Cabinet debates Shalit deal
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 11.10.11, 21:15
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31. #5 Billy: "Rendition" for peo[le who kill themelves!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.11.11)
As for the CIA, well, let's not forget how efficient they were up till 9/11!
32. Bibi kills the tent movement...
Eli ,   Raanana   (10.11.11)
...and starts his new election campaign. He is good!
33. No Negotiating with Terrorists
Netanya ,   Netanya   (10.11.11)
This trade will not work out well. It will encourage Hamas to kidnap more soldiers and will lead to more dead Jews, killed by the released terrorists. What will Netanyahu tell the parents of any kid that will be killed by the terrorists released, or a family who loses their father or mother? Now that Hamas knows kidnapping is an end to their means, more soldiers will be kidnapped, what a great lesson for Hamas!
34. #6 so true
Israeli   (10.11.11)
we will get them later, first release Gilad Shalit!!! Its long overdue, who knows if he is still alive? They are such devious liars!
35.  "Deal" sounds very sudden!
Yossef ,   Paris   (10.11.11)
Just hoping Gilad' s health is OK.
36. Sweet Billy number 5.
Linda ,   Israel   (10.11.11)
This is why us Jews are so special. Saving one, is like saving a nation! Try for one minute, to imagine that Gilad was your son. A sign of weakness would not even crossed your mind.
37. to chaims #6
TheNameIsntImportant ,   Kiev, Ukraine   (10.11.11)
Shut down the water and electricity on a populated enclave ?? Really you mean it ? And on another hand you seem to worry about "murdering children" ? What a pathetic thought and self-contradiction...
38. one life
michael north ,   karmiel israel   (10.11.11)
The value of one life is at stake and we Jews hold that value paramount. This is what makes us unique in the terrifying jungle of this world.We can be damn proud of our heritage.Get Gilad home soon.He is the son of all Israelis
39. Bibi's next step must be: tell PA that future attack=war
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.11.11)
As soon as Gilad Shalit steps off the plane, Bibi should hold a press conference and make it perfectly clear. No more two-headed Palestinian Authority. If the Palestinians send another suicide bomber or set off a car bomb or open fire on unarmed civilians - Israel see this as an act of war and the PA violating and cancelling the Olso Accords. The Palestinians want peace? Then get back to negotiating peace. If the Palestinians insist on attacking Israeli civilians like they've constantly done since Oslo, then Israel sees this as the Palestinians declaring open war on Israel, and Israel is legally obligated to defend its citizens. There should be a crushing retaliatory blow to any future Palestinian aggression. It is time for the Palestinians to decide if they want peace. If they want war, then it's time for Bibi to tell it like it is and hold the Palestinians to account.
40. shalit
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.11.11)
I am very happy for shalit and his family, if he is released For israel, the Jewish nation this is a very bad deal that will result in more death and destruction. For Israel to give into terror and extortion continues a horrendous precedent which may indicate that the Jews are weak and are not capable of being an independent nation.
41. No 6 Chaim
Amar Haas ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (10.11.11)
The zionist entity is bound by the oslo accords, so go on cut off the electricity water and whilst you are at it drop a few nuclear bombs as well and break the oslo accords, I would love to see how the America covers up for the zionist entity.
42. Shameful deal
Z-man ,   Hungary   (10.11.11)
How many more people will these to-be-released 1000 murderers kill in the future? Netanyahu, you sacrificed hundreds of Jews for one!
43. #6
Matan ,   Kibbutz Zikim, Israe   (10.11.11)
While I'm sure that sounds like a great idea in brookyln, here in Israel not so much - Israel has every right to release whomever we want (as voted on by our representatives in the Knesset). As for cutting off water and electricity, it won't happen - and for good reasons.
44. I hope you are never faced with that decision.
Jonathan ,   USA   (10.11.11)
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (10.11.11)
However, not under these extortionate conditions What we can look forward to in the future is more of the same blackmail anytime Palestinian’s want to get some of their prisoners released, they'll kidnap some of us to repeat this lopsided deal Close the prisons now; they'll be a waste of money in the future
46. I'lll say it again....
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.11)
....if Israel freed terrorists for a drug dealer (Tennenbaum) they have no right to deny a soldier freedom. When I wrote talkbacks against the Tennenbaum deal, people told me that he is a Jew and we must get him free even if he is a drug dealer. What do so many people have against Gilad Shalit? Why don't some of the people who oppose the deal offter themselves or their children in exchange? Yes, it's rotten, but unless you are willing to offer yourself in his stead, especially if you are safe and warm in Brooklyn, pls shut up.
47. To #5
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.11.11)
Yes, it *will* be taken as a sign of Israeli weakness in the Arab world. That is precisely why Israel/Tzahal needs to act decisively NOW to show them kidnapping and holding hostage is NOT a good idea.
48. #5, Gilad Schalit is worth 1000 terrorists
Jake ,   USA   (10.11.11)
In fact he is worth a lot more than 1000 terrorists. The argument that these terrorists will strike again is a faithless one. Israel must get Schalit back to his family, then worry about tracking and containing the 1000 terrorists they released. If they strike again, it's not because of this deal. Someone else would have struck in their place, if it wasn't them.
49. One Israel is Worth 1000 Arabs! Where do we go next?
meir elazar   (10.11.11)
This just goes to show how cheapt Arab blood is. But what comes next? Another attempt to kidnap an Israel? After the Dimona, 2 Tractor Terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, etc. the standing orders are to put 11 bullets in the terrorist's head and kill him on the spot. We can expect future attacks against us to be met with a dramatically increase firepower and no restraint. This will include all forms of terrorist attacks. There are other ramifications which cannot be discussed until Shalit is free. Just like the Arabs did not learn from Intifada 1 and screwed themselves royal with Intifada 2, the got more than they deserved by far with Shalit 1. Attempting to repeat with Shalit 2 will be devastating for the terrorists.
50. Gaza open prison will get over it
observer ,   Egypt   (10.11.11)
it will raise its capacity to 1,501,000
51. To Chaim, #6
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.11.11)
As Eli Yishai, our Interior Minister, said, "The highest value is redeeming the captive." If we implemented your suggestion, can you imagine what international problems, censure and headaches that would cause for Israel? The Mavi Marmara incident would look like a stroll on the beach compared to all the "humanitarian aid for the poor Palestinians" that would arrive before your 36 hours was even up.
52. To Rosenvald, #12
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.11.11)
You know, 4 years ago my then-10-year old son said, "We need to do EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES to free Gilad. And then, the first time any of the released terrorists steps out of line, we kill him. No ifs, ands or buts." So now, 4 years later, what are we doing? Out of the mouths of babes...
53. He is my relative. But even so there will now be 10x more
Hippocrates ,   earth   (10.11.11)
israelis kidnapped. We have been down this road many times. Do we ever learn? Apparently not so fast. Fool me once shame on you fool me 17 times and Im an idiot. Solution capture the 10 most senior hamas and johad leaders and their families. sepearte them and hold them in nasty conditions, all spearte all in solitary confienment. see how fast we can get shalit back for them....
54. To #1 John in Herzliya
John ,   Alaska   (10.11.11)
The exchange rate of 1000 Arabs for one Israeli is fair, because it is the result of negotiations between Israel and the Arabs. There is no reason this rate will or should ever change. The Arabs have said, and Israel has agreed, that one Israeli life is worth 1000 Arab lives. The Israeli government will and should be required to honor this rate of exchange, in this and any other transaction between Israel and the Arabs.
55. So again Israel is negociating with "terrorists"
La Belle Province   (10.11.11)
Netnayahou is a JOKE.
56. The Anatomy of Mossad's Dubai Operation ...
Tennis player   (10.12.11)
BIBI:"Not a day went by when we didn’t try to devise ways to get Gilad back"
57. to Billy USA
TBR ,   Los Angeles   (10.12.11)
I do not think they would care about a family member of their elite....the value of life is different than the west's.
58. I am willing to take the chance
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.11)
I did not realise how many sick Jews we have. I don't understand how a Jew could let another Jew rot in hell. I am very impressed that so many parents would let their son rot in hell. I for one am willing to take the chance because we as Jews should not let one of our own be terrorized, even if it means giving 1000 terrorists back with blood on their hands. I pray that Gilad Shalit is still alive and I pray that we don't give a single terrorist back until its confirmed that Gilad is returning alive and well. This will show the world what type of people we are and its not weak to do it. Now of course we will have to be more alert and so will the rest of the world have to be more alert, we don't want another twin towers. But in the future Israel should not keep prisoners that have blood on their hands and the death penalty must be re established in that way there will be no more bargaining chips. The next step will be to free Jonathan Pollard
59. @chaims.s
Yitzhak ,   TA   (10.12.11)
No, there's an even easier way. The day he was kidnapped, Israel should have given the Hamas 24 hours to release him. Once those 24 hours had passed, one building in Gaza should have been destroyed by gunship for every subsequent 24 hour period he was a hostage. I guarantee: 72 hours max, and he would have been home safe.
60. To #16 Sarah B have faith
John ,   Alaska   (10.12.11)
The Arabs have negotiated the rate of exchange (one Israel = 1000 Arabs), and the Israelis have agreed. We could have negotiated the number down, or the Arabs could have been more greedy and insisted on more, but 1000 Arabs for every Israel is a round number, asked for by the Arabs and agreed by you and yours. The monsters will release Gilad in a few days, it looks like a few days later, Israel will fulfill their agreement and release to the Arabs 1000 monsters. When this happens, the exchange will have been made, not simply talked about. I'm not a prophet - this might not happen. If not, then I don't think your government will continue this any further; the logical response would be to declare Cpl Shalit a loss at that point and to avenge his loss accordingly. If the monsters instead give us a body, we will be sad beyond words. But the exchange, and rate thereof, will still have been set. I'm not a scholar, but this resonates deeply with me. Actions speak louder than words, and words are often enough. The exchange rate set by the Arabs and agreed to by the Israelis speaks very, very loudly.
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