Turkish PM: Israel a nuclear threat
Associated Press
Published: 05.10.11, 14:42
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1. what a big mouth
rachel ,   usa   (10.05.11)
2. Erdogan are you scared????
A proud Israeli ,   Israel   (10.05.11)
3. Nuclear threat
Joel B. ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.05.11)
I certainly hope we are a threat to the region!
4. Erdogan and his big mouth.
Spencer ,   Israel   (10.05.11)
If that's what you think Mr. Erdogan you could be right.......for your own good don't antagonise israel too much. It could be dangerous to your health
5. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.05.11)
6. Yeah, right
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.05.11)
Israel, who has never formally admitted weapons and has repeatedly stated they wont be the first to introduce them in the Middle East or threatened any neighbor with annihilation is the problem. It's not of course belligerent Turkey or Hizbullah or heck, even Syria who not 2 days ago threatened to flatten Tel Aviv with rocket salvos. What a lying scumbag. The only worries in the Middle East seem to have Islamic populations.
7. The tapa bar is better than listening to this.
Ypip ,   Canada   (10.05.11)
Camarones Al Ajillo with greyhounds are great!
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.05.11)
I am very glad to hear it. But I am sure that those who do not intend to harm Israel have nothing to fear.
9. Turks are starting to get tired of his rants
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.05.11)
There is already big reaction in Turkey to Erdogan's recent statements and acts that have been isolating Turkey more and more from the western world. You can find many Turkish commentators severely criticizing him for his lies and megalomania. The talkbacks in the Hurriyet and other major newspapers are full of criticism for his constant ranting about Israel while Turkey's serious problems are unattended. The fact that the situation is getting worse everyday in Turkey with the PKK is not helping him either. There are civilian casualties (teachers, policemen, etc.) almost every day now, and the Turkish people are starting to feel very insecure and are fed up. But Erdogan still thinks that by being against Israel he can reinforce his support base and divert attention from the real problems. He is wrong and he will fail . It's a matter of time.
10. Erdogan the hypocrite and manipulator!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.05.11)
Is the US a threat to Canada? Are France and England a threat to Europe? Is Russia a threat to Turkey? Well all these countries also have nuclear arms, but Erdogan picks on Israel! This idiot already has ZERO credibility. His country has serious problems with terrorism and the economy, and he thinks the can divert the attention away from the problems by badmouthing Israel. But it is not working, as the Turks are now more and more against him.
11. Just a reminder:
Can ,   Istanbul   (10.05.11)
Before the last elections, one man said in Knesset: "Israel should nuke Gaza". This man was Avigdor Lieberman; FM of Israel. Erdo─čan is right; Israel is a real, not made up, nuclear threat. FYI: nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction. They are to kill mass crowds of civilians.
12. Mad erdogan
Adil Darwish ,   London-UK   (10.05.11)
the threat is only Turkey, if it weren't for Israel nuclear capability, Turkey would have occupied part of Syria, Iraq, the whole of Cyprus also, Bad erdogan. END
13. What good have the muslims done for this world?
GC fl ,   FLUSA   (10.05.11)
When the world will get it! There is only one thing the muslims are busy doing and is where they can make damage and destruction. We are not the ones who are saying every week that Iran should be wiped off the earth.. we are not looking to brake with Egypt piece treat.... we are not even the ones oppresing the palestinians.... we have palestinians in our parlament and they vote in Israel. How many Israelies or jews are members of any arab parlaent or even better hav any rights at all.... We made from the desert a paradaise, made Jerusalem available to all.... a nation of NOBEL PRICES and helping the world in all its aspects of life... Medicin, thechnology
14. "Mad Dog" Erdogan trying to bring catastrophe to the region.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.05.11)
15. #5 Wake up Dr. Rettenmoser, and go back to sleep.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.05.11)
16. #11 Well, you better be a good boy then.
Dont push the button   (10.05.11)
I've read your stupid comments over the last few days. Give it away, you have a death wish. There is NO WAY anybody is going to have a war in ME without all of your suffering BIG TIME. Are you stupid? BTW, Israel's non-existent nukes have been the main reason why there hasnt been a major war there over the last 30 years - but it seems a few imbecilles like your boyfriend Erdogan and the Iranian chimp think they might have a chance of surviving - delusional - you will all die in a horrible war.
17. #11 Can, Istanbul
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (10.05.11)
No one would waste a nuclear warhead for the Gaza strip.
18. Erdogan...
19. Erdogan...
yesjb ,   Canada   (10.05.11)
is a nuclear threat! His head will soon explode from his gigantic ego. If that happens, the entire area will be polluted with nuclear waste!!
20. Give him what he wants
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.05.11)
After we nuke Iran and syria might as well nuke Turkey.
21. Erdogan, Liberman, Ahmedinejad
Turkey   (10.05.11)
I'd love to watch their plucking each other's moustaches and beards. LOL!
22. Grasping at straws
William ,   Israel   (10.05.11)
This guy seems pretty desperate these days to make himself appear in control and powerful. There is nothing more than circumstantial evidence of Israel's arsenal and the testimony of one guy who is uber-Leftist, hates Israel with a passion, and denounced his Judaism. Such a combination isn't even considered for entry in a court as evidence. And even if Israel did have a nuke arsenal, the rest of the world (except those wishing to exterminate her and her people) are very comfortable with that fact as Israel has proven itself level-headed, mature, and stable. Brazil is more of a nuke threat than Israel is.
23. And what if the radar is to protect Israel?
William ,   Israel   (10.05.11)
As a sovereign nation, with millions of civilians, it deserves protection no less than any other nation. Your thugs are protecting Assad who is murdering his own people and committing war crimes daily, making Iran complicit (yet again) in war crimes.
24. Frankly, people,
Chaim ,   Arad   (10.05.11)
I am getting tired of opening the Ynet everyday and having to see this bafoon spewing off about something. Doesn't he have a country to run? Maybe go cut the grass, or paint the house. You would think the world listens to him.
American ,   Los Angeles   (10.05.11)
turkey is the biggest threat to Israel and the peace in the ME and US and EU countries should recognize the Armenian Genocide which will bring the erDOGan's islamo-fascist gov on their knees.Sanctions on turkey for support of terror organizations like hamas is also an option.
26. What on earth is the matter with him?
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.05.11)
Its quite ridiculous Its as if a once statesmanlike figure has reduced himself all of a sudden to a blabbering buffoon obsessive about Israel, about his looks and about his personal popularity And you know what they say about people who become obsessive? Its the short route to madness
27. desparate for attention
Danny   (10.05.11)
28. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.11)
Israel has been a nuclear power for well over forty years and has yet to introduce a nuclear option in any war of Arab aggression (that would be all six, not to mention seven decades of terror). Turkey, on the other hand, has invaded Cyprus and is busily at work massacring innocent Kurdish civilians. Don't you think you should clean your own house before worrying about anyone else's? Turkey is a far greater threat to peace and stability in the Middle East than Israel ever has been or will be. I guess Erdogan is too busy bending over to his masters in Iran to have noticed just how poorly received his threats and war-mongering are received in Israel -- and quite a few other countries.
29. Does he ever shut up?
Vlad   (10.05.11)
30. Turkey is a train wreck waiting to happen. Turks better
leo ,   usa   (10.05.11)
change the engineer while there still time.
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