Would-be bomber tells Gaza kids to be like her
Published: 19.10.11, 17:33
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1. the mother is so happy because she got money for sending her
rachel ,   usa   (10.19.11)
daughter to her death
2. now they will do an honor killing for stripping in front of
rache ,   usa   (10.19.11)
the soldiers ....its on a video .....
3. Maybe she can do a hands-on life demonstartion in Gaza ?
EST ,   Miami USA   (10.19.11)
4. Why wasn't she killed when she was caught?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.19.11)
Terrorists should be killed as they are caught. We need to allow the soldiers to kill terrorists as they are caught. bibi should resign for this deal.Everyone who wanted this deal in the government and security forces should be imprisoned.
5. Bring back the death penalty!!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (10.19.11)
If we had the death penalty, we wouldnt have this obvious problem of them re-offending!
6. Be like her?
Charles   (10.19.11)
A failure, a loser, a terrorist, a hate-filled loon, a criminal, a prisoner, someone driven to kill herself because she was not desirable for marriage? She wants that for the future generation? I think we can add 'mentally handicapped' to the above list. That's right, children of Gaza - aim high!
7. Salma I dare you to justify this comment
zionist forever   (10.19.11)
This is child abuse and Salma I hope you will agree with me on that and would condemn it. This disgusting woman attempted to blow up a HOSPITAL. A hospital that also treats sick palestinians at Israeli taxpayer expense and its a miricle that she failed. Not only does she try and blow up a hospital but first thiing she does when she gets her get out of jail free card is encourage CHILDREN to martyr themselves. What kind of woman encourages children to kill themselves just so they can kill Jews? Bibi should be condemned for letting an individual like this out of jail. Its obvious the only thing she is sorry about is the fact her bomb didn't go off and she wouldn't hesitate to try and blow herself up again if she thought she could kill enough Jews. Bibi if you want to redeem yourself then send hit squads to deal with this woman and the other murerous scum you let out. Make the terrorists want to stay in jail where they get fed roast chicken dinners rather than hiding from IDF asssins.
8. Remember what she told the camera?
Vlad   (10.19.11)
That she wishes she hadn't done what she did, and that she wanted to die but now she wants to live, and please don't put her in prison for life!
9. Eliminate her! Her words kill too and are same as terror.
11. Jewish kids
Harris ,   Exeter, uk   (10.19.11)
Get racism and dehumanisation of arabs lecture every day
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.19.11)
Gaza is only ever one mistake away from being wiped off the face of the earth and terrorists should realise that fact.
13. The harsh reality - tomorrow's martyrs
andyboy ,   Israel   (10.19.11)
"The children cheered and waved Palestinian flags and chanted: "We will give souls and blood to redeem the prisoners. We will give souls and blood for you, Palestine." Let the Palestinian PR machine explain this to the world. Of course, it will not because it has no need. Even if the world heard and took the words at face value, it would simply shrug and mumble some excuses. This is a great example of " out of the mouths of babes" and shows that peace, in any meaningful sense of the word, is impossible, and always will be. There is only the status quo. And, please, no more talk about lifting the blockade. These people live too well as it is. They have the leadership they deserve, and which they voted into power. They simply need to be left to live with the consequences.
14. She should apply immediately for a post with UNESCO
Jonathan ,   London/ Israel   (10.19.11)
... she sounds like the ideal candidate! Unfortunately all this confirms is that peace with Hamas and therefore 'Palestinians' is still a distant dream...
15. easy way out,,,
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.19.11)
In the southern part of our capitol we have som islands to where we deposite toxic and harmful chemicals and materials. I suggest the former jailed pals female eventually would like to come over and try her explosives out at the island, but she has to carry the expolosives in her belt. If it works, then she can go wherever she wants...unless she wants to stay on the island forever.
16. To No 11 - oh yes?
John ,   Tel-Aviv   (10.19.11)
Really? How do you know if you are in Exeter, UK ( that should be in capital letters Harris or whovere you are).
17. #11
alli ,   NYC   (10.19.11)
and you, Harris from the UK would know this how? save your baseless rhetoric for your anti-semitic friends.
18. bestial society
marcel   (10.19.11)
like old times, the gazans understand one thing-smashed mouth and rule by egypt or someone else. They fight and bicker with outside powers, insider powers. What to do-the next 2 wars will wipe them out because of collateral damage. They should all leave now.
Roy ,   Canada   (10.19.11)
The only policy we should follow with things like that.
20. The first two lines of #4 are right to the right point .
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.19.11)
Israel must kill at the spot those who come to kill us,inclusively those who come with stones in their hands to cause damages,because we know that they intend killing. This is elementar.This is elementar for any human being's defense,how much is it then for a country's policy for its citizen protection!? Israel should urgently implement harsh,radical,definitive policies to deal with terror.
21. One more proof not to even detain them
Oleg ,   USA   (10.19.11)
Just shoot bastards!!!
22. Sick people
Natan   (10.19.11)
Hey Wafa, why don't you strap yourself with explosives, go to a Gaza school, walk into a classroom and do a demonstartion!!!We will say farewell to present and future garbage!!!
23. as a jewish kid i have to say:
me ,   ashdod   (10.19.11)
no, we dont.
24. "Palestine" is Israel.
noa ,   israel   (10.19.11)
25. This clearly shows the higher moral ground of Israel .
robert renders ,   belgium   (10.19.11)
26. Live terrorists
Doctor D. ,   Jerusalem   (10.19.11)
Some are strong and some are weak . Some are source of information and other are only bargain chips. In all this one thing is for sure. The Palestinian's terror school get huge financing and serve few rulers while the majority of the Palestinians live off international help. $ 2000 pro capita to the terrorist freed is equal to a lot of missing scholarships.
27. Isnt It Time to Stop Playing Games?
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (10.19.11)
What else is new? This type of rhetoric has been going onsince the birth of the state.In 1967 cries throughout the Arab world of Jihad, Mother of All Battles..were heard.Then, it was Egypt/Syria.Now,its Iran, Turkey, Hez, Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad.. Only the accents have changed. Why is this so shocking? Israel's mistake aided people like this, the recurring bomber (of Jews) All our comments mean zilch, unless Israel acts, and fast, to bring in capital punishment for capital crimes...and 25 to life for lesser pardons or premature deals.Hard labor and solitary should be the common punishment. No frills of course. Until Isrfael understands that this isa life or death struggle..that its enemies want it destroyed to a man (and woman)...and she acts to fully protect herself..all the cottage cheese protests wont mean a damn.. We can shout, rant and rave, and plead for Israel to use its Jewish might, instead of its Jewish heart. Why bother "talking" about 2 states now? Why not put leverage on the Pales?
28. Where are...
Bob ,   US   (10.19.11)
all the left wing groups and UN and bleeding hearts condemning this despicable child abuser? G. bless Gilad! May he lead a normal, long peaceful life. But this scum who were released should not be breathing free air--or not be breathing at all in most cases.
29. Void 2nd phase of agreement
Seth ,   USA   (10.19.11)
As these criminals are already going back to terror, this should void the second phase of the agreement. Do not free the remaining 550 terrorists.
30. Keep your promise, Bibi!
A ,   Belgium   (10.19.11)
"Female terrorist (Wafa a-Biss) released in Shalit swap encourages Gaza children to take up terror," When do the assassinations begin? Or are you going to wait for another abduction so that senile Shimon can pardon more murderers? My daughter is in the IDF, please dont wait too long.
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