Gantz: Gilad to return on Tuesday
Ahiya Raved
Published: 13.10.11, 19:52
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1. Shalit Deal
Barbara ,   Rehovot Israel   (10.13.11)
And now the final humiliation for Israel, the Red Cross is offering their services as a "NEUTRAL intermediary in the prison exchange!!" How shallow. However,one thing is for sure, the Palestinian side of the exchange should be pretty quick........
2. Red Cross
ab ,   US   (10.13.11)
Its about time the Red Cross decided to step in!
3. Red Cross offering its services
Moragh USA   (10.13.11)
Well, well, well, who would have thought that they would have the audacity to offer their services. I hope the Shalit family have enough pride left to tell the red cross exactly where to shove their services.
5. Thank you, HaShem. Let it happen this time.
Rivkah   (10.13.11)
6. no return for terrorists with blood on their hands
jj ,   orlando   (10.14.11)
that part of the deal is unacceptable and while the return of shalit is a noble goal it should not be at any cost , IDF is gambling with dozens if not hundred of israeli lives at risk with the release of certain prisoners
7. what does the red cross think? that we r that stupid? O.o
Ester   (10.14.11)
8. Any guarantees
BH ,   Iowa   (10.14.11)
he won't be released directly into the murderous Egyptian mobs? Red Cross wil just flee if anything happens.
9. don't hold your breath folks
Yanni   (10.14.11)
they won't do it.
10. Red Cross
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
The Red Cross? What absolute chutzpah; it just boggles the mind. Where has the Red Cross been for the past 5 plus years? What have they done to help Gilad Shalit? Just pathetic.
11. shalit
jonny ,   van can   (10.14.11)
What happens if he comes home in a box?
12. The Schalits held Israel hostage.
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.14.11)
13. Offer of Int Red Cross
Joe Charlaff ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.11)
I sincerely hope that Red Cross's offer is refused point blank. Where were they when they were needed? Now suddenly they crawl out of the woodwork wanting to look like heroes. Red Cross, take your offer and put it where the monkey puts his nuts. You are not wanted!!
14. In Presence Of Wholesale Abuse Of Presidential Pardon
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.14.11)
B"H In presence of wholesale abuse of the presidential pardon, Israel must limit now that power to let's say 5 per president.
15. Seems to me all our Ramatkal is good for, is saluting Barak.
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.14.11)
How many times have we heard (after retreating from a territory, or freeing murderers): ''This is a red line, that when crossed by the Arabs shall be met with unrelentless response'' ?! Yeah-yeah, next time and the next time and the next time......
16. #11
JS ,   USA   (10.14.11)
like in that horrible cartoon the terrorists made a while back. I remember back when the realization that hezbollah was sending coffins for Kuntar, we here in the US didnt know they were dead until just before the exchange. What a effing nightmare. I hope he is alive.
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