Gilad Shalit: I Thought I'd stay in captivity for years
Roi Kais
Published: 18.10.11, 11:40
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31. Shame on you Egyptian 'journalist'
Shetamooti ,   Norway   (10.18.11)
You so-called Egyptian 'journalist', how dare you taking advantage of our Israeli soldier Gilad? You did not care about him but only about yourself! Your conduct was unethical, inconsiderate, biased & rude! I suppose it would be too much to expect you to understand what you made him suffer, only minutes of his release from captivity.
32. Welcome Home!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.18.11)
Thank, God...and may He heal your mind and body. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem! Christian Zionist
Maya ,   Chicago, Il   (10.18.11)
This story brings tears to my eyes.
34. My wish for Gilad Shalit...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.18.11)
now that he has been given the blessing of an opportunity to pick up his life again in his own country: (1) the ability, total support and assistance to enable him to let go of his horrific experiences as an isolated prisoner in Gaza; (2) healing of all psychological wounds; (3) tranquility throughout the rest of his life; (4) the will to continue personal growth in a loving and nurturing environment; (5) peace of mind; (6) the continuous love of his family, friends, neighbours and indeed all the people of Israel; (7) dreams and hope for the future that will spur him on and give him meaning to life. To the people of Israel - may God continue to watch over you, protect and bless you. You have shown a greatness of heart that many find difficult to comprehend. To the victims of terrorism who feel betrayed, may the smile on Gilad's face bring you comfort and help you move on. Shalom.
35. Bastard Egyptians!
36. 6. Sari...I pray for real peace...the reality is:
If the Palestinian Arabs were to lay down their weapons today...peace would ensue. If Israel were to lay down her weapons today... there would be a lot of dead Jews. No, I do not feel sorry for Palestinian Arab terrorist prisoners.
37. We are happy
Nigeria ,   Nigeria   (10.18.11)
To see Gilad shalit back to his parents.may he live long to witness many more years in life in good condition.SHALOM ISRAEL
38. We are happy
Nigeria ,   Nigeria   (10.18.11)
To see Gilad shalit back to his parents.may he live long to witness many more years in life in good condition.SHALOM ISRAEL
39. To All the Human rights organizations around the world
ORIYA ,   ISRAEL   (10.18.11)
&the UN organization There was NOT a case (like Gilad) That Prisoner Received no visit! The Prisoners,Murderers, in Israel are not only have visits of family but also visits by attorneys Gilad was not seeing the sun No family visits not of the ICRC's &no other organization. maybe you need to check yourself! This soldier was abducted from the territory of its State. God bless him,Free at last. See him today pale, thin, barely walking No glasses.Untreated What have you done for him?!
40. Gilad free
Dik ,   Spijkenisse Holland   (10.18.11)
congratulations and we have prayed all the years for this event. We continue to pray for the safety of the nation of Israel. Shalom from Holland
41. #7,25
observer ,   Egypt   (10.18.11)
what do you think about new uniform for Shalit and forcing him to salute your PM. Shalit must have been exhausted teaching him proper army salute he has forgotten for 5+ years. Unless he was practicing IDF's tech to salute captors. what Shalit said was that every average Israeli can say. Congrates Hamsawia!, your brain washing tech was either weak or those super Israelis are strong.
42. #6 - I have no sympathy for "Palestinians"
William ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
Anyone who would choose war crimes against honest negotiations and peaceful coexistence deserve NO sympathy. From 1920 when they raised their hands in racism against their Jewish neighbors until today when they fire rockets on civilians and kill families as they sleep in their beds, only to be glorified as heroes...shows me there is no humanity among these people - ergo, no reason to "feel" for them. I believe many Israelis share Gilad's opinion - release all the prisoners, IF they end their fight against Israel and lead a peaceful life. For all of their complaining, israeli Arabs have done just this for decades and live a decent life. It's not Israel's fault when terrorist scum choose a different route - one that is firmly against Intl Law, Human Rights law, and basic decency.
43. you are disgusting #41
IlanaB   (10.19.11)
admit something when it is horrible instead of trying to find fault. I wont even bother answering you with the true facts.
44. #6 Sari, what I don't understand
Vered, Israel   (10.19.11)
is how barbaric the values of "Palestinians" are. We have photos of one of the released prisoners showing his blood-stained hands to a cheering crowd. That is just disgusting, don't you think. Israel, and Western society in general, have no parallel to this. Our criminals have no support from public crowds, Even Western soliers, who have had to kill others in warfare, don't exult in having their enemies' blood on their hands, or cheer about it. But your people who have literally murdered people sitting in coffee shops or killed babies are given a heros' welcome by your people, as if they have really done something great.
45. #6 pain that your child murdering women raoing sons get 1/10
jordan Is ,   east palestine   (10.19.11)
justice? sick in the head, you people.
46. @6
Jeanette ,   OSLO   (10.19.11)
You talk like those palestinians were arrested because they were a bunch of angels. Bullshit. They have israeli blood on their hands, innocent kids, innocent civilian blood on their hands. No mattter how you turn it and how much you pretend to be a victim in this, and poor palestinian bullshit. i had it from you so called palestinian nothing will justify to kill sivilans, Stop playing this game, love your kids more than you hate israelis then it is hope
47. @ 15
Samer ,   Jerusalem   (10.19.11)
So get back to Egypt where u belong to, no need for your fake history lessons! Beside you are ignorant about the orient history! every time I read one of your comments I feel i hate responding but now.... u r pathetic .... God bless the orient from your kind of human being
48. No. 46 Jeanette
Sari ,   West Bank   (10.20.11)
I 100% agree with you when you said "nothing will justify to kill civilians". I just felt we both have enough. I pray for peace and the well being of all people.
49. Gilad
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
TO SARI, In answer to your question, I feel only hatred, pity, disgust and disdain for the Palestinians. I feel sorry for parents who raise their children to hate and envy, and I feel sorry for children who learn to hate and murder. The Palestinians, although they have been given billions of dollars by the world community, still live in poverty and ignorance, and their leaders still continue to rob them blind, and steal this money for themselves. The rich Muslim countries could have easily gotten them out of their "refugee camps" a thousand times over; but instead perpetuate this miserable condition for their own political gain. The Jews absorbed millions of refugees to their tiny new country, and many of them were sick, penniless, broken survivors. And they did this without a single day of peace, slowly and steadily. The Palis need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and asking for the world's pity. And they need to stop murdering and maiming Israelis, and get on with the job of building themselves up. And in answer to your question, how can you have the gall to ask anyone to feel any sympathy for people who murder mothers and babies in their beds, teens eating a piece of pizza, children on their way to school, men and women riding a bus to earn a living? You all make me sick.
50. Gilad
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
Once again the Palistinians have pulled the wool over the naive eyes of the world. They've convinced everyone that their prisoners are "languishing" in Israeli jails for political purposes. Hundreds of those feed this week were vicious, evil, sick, depraved murderers. There you have it - not militants, not freedom fighters - just evil sick animals. If you dont believe me, check it out for yourself and see what crimes they committed. Just one case in point - they broke into an Israeli home, murdered three young boys watching tv, continued to the mom's bedroom, shot her in her bed, and shot the leg off her terrified little boy who was hiding under the bed. And they have the nerve to convince the world that they are in jail for no reason at all. They had lawyers, judges, trials, and all the things that their innocent victims did not have. They make me sick to my stomach.
51. Gilad
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
TO OBSERVER, EGYPT What do we think about his new uniform? I think it was a meaningful lovely gesture. It probably made him feel like a man again, like a human being with dignity. Israeli soldiers are very proud to wear their uniforms. Gilad Shalit was abducted as a soldier of the IDF, while in uniform and it was very fitting that he should return from captivity in that manner. What would have been better? That rediculous shirt from the shuk, that the Arabs put on him? And as for the salute, Mr. Netanyahu is the Prime Miinister of the State of Israel. Besides the fact that he worked unceasingly for his release. Therefore Gilad saluted him. This was the right thing to do. Rediculous comments......
52. i think they were both forced into the interview
Avraham ,   jerusalem, israel   (10.20.11)
if there's a Hamas guy behind the reporter and Gilad with a gun,then i think they're both gonna be careful about what they say!
53. changing the IDF beliefs
observer ,   Egypt   (10.21.11)
a couple of days after Asaf Yagori, a Commander of Armored battalion, was captured by Egyptian soldier in the 73 war, he was visited by Egypt's Army officers. Yagori said to them:"what you are doing is useless. It is only a matter of minutes or hours when Israeli counter attacks are developed and the IDF reaches the place to free me" Yagori's belief is contrary to Shalits belief of " I'd stay in captivity for years", or by good translation for ever. and you say you were victorious in 1973?!
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