Obama is Israel’s friend
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 22.09.11, 20:30
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1. un and midle east etc...
sjoerd ruurd van der ,   mankindnation...   (09.23.11)
the security council should avoid standing in the way of the un-general assembly etc.
2. No he's not. He just needs votes.
Rachel ,   US   (09.22.11)
3. Obama is Israel's friend?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.22.11)
Oh, I don't think so. While he did go to Egypt and meet with Mubarak, and while he did go to Saudi Arabia and kneel before the king and kiss his ring, he has yet to "grace" Israel with his presence -- this despite the fact that Israel is holding down the fort for the United States in the Middle East. I wonder how much Saudi Arabian and Egyptian principals in the United States can raise for his re-election campaign fund. Israel's friend. Not quite. Not even America's friend. The man has a private agenda. The faster we can get this fraud and phony out of the White House, the better.
4. Desperate Democrats and their ludicrous lies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.22.11)
The author must have no respect for the intelligence of American Jews. Obama is the most hostile U.S. President Israel has ever faced. Ever since his inauguration, Obama has gone out of his way to demonstrate his hatred of Israel. Just a few examples: 1) Obama made it clear he intends to replace Jewish with Moslem support so he can participate in the onslaught against Israel. 2) Obama publicly snubbed Israel's P.M. on several occasions. His "shoe" treatment of Bibi, a well known sign of disgust among Moslems, is beyond despicable. 3) Obama is the first U.S. President to call for Israel to withdrawl to the suicidal 1967 Armistice Line as a goal of negotiations. One could go on and on. Clearly the Democrats are losing Jewish support, and the support of most Americans and they are desperate. Look for many more ludicrous lies from them.
5. USA worship israel
Maxie ,   italy   (09.23.11)
i guess they must convert to be jews on usa and live as Israel's slaves.. well usa is a big nation who is losing every friend for israel as if israel rule usa..why as if ? its the truth..we must address usa as israel's state and not given such a country a name
6. Obama biggest mistake
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.22.11)
Obama needs to focus on America and the global financial crisis. He is wasting his time trying to settle a conflict that doesn't want to be settled by either party. His biggest foreign policy blunder was to get involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Israel expects diplomatic protection from the US and gives nothing in return. The Palestinians want to have there own little State but don't want to recognize there neighbor and on top of that expect Israel to vacate it's own capital. Anybody want to mediate? America needs to focus on America. No more aid to no one not even starving Africans. Feed America.
7. Yeah right
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.22.11)
Odumba is as 'pro-Israel' President as Arafat was. His 'pro-Israel credentials' are on par with the 'amended PLO Charter' something talked about, but never seen have any human being.
8. Ron Paul 2012
Jeff ,   Texas   (09.22.11)
Obama is Israel's friend only when the election year nears...
9. jews did the same thing
aiman ,   jersey   (09.22.11)
to Bush senior thats why he didnt get elected a second term and they will put pressure on any person that is not a slave to their influence plain and simple. peace will never come when you have a "peace broker" that is totaly on one side of the issue. never.
10. With friends like this....
Harry ,   Toronto   (09.22.11)
One speech and suddenly he has always been Israel's friend. Take away the glitz and Obama is another Chicago politician. The only, and I repeat, the only thing that matters to him is his reelection. Just like he threw Mubarak under the bus, he would do the same to Israel. Ask the Palestinians. So please save us the leftist rhetoric. With friends like him, who needs enemies?
11. To: NJDC leader David Harris
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.22.11)
No, Obama has not supported Israel and its people throughout his presidency "instinctively." He's trying to raise a 2012 campaign war chest. Make no mistake about that. Obama's problem is that he hasn't fooled very many people. Let him go to the ersatz "Palestinians," many of whom reside in the United States and let him raise funds there. (Good luck with that one.) In the immortal words of Peter Townsend, we won't get fooled again.
12. O is our friend and I'm the queen of England
m   (09.22.11)
Why not? REALITY
13. Obama : Israel's friend until after he's re-elected.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.23.11)
14. Israel's Friend?
Israeli   (09.23.11)
How much is THIS favor going to cost us later?
15. 2020 palestinians majority
Fadi ,   US   (09.23.11)
that was the speech that declared the demise of the PA now . since there will be no palestinian state ,israel has to annex the west bank and give the citizenship to close to 3 million palestinians . a solid majority between river and sea . actually ,Obama put the first foundation for your Israel destruction . time will prove that right .
16. # 13 is right
Eidus ,   USA   (09.23.11)
If Obama gets reelected then he'll have nothing to lose in his second term. Without fear of reelection he will try to destroy Israel and plunge us in to a new dark age in the shadow of Islamic terror.
17. friends
kate ,   atlanta USA   (09.23.11)
OMG, if the us president is your friend your country is doomed. What denial; can you not see what this man is?
18. No presidents are our friends. They want
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.23.11)
weaken and destroy us. Whether it is president obama, peres, sarkozy or the unelected president of the p.a. abu abb-ass. One speech does not mean he is our friend. b.o. is an anti Zionist and he just wants to get the votes of American Jews as well as Christian American supporters of Israel. Had he not supported Israel at the u.n., both Houses would have condemned him.His ratings in the polls would fall even further. Perhaps the rich American "jews" would stop throwing $38,500 a plate dinners for him. But they would throw Israel under the bus for the dubious honor of sitting with the jihadist of the U.S.
Roy ,   USA   (09.23.11)
The author presents a shallow and naive assessment that gives Obama credit he does not deserve.Obama has perhaps realized his mistakes on some level,but nonethless, he has softened the expression of anti-Israel sentiments since polls clearly show that US Jews have had enough of his arrrogant, anti-Israel behavior and will deny him their support come election day.Given that such a large portion of the US populace has awakened to appreciate what an abysmal failure his presidency has been,they will do the same on November 4th and his prospects for re-election look rather dismal.
20. Yitzhak Benhorin tells HALF a LIE
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (09.23.11)
YB say - "(Obama) ordered US envoy Susan Rice to veto a condemnation of Israel over the issue." But YB pretends NOT to notice Rice's TIRADE that followed. And Rice won't do it UNLESS she had the blessings of Obama. In this case, the bark is WORSE than the bite.
21. BHO is abu mazen's best friend
BH ,   Iowa   (09.23.11)
BHO has completely undercut Israel's bargaining position, handing your adversaries their maximum demands without even having to negotiate - allowing that to be the new floor for negotiation. The only positive that can come out of this is to convince Israel that there's nothing to negotiate with terrorists.
22. Obama a friend of Israel?
SouthBaySteelers ,   USA   (09.23.11)
With friends like Obama, who needs enemies? It's re-election time and BO is way down in the polls. He is going down faster than the Titantic. You really want a friend like Obama? No thanks. Not even most Americans trust
23. #15. "Palestinian population bomb" a proven hoax.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
#15 Fad. The "Palestinian population bomb" is a proven hoax created by the P.A. to scare Israel into ceding our land. Highly credible American and Israeli studies prove Jews are a growing majority in Israel, including Judea and Samaria. The P.A. faked it's population hoax through many lies and distortions including: counting many Arab residents of Judea and Samaria more than once, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Arabs who've left Judea and Samaria permanently, refusal to report deaths of Judea/Samaria Arabs and on and on. The true Arab population of Judea and Samaria is far more than a million short of the P.A. figures.
24. Carter 2
avi ,   nyc   (09.23.11)
this clown also probably believes Carter was a friend
25. #5, #9
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.23.11)
There are a few reasons the US supports Israel. Abbas has stated 1. They will not give up on their demands even after a treaty is signed.[?!] 2. They will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state [yet will make "Palestine" judenrien] 3. They will not stop teaching their children to kill Jews [even though they promised in the Oslo accords to change their kids' education]. Israel withdrew from Gaza and most of the WB. What they received in return was rockets, mortars, missles, bus bombs. For every compromise Israel presents for discussion, the answer is "no", but the arabs do not counter with their own proposal. Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. These are 'details' you conveniently ignore. They put the lie to your meaning.
26.  your 2012 surprise
Muslim Floridian ,   Miami   (09.23.11)
too Much emphasis on the jewish voters in FL ,NY,PA . not having plan B works perfet for us .. you are in for a pleasent surprise in 2012 .
27. #1 sj ruuuud
Phil ,   Ireland   (09.23.11)
It is the job of UNSC to stand in the way of UNGA. It is a way of stopping the rubbish resolutions that UNGA pass.
28. OBAMA is the enemy of israel, he just needs more votes
yafit ,   israel   (09.23.11)
he fooled you once dont let him fool you twice.
29. Adult child living in mom's basement
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (09.23.11)
When I hear Israelis complain about Obama and the US, I think of a neighbor whose 35 year-old son lives in her basement. The son doesn't work, doesn't go to school, doesn't fix his own meals, or help in any way to run the house. All he does is complain his mom is "holding him back" and how she doesn't appreciate "all he does for her." Of course the rest of the neighborhood laughs at him (and pities his mom.) The two have a mutually destructive, codependent relationship that does neither much good. If Israelis want to complain about the US and Obama, first stop taking US money. Then thank the US for decades of support that has cost the US dearly in lives and money. Stop the silly rationalizations that somehow the US has gained as much from the alliance as Israel has. Then if you want to complain about Obama or US policies, Americans like myself (who number in the tens of millions) will listen. Until then, you'll get no more respect than an adult child living in mom's basement.
30. Ideas that are Litter box fresh
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.23.11)
ZerObama's ideas and his sudden Israel love syndrome is as fresh vibrant as anything I find each day as I clean the cat's litter boxes. The man is a walking and always talking political disaster. Almost single handed (except for his party of true polititurds) driven the US into a flashback to the late 1920's without the good music of snappy clothing. May his name be erased from the political memory of the US. Sooner rather than later
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