Israel’s literary tragedy
Giulio Meotti
Published: 09.10.11, 18:27
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31. #20 Ahmm, you missed the pun:
Igor ,   Germany   (10.09.11)
"Oslo Syndrome" because of the so-called "peace process"
32. #27 etc
Stan ,   Israel   (10.10.11)
WAKE UP YOU FOOLS !! These authors don't hate Israel !! They are trying to teach the masses in Israel that an army of occupation, no matter how benevolent we think our army is, remains in the eyes of the occupied people an army of the enemy. 50 years ago the Nationalistic General De Gaul understood that to allow more than a million French Colonists to remain in Algeria protected by the guns of the French Army, would lead to the financial and moral collapse of France.
33. #all - since it is so easy try and you
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (10.10.11)
And the world will read your books, will remember your words and will write on topics about your skills. But first, do it. I don't understand why exactly you are offended! According many of you, leading Israeli authors are people with low level and high political claims, without perspective for Nobel Prize (or very strongly limited). MISTAKE. Amos Oz is certainly a very smart, erudite and a very surviving man. Such people are world heritage. When you read Amos Oz's books actually reread a page of your own soul. G-d gives them health, of him and his family! I'm continuing to read him.
david ,   NJUSA   (10.10.11)
David ,   NJUSA   (10.10.11)
36. many very true points and perceptions.
ralph   (10.10.11)
37. Meotti is spot-on!
Vlad   (10.10.11)
Sadly, many Israel's academics often reach a level of treason not far from the likes of Arab MKs.
38. nobel prize
pragmatic ,   italy   (10.10.11)
dear Meotti, this time I do not agree with you. the nobel prize for literature, just as the nobel prize for peace, has nothing to do with literature. both prizes are highly political in their attribution and will never be awarded to an Israeli (forget the bogus shared prizes of the past), because of the antisemitism and anti-judaism and anti-Israeli character of the institution. the nobel prize for literature should be awarded to an author that writes beautifully, no matter what he writes about. as for the scientific prizes, well, of course they HAVE to go to Israelis: there just isn't anybody else!
39. simple
science is fact without smell or taste but litreture has smell and taste not evry one like the same smell or the same taste .this is if it is not related to policy or culture or religion if it is in general human aspects and it is difficult to be away of what a writer believe in evry aspects
40. #32 Total Control of Thought Process
ADictatorsDream ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.10.11)
No 32 wants total control of the thought process and literature the true sign of self righteous dictators and sees no problem with the deliberate exclusion of all other writers with a different view from the public discourse. Perffectly norman for a dictatorship but thats exactly what we have had here in Israel a total boycott of another voice voices that believed in the justice of Israel's casuse.
41. #32 stan
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.10.11)
There are some BIG differences. Algeria is not next to France. Algeria did not threaten to destroy France. Algeria did not threaten to kill all the French. France did not withdraw to find itself inundated with rockets and mortars aimed at houses and school buses. You are not a fool. But maybe a little foolish?
42. #8 Parents of Israeli war dead are not "marginal traitors"
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (10.10.11)
People like you have no shame, you are disgusting.
43. Meotti: If you're going to post talkbacks yourself be honest
Dovid ,   Los Angeles   (10.10.11)
There are certain talkbacks here that stink of being written by Meotti himself. Typical.
44. It is always the same
chantalle.ezer ,   Frankfurt Germany   (10.10.11)
all the authors write about their unhappy childhood, peace and war. Stylistically they are stuck in the 70's European style. Any book about Israeli society only, will be warmly welcomed. Chantalle Ezer
45. Because they are..
nospam ,   venus   (10.10.11)
..self hating Jews uncomfortable with themselves or shallow mediocre writers? Nevermind, ...neither of the best writers of the last century, namely Proust, Kafka, Joyce, Orwell, Abe, Borgess, Zvevo, Nabokov and numerous others have not got it either. So they are in the much better company being not. The other literature Nobel Prize Jewish winners that he forgot to mention were: Henri-Louis Bergson Elias Canetti Joseph Brodsky Nadine Gordimer Elfriede Jelinek Harold Pinter
46. As long there are no good "healthy" writers ...
berlonski ,   berlin   (10.11.11)
... who are internationally published, read and awarded (there is more than Nobel), Mr. Meotti has to come to terms with the "sick and decadent" ones. And: Since when is the quality of novelists measured in being in line with official state opinion? If this was the case, the overwhelming majority of poets worldwide would be "sick and decadent".
47. wow a critique of looney-lefties on the Y
Mandymindy   (10.12.11)
Is the Y becoming more objective? Or is this just a 'let a thousand flowers bloom' ruse?
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