Lieberman's onslaught on Abbas continues
Ronen Medzini
Published: 26.10.11, 17:40
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1. He is a fool, he is missing the point
Ahmed ,   Algeria   (10.26.11)
Israel problem is not Abbas, not even the palestinians, its the arab masses and by extension the wider moslem world. the truth is arabs have intense hatred (sorry but thats the word) for zionism which often ovelap to judaism. . jews also have intense hatred for arabs even the ones living among them. hate is the common thing that binds both peoples. Basically, the arab masses regardless of their ideological affiliations will never accept israel as a satelite state for the judeo-christian civilisation in the heart of their own arab-islamic civilisation. No other civilisation would accept that. Hence I am afraid that the conflict will go on for a very very long time. Sad but true
2. Bravo Mr. Lieberman
Moragh USA   (10.26.11)
You are the only honest person speaking the truth that sits in the Knesset.
3. Hes right
jordan Is ,   east palestine   (10.26.11)
4. The EU,Mr Lieberman...and me
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.26.11)
Mr Lieberman is getting the same treatment from the EU that I have had from them,many times. Criticism is not allowed. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. The truth
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (10.26.11)
It's time somebody talks the truth! Abu Mazen is not a good leader, not a peace partner and mostly, not trust-able!
6. Lieberman = Churchill, Reagan, and Thatcher all combined.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.26.11)
Not bad for a "bouncer" from Moldova.
7. I don't normally agree with what he says...
But everything he said is true...completely true! ABBASS when given a 10 month settlement freeze did NOTHING...Just more of his subterfuge/agenda to destroy the nation of Israel and steal all that the Jewish people built over the last 60 years...He has no soul just a huge ego wrapped in hate-the-Jews cloth. Lieberman and his ilk scare the blazes out of me but when you look at the reality, the PALS are trying as hard as possible to push the Israelites out of ISRAEL while playing for time... Abbass feels that time/delegitimization and PAL/arab overbreeding will win the day for his foul squatters and bottom feeding beggars
8. in the middle east telling the truth is never helpful
izzie irgun ,   zion   (10.26.11)
Go Avgidor Go .. tell it like it is.. no one else will so why not. Anyway, for the palestinians the truth hurts and that is the problem, no one wants to tell the truth. It is Abbas who refuses negotiations, it is Abbas who wanted to unite with Hamas and it is Abbas who makes demand s that he knows are deal killers because they are deal killers. Abbas has proven he has no interest in negotiations no matter what happens, what does blair and the EU need as proof. And while we are at, can someone explain how tunsia and lybia are not apartheid states according to Abbas since they are establishing a national islamic identity akin to delcaring Israel as being Jewish. Just another lie by Abbas to avoid peace.
FO ,   Belgium   (10.26.11)
In your letter to foreign missions I would have added the DVD with the remarkable video produced by your second in charge, the Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, about the "Disputed Territories". To all who are not aware about the existence of this video- item, have a look at it on You-Tube. A must ! First time something of value on Israeli "Hasbara" (Information).
10. Lieberman speaks the truth
Mahood ,   suburb of Beruit   (10.26.11)
Lieberman is just telling it like it is. It is refreshing to hear honesty. After all, exactly who does Abbas represent? He isn't elected. How could he possibly speak for Palestinains in Gaza, much less the camps in Lebanon and other Arab countries? He's a joke and a worthlless creation of the West.
11. The end of kid glove treatment of terrorist P.A.?
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.26.11)
Lieberman is saying many sane and truthful things, which one seldom heard, in the Knesset, before he became F.M. However, it is only a beginning; though a good one. Hopefully it signals the end of Israel's ludicrous kid glove treatment of the terrorist P.A.
JEWISH DOCTOR ,   NYC, USA   (10.26.11)
13. 'Even Arafat never made such demands'
JEWrusalem forever! ,   Chamblee GA USA   (10.26.11)
BUT REMEMBER, ABBASS Was ARAFRAT'S #2 MOB Henchman MEMBER...He was the Black September SOB who "fingered" the Israeli Olympic team... Never forget this creeps' past...It hasn't changed a wit! Lieberman is right, he must go!
14. ahmed dear
from the way you speak you must be one of the terrorists from the gilad shalit exchange!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.26.11)
Mr Lieberman has finally latched onto the winning formula that gets a message across;repeat it long and loud over and over again. The same technique,in fact,that the anti-Israel Arab propagandists use. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
16. #1 about says it all
bari ,   nyc usa   (10.26.11)
it doesn't really matter who is running the pa. there will never be peace between israel and the arabs. jew hatred is ingrained into the arab psyche from birth. the palestinian narrative is total fiction so what is there to negotiate? allah akhbar uber alles. accept it, send the arabs back to arabia, their true home of origin and move on. stop wasting time on a fantasy that will never be.
17. Netanyahu feels the same way, Lieberman is his attack dog
Jake ,   USA   (10.26.11)
18. #1, you make a good point, here is the solution:
Jake ,   USA   (10.26.11)
For Israel to look East instead of West, and stop collaborating with the Anglo-American forces, arch enemies of the Arab Muslims. However you must recognize Israel's dilemma - there are millions of Jews living in Western countries and their lives will be at risk if Israel were to freeze relations with these countries in favor of true peace with the Arabs. Also, how does Israel know that the Arabs will welcome them in the Middle East if they take these dangerous steps? The Arabs have everything to gain by making peace with Israel. True peace - where all Jews are welcome in Arab countries, and all Arabs are welcome in Israel. This is the only peace worth pursuing. Are the Arabs ready for this? Are the Jews ready for this?
19. Abbas is nobody. His terms is over long time ago.
Bulbul - Oriya ,   Jordan   (10.26.11)
He does not represent Arabs. That is why he choose to do nothing and maintain status qua. He understand that as soon he make any move at least half of arabs population will revolt and he will loose nice living.
20. LIEBERMAN = OUR MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.26.11)
21. #1Ahmed
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.26.11)
I think that we can take it that Ahmed is a member of the Arab masses that hates Zionism and Judaism and rejects the concept of a State of Israel.His rejection doesn't make him right.He's confusing hatred with justification. By his own admission,HE is part of the problem.His blind hatred is what we would call an attitude problem....towards fellow humans. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
22. fire barak
alexi   (10.26.11)
boy, this guy is a failed political olmert. He now thinks the aid to turkey will turn a new leaf. What a puts!! with all his bs medals for what-paintballl guns on the marmora for which he wanted to apologize or condi rice saying barak did not want to fight on the ground in cast lea. He runs scared like olmert. Erdogan will not change his spots and the aid will do nothing politi cally. Erdogan called it in to save his reputation as he has bungled aid to the quake survivors. Barak is a putz!
23. Ahmed
Alice ,   Israel,   (10.26.11)
Israel is G-ds Land given to the Jewish People. We have come back to our Land , just like our prophetes have prophetised. Israel is here to stay and the Arab world has to come to terms with it. I think the Arab world is dreaming of past conquests Algeria and Morocco were not Arabs but the inhabitants were kabyles and berberes. ....
24. Lieberman is smart
Yossef   (10.26.11)
he want to push Abbas out such that he can be replaced by a palestinian leader educated in the west and not in Moscow. Then, it will be easier to find a solution based on mutual interest, economical, cultural etc. and stop a fight based on ideology. That's smart and right.
25. Abbas is a Holocaust denier...PERIOD !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.26.11)
26. to 14 Ahmed correct.
ygalg ,   israel   (10.26.11)
nothing in its assessment there an incite for hate. but simply fact over situation in middle east. reread his post.
27. Thank you, future P.M.
A ,   Belgium   (10.26.11)
28. How can Avigdor be FM... does he even live in Israel?
seadog1946 ,   ErieBasin, NYC   (10.26.11)
29. to to 1 ahmed you're correct tho it is not arabs per se
ygalg ,   israel   (10.26.11)
it is a religious fanatism that motivats the hate and causes wars.
30. Lieberman Is Right
yonatan silverman ,   tel aviv israel   (10.26.11)
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