestinia recognize Israel and facts! There is already one palestinian arab state: Jordan! Long Live Diversity in the Middle East!
6. It's not asking too much to negotiate.
Jerusalem   (09.22.11)
There are very good people, adults and children, that are caught up in all of this political, and it could be religious aspirations. It really shouldn't be asking too much to have their dreams and hopes realized in an orderly and satisfactory way. Palestinians and Israelis need to understand, have consideration and compassion for each others will to live and each others identity. Negotiations, even being reported via public forums like Y-Net articles and talkbacks, can bring out reasonable answers to pending issues. America often times is criticised for siding with Israel. This support isn't carte blanc for actions that may be considerated unrighteous treatment of Palestinians. That's where Israel should respond in a way that doesn't make the USA look insensitive to the Palestinians because those surely wouldn't be the intentions. Israel has made it very obvious of the governments willingness to sit down and negotiate issues. The two state solution is still alive. It's only for the Palestinians and Israelis to feel each others hearts. It must be an uneasy feeling for decisions to be misconstrued and mean statements made sounding as if the USA doesn't care about the Palestinians or Arabs because that absolutely wouldn't be the case. If the General Assembly would see that and vote that way, it would avoid the USA looking like that of being insensitive to some. There are radical elements that have in the past and presently, in different ways, retaliated in kinds of attacks claiming lives and maiming the innocent. Those kinds of actions are contrary to anything said of religious. There have been extreme cases where some of these kinds of acts may have been considered justified but really, we need to learn to communicate and avoid these tragedies and heartaches. There is a way out that's not as devious, it's fair and would be better understood between the parties and to communicate to those they represent and that is to sit down and negotiate the issues together. Even a third-party involved could help things move foward.
7. Obama wants the jewish vote , ha!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.22.11)
bye bye peace process. wake up Abu Mazen, US is not an honest broker, what's needed is a “Plan B.”
8.  what do the un godly know
pasquinel   (09.22.11)
9. # 7 thank you and its coming
wmd   (09.22.11)
10. #7 Pretty stupid. It was a stunt - never going to fly anyway
We know you're disappointed , but this whole exercise was not going to get up. and Plan B? What ? more of the same? Of course. Nothing will change until you people decide to make a fundamental first step and it has nothing to do with Israel - its something you must do first. Recognize Israel - thats the FIRST STEP. Everything will flow from there.
11. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.22.11)
The Jews are a tiny meaningless minority in the US and don't have any real effect on elections. If Obama isn't re-elected it will be because of unemployment, the economy and maybe the drug war in Mexico. There are two possible explanations for Obama's veto, both because of American interests. The first is the "realpolitik". Saudi Arabia is the US most important regional ally. With the increasing power of Persians and the loss of Sinai, Gaza, Egypt, Turkey and soon Jordan to Jihad, Saudi and US cannot allow Israel to be weakened or destroyed, certainly with another backward Jihadist state.. The second is moral. Obama truly believed that Israel was to blame and thought with some pressure on Israel there would be peace. Maybe he has learned what you and I both know: the most moderate Arabs want the new Arab state to be a genocidal racist entity as a launching point for a new war.
12. Yes, Salma make our day!
David ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.22.11)
Either way, this is what you want, and you'll get it, beside we have a "galopant crisis" and the economy needs a war! So stop talking, came on bring it on!
13. few more weeks
Gedalia ,   Australia   (09.22.11)
I wonder if the day chosen by the PA to approach the security council will be Hoshana Rabbah - a day of judgement of the nations of the world? The nations of world can judge Israel and then Hakadosh Baruch Hu can judge the nations.
14. Palestinans will have their state
Olivier Heily ,   Chicago USA   (09.22.11)
Whether we like it or not , common sense say Palestine will be a state , so let us make it easy or elase the whole Arab and Muslem world will have more reasons to Hate USA , Israel should no longer Dominate our acts , we support Arab Spring movement in all other countries and there is no reason to neglect Palestine.
15. 7 Salma - US Out of Picture
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (09.22.11)
This just removes the US from any further role. Obama needs no Plan B. The future is up to Israelis and Palestinians exclusively as soon as US aid to the PA is cut off. If Bibi wants somebody to negotiate with, he'll have to create some entity with Palestinian street credibility, like Bush had to do in Iraq. But the chances of Netanyahu wanting to actually make a deal are between slim and none anyway. He likes the status quo. He thinks you'll just sign anything he demands because you have no choice. The next step will be an appointment of Abbas successor since you won't elect who he wants.
16. @9 Always the wishful thinker, with no hope of results.
17. Hubris and arrogance will be our downfall
Bruno   (09.22.11)
We should have learned by now not to humiliate our neighbors. I wonder how Bibi would behave if he really WANTED peace: his rhetoric and attitude would be quite quite different. In our "jubilation" we are sowing the seeds of the next war ...
18. This will delay the countdown to Armageddon a year at least.
Rivkah   (09.22.11)
19. Only way forward
Sceptique ,   France   (09.22.11)
is to stop all aid to "Palestinians" until they understand their best option is to negotiate, accept Israel as the Jewish State it is, renounce to their pseudo-refugees claims and start building their own country within its negotiated borders. The rest is and will be chitchat and has no interest for anyone in the area.
20. zionists, laugh all you want, but 'Plan B" could be great.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.22.11)
we do have a plan B . Unfortunately there's not much to be done except take plan B and wait to see how things go.
21. Israel got so many Iron domes
bring it on   (09.22.11)
22. Little update on UK TV reporting accuracy
Tim ,   Brighton   (09.22.11)
I try to log factual inaccuracies and outright bias (only presenting one side of the argument or the presenter or newsreader expressing his or her own personal bias relating to news reports on Israel) By and large Ive not noticed much of a change in the top ten - the BBC Bowen hasnt changed his spots though Channel 4s Showman Snow or should I say the Jon Snow Magazine Show is getting pretty slip shod and lightweight but buy far the biggest change for the worse has been RT. In the last three months or so there have been more innacuracies, mis reporting, overt Anti Israel bias than in the last fifteen months. Guess its now RT policy?
23. not over yet, UN still corrupted with 100+ pro-pali nations
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (09.22.11)
US, UK, and some of the European countries have waken up to the rude shock of Muslims radical threats in their own countries, so for Security Councils, there is still hope. But, if Pali willfully bring it to the General Coucil, where a majority (eg. the stupid Boilvia) leaning towards the Pali, then Pali may be granted a full UN Member in the end.... which will spell more wrestle with the International Court, as Pali will sue Israel over the past wars as a full member.
24. You take it too hard Salma
Yossef   (09.22.11)
you have the right to live there as we have, it's just the format we don't agree on. We'll find a way but it may take time.
25. So make him do it.
harzion   (09.22.11)
Obama is a cowardly incompetent. Let him vote against a Palestiian state. It will look good in the history books after the Palestinians have their state.
26. Hypocrisy of democracy at best
Lisa ,   LA, Ca   (09.22.11)
27. Pal's Plan B. more Bribes and Petrol
Francisco ,   Madrid, Spain   (09.22.11)
Which is going great, just ask Spanish newspaper El Pais how many papers are they selling after it was uncovered the owner had been involved in the Oil for Food scam receiving Muslim money. There is a growing backlash against Pals and Muslims in Europe, which is not official but civil and growing, and I see it every day: fed up with Syrians, Lybians, Islamic law, chadors, burkars et al: European customs or go back to your countries.
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.22.11)
I know of Freedonia from a Marx Bros. movie. Must be in the same area.
29. US/Israel: 1 PA: 0
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (09.22.11)
With the US having lost any shred of credibility as an impartial broker in the long-running gone/going-nowhere Israeli/Palestinian "peace process", as evidenced by Obama's speech before the UNGA and the current congressional push to stop all US financial aid to the PA, Abbas and the PA should declare bankruptcy, leave the West Bank and move to another country as a government in exile. Let the current military occupiers of the West Bank deal with the reality of forming a puppet "Vichy" style government to administer the non-Israeli Palestinian/Arab residents of the West Bank.
30. #7 Salma: I hear that Palestine is moving to the UK!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.22.11)
There Muslims can riot and the police run away!
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