Stabbing attack in Jerusalem; youth hurt
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.10.11, 20:01
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1. Stabbing of youth in Jerusalen
Yoel ,   Israel   (10.22.11)
The attacks have begun Mr PM did you expect any different? Free a thousand more. and there will be peace.
2. is transfer the solution?
jsaon ,   israel   (10.22.11)
any thoughts?
3. ...and some want to hand over to them a "state". What
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.22.11)
a pathetic proposal, indeed...!!
4. hmmm. no comment!
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.22.11)
5. #1
judy ,   jlm   (10.22.11)
and when exactly did the terror stop?
6. first installment on shalit
mohsen   (10.22.11)
do not jail terror fighters. question them and then dispatch them.this is the first consequence of bibi's latest move on appeasement. Separate from barak or you have no chance of being reelected. livni stuck like glue to olmert and now she is sunk by that association. You are in the same boat with barak, an appeasement general.
7. catch him if you want
Y.A. ,   palestine   (10.22.11)
you will let him go soon, anyway
8. No surprises
David ,   New York   (10.22.11)
No surprises these terror attacks are continuing when assailants know they can kill and get released within a few years; after completion of a free degree behind bars
9. Why waste the money with Helicopters
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (10.22.11)
Police etc etc. Maybe it's a one time stabbing in any event in the realm of things it just a small incident.In any event in the next few months when someone else is kidnapped i'm sure he'll be released
10. @4 Then why post?
Adam ,   Raanana   (10.22.11)
Attention whore. Even when it looks like there may be a slight opening for peace, the Arabs find a way to screw it up.
11. #4 hmmm, that's why we'll never recover al-quds.
Palestinian   (10.22.11)
I commented for both of us.
12. Oh, Salma .....?
Yitzhak ,   TA   (10.22.11)
No comment, Salma? That's so not like you. Still, no matter. We're all still waiting to see your responses to my questions, which you've now dodged three times. Here they are again... 1) Who was the leader of the Palestinians before Arafat? 2) What was the currency of Palestine before the Jews "stole" it? 3) Jerusalem was the capital of which Palestinian empire? 4) Which Palestinian kings are buried in Jerusalem? 5) What are some of the technological advances that the world owes the Palestinians? 6) What are some of the cultural gifts of Palestine?
13. Walk armed and neutralize the terrorists
Rabbi Jochanan ,   Gush Chalav, Israel   (10.22.11)
14. Another one of Salma's "heroes" at work (end)
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.22.11)
15. Dont bother searching; we'll free him in 2 yrs anyway
Uri ,   Jeru   (10.22.11)
16. #4 Salma, there is no such place as Palestine
Annette ,   San Francisco, CA   (10.22.11)
#4, Salma, there is no such thing as "Palestine." Better correct where you live such as, Detroit, Jordan, Gaza, or perhaps LA?
17. Poor Jewish boy
Dave ,   USA   (10.22.11)
I hope the great Israeli doctors can save him. I hope they find the pales, savage and put him in jail for life. Terrible
18. where are the international news media?
Mattan ,   merritt island, usa   (10.22.11)
the world is silent when Jews are stabbed, killed, beaten, harrassed. But the second a muslim grave or building gets vandalized, its all over the international news. Our blood is cheap to the world.
19. Stabbing in Jerusalem
gary ,   ny usa   (10.22.11)
Why waste so much manpower to apprehend this perp, when the powers to be will let him out evidentially anyway. Mr. Prime minister should follow the political theory of Prime Minister Shamir, an eye for an eye.
20. If an Israeli has attacked a Palestinian
Joseph ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.11)
Would the troops conduct a house-to-house search on the Israelis houses?
21. They are modern day "Eichmans". So get Ramle Gallows working, pronto
Alan ,   SA   (10.22.11)
22. Joseph # 20
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.22.11)
Yes. They do. They did recently. I guess you conveniently forgot.
23. oh, salma
rich ,   margate,USA   (10.22.11)
# 12
24. Stabbing attack of Israeli youth...
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (10.23.11)
"The police believe, that the attack, which left the victim,17-year old Yehuda Ne'emad with injuries, was nationalistically motivated". Really ? What a surprise ? Who would have thought of such a reason? Yoav Zitun, What do you mean by "nationalistically motivated" ? Is that is why every palestinian man, women and child are commited to murder, kidnap and killing of Israelis and violating our sovereign borders, aiming to take over our land..? And all we do, is trying to rationalize and find a justification to their savage behaviour... Do you realize, that not showing anger, we (especially the writers) are helping them to reach their goal ? Words do count and what is being published, makes a difference...You should show a little more anger for this uncalled for and unprovoked attempt of murder of our innocent children on Shabbat in the day light on their way home...
25. stabbing in Jerusalem
Pia ,   USA   (10.23.11)
Make "nationally" motivated crimes against Jews a 'hate crime' even if no one is seriously injured. That way you can lock up these nuts before they do serious harm.
26. Bulldoze Beit Iksa
Herb ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.23.11)
it is a public nuisance.they need to move to gaza
27. #22
Joseph ,   Jerusalem   (10.23.11)
For real , where/when ? This cannot happen here, being jewish here means you are superior ....
28. #4 No Comment--You are a NO COMMENT--
Kayla ,   Florida   (10.23.11)
A ZERO--NOTHING. YOU STAND FOR AND APPRECIATE THOSE WHO ARE ZEROS--NOTHINGS. You want a state? Go to your Arab brothers and sisters--they don't want you either. They know you and those like you are nothing--only trouble.
29. #26 And build a Jewish neighborhood there.
Lobo ,   USA   (10.23.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.23.11)
Suspect " Why bother ?? he will only be jailed and then promptly released .
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