Captive American hiker's Jewish roots
Published: 27.09.11, 10:49
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1. Pro-Palestinian activist
Dr. Jack   (09.27.11)
But he is an active pro-Palestinian activist who has lived in Syria for many years. Who cares if he stayed in jail longer. Outside, he is against Israel, like his fellow "hikers" And do not believe that the Iranians did not know!!
2. I listened to these two talk, hoping they would mention Gila
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.27.11)
As I heard these two talk I kept hoping they would mention Gilad Shalit - who has been kept in worse conditions than them or any of the other prisoners they saw - but they didn't.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.27.11)
4. the world is largely silent
alsky ,   toronto   (09.27.11)
about Gilad Shalit Stop UN funding now !
5. jewish "hiker" in iraq...idiot
JL   (09.27.11)
6. He is also a putz....
Al   (09.27.11)
7. Praise God !
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.27.11)
Freedom is a wonderful thing !
8. still they are stupid people. have to question the paying of
ralph   (09.27.11)
a ransom for such nitwits.
9. Toda l'El
Anna ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
He's home
10. Just before their trip to Iraq, both of these jerks
William ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
were in Israel supporting ISM violence and racism. Their Jewish roots are of much value to the world as Soros' are.
11. This trio
BEK ,   US   (09.27.11)
I really don't want to see anyone imprisoned wrongly and I say, softly, in a whisper, good, they are out of that stink hole. But I want to shout that this bunch is as far left as you can get, useful idiots for every misguided left wing cause under the sun, particularly as soloists in the chorus of Israel haters and bashers in the world. They were enamored of the folks who ultimately jailed them. They were not exactly strolling in Central Park on a Sunday afternoon, so DUH, they wandered off into fobidden territory. They should have known the risk. And the fact that one has a Jewish father means absolutely nothing. When I saw them get off the plane in Oman I viewed it as just another news story. When I see Shalit repatriated, it will touch my heart.
12. #11 - Well said. I tried to write the same message
Tahl   (09.27.11)
but was censored, probably because I used somewhat harsher words to describe these idiots. So much for freedom of speech here.
13. Two choices: Either they were spies, or just really stupid
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.27.11)
If they weren't spies, then they have to be among the stupidest people who ever tried for a Darwin Award. What America citizen in their right mind would go hiking on the Iraq-Iran border - basically a war zone? Hiking? In the Iraqi mountains on the Iranian border? What's next for these bozos? Going for a picnic in Bekaa Valley in Lebanon? Crikey...there's some nice hiking there too....
14. I have heard enough about that pair of damn fools
Cameron ,   USA   (09.27.11)
Going to Iraq and the Iranian border area to hang loose and hike around? Crazy as Hell. As a result, they lose 2 years out of their lives sitting in an Iranian prison. Sorry, but I just can't muster up much sympathy for those two and the woman.
15. Stupid is as stupid does....
Ente Homar kabir ,   NY NY   (09.27.11)
I gotta agree with the majority of the commenters: What the hell were these fools thinking? Hiking in dangerous, politically unstable Iraq on the border of anti Jewish/American Iran. They are indeed spies or just dumber than dog poop!
16. Hikers
Enoch ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.27.11)
On their next visit to Israel, rthey should be arrested and interogated for two years. Who knows? they may be iranian spies now......
17. disgusting anti-Israel "activists"
dante ,   uk   (09.27.11)
they are enemies of Israel. it is undoubtedly the case that they did not learn a thing about the nature of the iranian regime and its allies. one can just hear them trying to explain to their interrogators that the arrests were really a big mistake, that they were really on the same side, that they hated the US, Israel, etc. despicable fools.
18. Didn't know a woman was involved.
Moragh USA   (09.27.11)
Who was she? Where was she? Could we hear some more please?
19. They Were Jewish Spies
World Citizen ,   the world   (09.27.11)
They were warned not to go into the area yet they did it anyway. They thought they could play the innocent hiker if caught. It didn't work. But since they gained no information they were worthless except for a ransom price. They're parents got off easy. If Israel had bombed Iran they would have been shot as spies.
20. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
Fantastic logic you have. If Israel would have bombed Iran these 2 hikers would be dead before anyone could have shot them!!
21. # 18
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
Just google her name & bingo, you will get all the info you ask for.
22. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
LOL Cameron, not everyone is as wise as you are!
23. he's a goy!!!!
avi ,   nyc   (09.27.11)
this anti Israel, ISM activist is a goy , as his his mother. notice the term "Jewish Roots". Von Manstein had Jewish roots too.
24. Why thank ya, Birdi
Cameron ,   USA   (09.28.11)
Everyone merits a big cognitive plus when measured up against those two. I like to think their parents beat on those two heads for a time for putting them through that odyssey after the joyous reunion at the airport.
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