Cabinet debates Shalit deal
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.10.11, 21:15
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1. Interested
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.11.11)
Wow, I am really interested what's the latest exchange rate! And forgive me, if I will, on the basis of this exchange rate, in future always count how many Palestinians is worth one Israeli..
2. sounds good
real ,   usa   (10.11.11)
i dont like unleashing 1000 of those pally dogs. but if we can get shalit safe and home then we can unleash our own power on gaza next time they want to play around.
3. Hope so!!!!
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.11)
If Israel could release terrorists to save a drug dealer (Tennanbaum) or to save a woman from being an aguna (Mrs. Goldwasserrr) they can do no less for a soldier.
4. Just don't know.....
Yehudah ,   USA   (10.11.11)
As much as I'd love to see Gilad back home safe and sound, I can't help but to worry about the entire klal. Now that an extra 1000 terrorists will be back home, all of klal Israel will be in much more danger. Save one, endanger 10's of thousands? I dunno.
5. 1000 for 1
Billy ,   USA   (10.11.11)
It will be taken as a sign of weakness throughout the Arab world. Imagine if someone kidnapped a US police officer and the US govt trade 1,000 lifers for one cop. Wow. What they should do is rendition CIA style a high Hamas official's family member and see how fast they want to make a deal.
6. hope and pray it's not true
chaims.s ,   54 st.brooklyn n.y   (10.11.11)
Israel has no right to release hundreds of murderous blood thirsty terrorist swines,who as soon as they are released will continue to murder men women and children, there is a very simple and secure way to get the release of Shalit,just shut down the water and electricity to Gaza untill his release,guaranteed that within 36 hours Shalit is home
7. One Jew Does Not Equal A Thousand Arabs
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.11.11)
One Jew equals a hundred thousand Arabs.
8. thank god
dani   (10.11.11)
what a nightmare for gilad and his family. i hope and pray this is over for him.
9. About time...
Maya ,   Chicago, Il   (10.11.11)
To all those who aren't convinced we should bring our soldier home, ask yourself how you would feel if that was your brother or son held in captivity. I'm sure you would release any amount to have him home! I do agree that Israel should be more aggressive with Gaza. Treat every person in Gaza the way Hamas is treating Shalit.
10. very very bad
yossi ,   israel   (10.11.11)
stupid to trade 1000 terrorists for one. immoral as well.
11. 1 Jew = 1000 Palestinians
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.11.11)
How can anyone complain this is "racism" when Hamas sets the equation.
12. SEnd them to Gaza,no one to West Bank.
ROSENVALD ,   BRASIL   (10.11.11)
One day, IAF will kill them in Gaza in the future. Like did whit Yassim.
13. # 1 I hope the rate of an israel increases dramatically
Raed   (10.11.11)
while your post was meant to insult and demean the value of a Palestinian life. my only hope is for you to value the next Shalit 100 times more than this one. you see, value is assigned from the difficulty to obtain. it's very difficult to imprison an Israeli, but a midnight round up in any Palestinian city can fill up an Israeli prison in less than 2 hours.
14. Gilad Shalit....
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (10.11.11)
I hope & pray it is true, and this kid returns home safe. He has suffered enough, as have his parents.
15. Pathetic...absolutely pathetic!
PK ,   Asia (currently Isr)   (10.11.11)
Sad to say, but Israelis/Jews don't deserve (nor do they really desire) their own state. How many more Israelis do their enemies have to kidnap in order to empty the prisons, 2, 3, 4... Once all of their "fighters" are free, what will be the exchange rate when land is requested to be evacuated in lieu of prisoners as the ransom for the next Gilad? What if they managed to really kidnap "our children", real kids, not soldiers? How about female soldiers? How about a busload of school children? The blame is not just with the feckless politicians, but with the weak pathetic public which demands that their leaders surrender. Where does it all end?
16. We've traveled this road before ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.11.11)
With nothing to show for it except nearly 1,000 despicable Arab terrorists released from prison, sitting on their hands, laughing at us, and plotting their next reign of terror. Gilad Shalit is Hamas' ace in the hole. They will seek to exact tons of goodwill gestures from Israel (i.e., freeing terrorists) but they have no intention of ever releasing Gilad Shalit. In fact, come to think of it, what proof do we have that Shalit is even alive? No one has been allowed to meet with him. He has not been allowed to exchange letters. All we have are the unsubstantiated claims of a terrorist rabble whose "word" is useless.
Susi Goldstein ,   Happy in Israel   (10.11.11)
18. Never going to happen
steve from raleigh   (10.11.11)
It's never going to happen. Even if Shalit is still alive which is doubtful, he's not in Gaza. Hamas will never release him alive or be able to release him alive. Maybe in10 years they release his body. In the meantime Israel frees collectively the murderers of hundreds of Israelis.
19. Right thing to do in spite of risks!
Meir ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.11.11)
The argument that they will murder again is irrelevant as if it isn't those released it will be others. There is an endless supply of terrorists-what is the difference who they are?
20. Pray For Gilad Shalit @
21. Welcome home, Gilad!
Vlad   (10.11.11)
But in the future, Israel should implement a mandatory death sentence for terrorism, so that only bodies will be handed over.
22. The Three Nos
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (10.11.11)
No to Barghouti - No to blood on their hands - no to lifting the blockade. Stand firm on these principles, bibi. if you compromise on these you will look like a fool like Olmert.
23. Stop it all of you
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.11.11)
This has been going on since 2006. Wait till the deal goes through to see the final details. Whether 500 prisoners or 1,000 prisoners those men and women will have their names noted. Repeat offenders will face stiff penalties but we need to see Shalit back home.and make sure we do not get caught in this scenario again. Sha still till it is over.
24. It could have been done long time ago
tea man ,   marjayoun   (10.11.11)
and save all the lives of Gaza war but is this mean the siege over Gaza will be over and the turkey relation back to normal in oeder for us to attack syria in a joint venture we have to wait and see i love war
25. Release of murderers
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.11.11)
If israel is going to release arab murderers, then release all jewish criminals.
26. I thought this wasn't legal?
Mychal ,   Tennessee   (10.11.11)
In the middle ages, Jews would not pay a ransom higher than the going rate if any Jew was captured and put into slavery. They knew that paying more would just run up the price on Jews and make them even more a target of kidnappers. I was under the impression that this decision was grounded in halakah and was, itself, considered a matter of law. If true, it would not be right to trade more than one Hamas prisoner for Shalit. If Hamas is even being mildly honest about the negotiations, I'm afraid what's going to happen is that Israel will transport 1,000 prisoners over the line and bring home a single coffin. G-d forbid that's the way it happens, but if Hamas delivers him alive, you'd be able to push me over with a feather.
27. TOO STUPID FOR WORDS: why not just surrender?
dante ,   uk   (10.11.11)
did I miss the news? is olmert still PM? or, is it barak? too stupid for words. if Israel is determined to help its enemies, I cannot allow myself to care about what happens to Israel. I cannot care. I will not care. I wish you well. but, I am powerless to stop a country determined to help its enemies.
28. Go for the deal...
Stas   (10.11.11) long you poison the pal prisoner's food a day before it.
29. To all the people who are against the plan...
dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.11)
...especially the brave man in Brooklyn. What choice is there? Israel released terrorists for the sake of a drug dealer (wrong), and to save a woman from being an Aguna (right), so why not to safe a solider who was serving his country when captured. Please explain that to me, esp. Poster No. 6.
30. #6 Chaim s: You have no right to tell us what to do!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.11.11)
Israelis don't tell Americans how to run their country. Maybe if we did you lot wouldn't be in the mess your are in! Yes, the price is heavy and I am not sure if I agree with it but one Jewish life is more important than 1000 terrorists. We will have to just that little more vigilant.
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