PA to UN: Lieberman inciting against Abbas
Elior Levy
Published: 27.10.11, 20:26
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1. Boo hoo, make Liberman stop. Momma!
William ,   Israel   (10.27.11)
Such arrogance from the PA - nothing new. The amount of incitement against Israel and its people tower above anything Israel has ever done...but the "Palestinians" never wanted fair play...just to be the favorite child.
2. Israel should submit dozens of letters.
michael   (10.27.11)
How many times have they accused Bibi of being an obstacle to peace. This is unheard of.
3. "Lieberman inciting against Abbas" - yeah, cry me a river.
leo ,   usa   (10.27.11)
4. difference between illegality and stupidity
Avramele   (10.27.11)
what Lieberman said was neither illegal nor a threat to Abbas's physical safety, However it was bad diplomacy, a needless provocation and a distraction from what should be Israel's true diplomatic agenda - appearing as the reasonable and moderate actor in the equation. An intelligient observer would chalk it up as Yvet's first salvo in the coming election campaign or perhaps a last salvo before his indictment or Bibi asking him to leave. Wouldn't it be nice if Israel had a real Foreign Minister instead of this Minister of Foreign (and weird) Ideas?
5. Nah He Is Only Telling It Like It Is Without
Sugar Coating It. You Go Boy, You Russian Bull. Avigor Keep Kicking Ass. Dos Vidania Comrad
6. oy! she lo nida!!! Ban Ki, tell them to stop it!!
shocked ,   London   (10.27.11)
7. Maa, The boy cursed me and hit me before. Please punish him.
a good boy   (10.27.11)
8. Then why doesn't Israel take some complaints to UNSC?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.27.11)
If the PA an get away with this,I suppose that Israel can complain about threats and intimidation by any number of Arab governments,the Iran regime and most recently by Turkey's PM and FM. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
9. Abbas IS the greatest obstacle to peace
William ,   Israel   (10.27.11)
am I now a threat to his life? How do you equate someone who distrust you with someone who wants to kill you? Talk about drama-queens!
10. mommy, mommy, did you hear what Lieberman say?
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (10.27.11)
Buahhhhhhhh, buahhhhhhh, Lieberman is provocking me. Buahhhh, buahhhh,
11. the best sceenwriters couldnt make this up
michael   (10.27.11)
12. Re: "colonization campaign / State terrorism"
Steve   (10.27.11)
YNet wrote: "The Palestinians also condemned Israeli construction plans in areas in Jerusalem; (t)hey said construction...reflects that Israel has no intention to stop this destructive colonization campaign." "Mansour concluded by stating that Israel must be held accountable for "acts of State terrorism...." etc. One does not colonize one's own land. Jews building homes and apartments in their land and capital does not constitute acts of "State terrorism." Isn't it evident there will be No peaceful coexistence between these two peoples in this tiny land?
13. Diplomats should USE diplomacy 2 deal with their....
nice ,   tlv   (10.27.11)
14. Abbas, grow some beitzim.
Jonny Gee ,   New York, US   (10.27.11)
15. The man is in the wrong profession......
tiki ,   belgium   (10.27.11)
He should be in the movie business and be nominated for the "drama queen" life time achievement award.
16. #4, his party won 15 seats in last election
Jake ,   USA   (10.27.11)
He will probably win more in the next election. Do you have any better ideas for a portfolio that Lieberman should head, besides Foreign Ministry? I highly doubt his detractors would be happy if he was heading the Defense Ministry. I personally think he is the perfect FM for Israel's government. The PM and DM have long-standing relationships with foreign officials who need to be placated and lied to. Netanyahu is good at saying what people want to hear, and Barak is dovish when it comes to politics. Lieberman gives them balance, and is happy to make politically incorrect statements when needed.
17. How ironic that in the letter, they incite against Israel.
Jake ,   USA   (10.27.11)
Accusing Israel of "acts of State terrorism" is true incitement. The PA must be dismantled immediately. Hamas is the true face of the Palestinians. They have their state in Gaza, and that is all they will ever have. The West Bank must be fully annexed and all Arab residents given the option of Israeli or Jordanian citizenship.
18. #5, that would be "Do Svidania"
leo ,   usa   (10.27.11)
19. Abbas reminds me more of a small child everyday
zionist forever   (10.27.11)
The other day he was complaining no Fatah terrorists were released in the Gilad and starts demanding Bibi release them based on a secret deal he did with Olmert whereby in exchange for Gilad he would release Fatah terrorists. When Bibi refused Abbas had a tantrum said if Bibi didn't release the Fatah men then he would refuse to hold talks on palestinian statehood ( which he has been refusing to do for 3 years anyway ). Now mean old Liberman has hurt his feelings so he is off to the UN over it. Its hard to believe this guy was once a hardcore terrorist with Arafat if he can't handle it when Liberman say he needs to go.
20. WHAT??!!!!!!
Vlad   (10.28.11)
Abbas incites against Israel and the Jews on a daily basis. His TV programs, summer camps, and school curriculums all carry the same message: Kill Jews. He names public institutions after terrorists, and praises them. And Lieberman is inciting for calling him an obstacle to peace?
21. Two-States About Dead - What Next?
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (10.27.11)
If Abbas retires or goes the way of Rabin, everybody will be shocked, shocked!. Just like when Rabin was killed. And the possibilities of two-states is about dead, anyway. Separation is not possible politically. And Israel will never give up control even of what comes and goes in Gaza. What happens when Arab Israelis start voting in proportion to their population? What and how will Israel deal with demands for equal rights from the conquered subject West Bank population? How will Israel govern the West Bank conquered population if the PA shuts down and the tax authority goes away? While having all the fun now, Israelis should be contemplating the answers to these questions. Answers may be needed soon.
22. Exactly #19. They are all cowards!
Israeli 2   (10.27.11)
He is only one example.
23. Guess Abbas is right
Ehoop ,   UK   (10.28.11)
After all, fomenting "hatred and violence", as his spokesman put it, is what the PA really does know best, witness everything from their criticisms of the Israeli government to the naming of public spaces after terrorists, not showing Israel on the maps that they publish, the content of their school trextbooks and clauses in the Palestinian Covenant. The powerful international community may dislike facing-up to the truth about Palestinian leadership over the generations, but no one should blame Lieberman for speaking truth unto power.
24. Abbas
Leon ,   Australia   (10.28.11)
Mr Avigdor Lieberman is correct !!!
25. leiberman and olmert
marcel   (10.28.11)
you recall that lieberman walked out of olmert's governement over policy disagreements. Avigdor calls abbas a spade is a spade, basically a self centred weakling, the truth. This is opposite to how olmert treated abbas, who he catered to like royalty. However, olmert made so many concessions more than israel could ever give to save his marriage to his arab loving wife and to stay out of jail where he is headed. So he not only bungled the hezbollah war and caused the needless death of many idf soldiers, he has harmed israel's negotiating position because both the arabs and obama force bibi to use it as a starting position., Livni did at least one good thing in telling rice and ala that olmert had no standing with israelis who hated him and that no refugees would be allowed to return and jerusalem would be internationized. Israel is a nation of laws but olmert crossed every line to the country. He should also be tried violating his oath to protect the state. He tried to kill the state.
26. True: result of poor Palestinian leadership: NEVER PA STATE!
Jouko ,   Finland   (10.28.11)
Israelis should rejoice because the poor Palestinian leadership makes sure the Palestinians will never get their own state! Do you see God's hand also here, how He with great wisdom carries out His promises about the land to Israel! God of Jacob is so wonderful and faithful to His promises!
27. #4. Don't you see how right Lieberman is!
Jouko ,   Finland   (10.28.11)
The best possible guarantee for God's promises about the land to come true, is poor palestinian leadership! Since Arafat - think he would have 97,5% of palestinians demands through in Oslo but Arafat declined Clinton's offer!!
28. It does not matter if it is ridiculous
Sidney ,   USA   (10.28.11)
The Israel bashers will treat it as if it matters. Abbas is just feeding his troops the red meat (hate) that they want. He is not a peace partner.
29. Is he that stupid? no way
Tambour ,   Eilat   (10.28.11)
Abbas heard of a Hamas plan to take him out and wants to blame Lieberman in event they succeed Thus killing 2 birds with one bullet.
30. Abbas with body language of a liar
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.28.11)
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