Did blast hit Iran missile base?
Dudi Cohen
Published: 12.11.11, 21:12
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1. 1,300 kilometer range?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.11)
The Jordanians will have a problem with that.
2. 1,300 km range?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (11.12.11)
Well I guess 0 km is within range from that base... direct hit!
3. They aim for Jerusalem
Sidney ,   NY US   (11.12.11)
but hit Teheran instead
4. Sarah 1-Soon southern Europe will
Stephen in New York   (11.12.11)
be within range of Iranian missiles. Europe was always within range of Soviet missiles, but that never seemed ominous the way one now feels immediately threatened being within range of Iranian missiles. Don't you think?
5. How in the world?
are 1,300 km equal to 200 miles, try something like 800 miles.
6. Commander Killed
SteveR ,   Dallas USA   (11.12.11)
According to reports. among those killed was Hasan Moghaddam, a senior Guard commander. Do senior commanders usually supervise the movement of munitions?
7. Opps
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (11.12.11)
8. Iranian missiles
leslie ,   Israel   (11.12.11)
9. They're not trying to blame Israel? They missed a trick!
Dan ,   UK   (11.12.11)
Also, Hezbollah aren't very good at handling their weapons, we know who trained them.
10. Could it be a premptive strike by Israel before...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.12.11)
...the real attack on Iran?
11. we will
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.12.11)
never know the truth about this episode.
12. Who did it ?
Mark ,   T.a. Israel   (11.12.11)
Finally the opposition in Iran calculating the huge DAMAGE the People of Iran will experience from a preemptive STRIKE of ISRAEL has entered into ACTION !
13. Iranian blast
Stan ,   Sydney, Australia   (11.12.11)
Just remember who is always watching out for His people.
14. This is what happens when a bunch of incompetents...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.12.11)
try and fit nuclear warheads on their longer-range missles. Should Israel be overly concerned about these "keystone cops"?
15. Nuclear Warheads Missles
Cherokee Rose ,   Flint Ridge, USA   (11.12.11)
Thats what debkafile says the iranians were trying to fit to long range missles
16. To: Stephen at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.11)
No. I really don't. Iran is about to go the way of the woolly mammoth.
17. Of couse Israel did it! Iran are too scared to admit it.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.12.11)
How could the mullahs admit that we dastardly evil zionists managed to penetrate a top secret missile base and blow it up? They would never admit that, so instead pretend that somebody must've dropped a box of artillery fuses and then drove over them by accident, setting off ...well...blowing up most of the base, it appears. Iran doesn't know the crap that it is about to bring upon itself.
allah akhbar ,   montreal canada   (11.12.11)
suckers. Thats all i got to say. If it were civilians maybe id feel a lil bad, but its the notorious and scary revolutionary guards... Allah uakhbar, usually associated with terrorism but really means god is great. god IS great, and he just served you a warm meal of explosions. DONT FUCK WITH THE JEWS.
19. The God of Israel is defeating Israels enemies !
who cares   (11.12.11)
The God of Israel divided the sea to make way for the people of Israel ! Today the obstacle to overcome is Iran and its allies - wait and see how the one and only God will do it ! Israel - dont you fear - your God is watching over you day and night !
20. Y - Net : Stop using agents provocateur like Sarah B. !
who cares   (11.12.11)
Its pretty obvious.....Dont you get the necessary attention without them ? Maybe this is because you are obviously booked on the very left side! Try and start doing serious journalism - this will bring you the necessary attention - not agents provocateur!
21. Iran blow up
David Patterson ,   New York; U.S.A   (11.12.11)
#4 should note that the Soviets were never noted for Suicide Bombers.
22. Iran
Martin Gray ,   United States   (11.12.11)
To #10. Would be an interesting way to begin a campaign; something the Mossad would be good at in conjunction with "friends" in Iran.
23. That is what happens when you BBQ kabob near the hydrogen
Alan T ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.13.11)
Propellant. I can't wait to hear of the sticky rice and rose tea accident at the Natanz nuclear enrichment site.
24. first stuxnet, now this?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.13.11)
25. Many possible causes of explosion
Neal ,   Minneapolis, USA   (11.13.11)
Don't anyone leap to conclusions. It might be comforting to think of the explosion as the work of Israeli agents, Iranian dissidents or of a broad Iranian incompetence, but people who've lived on military bases where explosives are stored and handled (as I have) are quite aware of the possibility of something large, or a chain of small things, going wrong and leading to disaster. Safe handling of things that can explode -- or spread lethal chemicals or radiation --requires using a checklist and going through each step perfectly every time. It's easy to become bored or distracted and relexively affirm that something has been done when it hasn't, or skip a step bcause following the list is numbingly routine.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.13.11)
the Iranians are already panicking. Should we start handing sweets and candies? MAMOOD OF LONDON should be really proud now.
27. #5 - the article says 800 miles
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.13.11)
28. Nr 20.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.13.11)
What kind of Foolishness and Idiocy is this ? Nr 20 is a Guest here, and are not by any means Forced to stay, but wants as a Guest the Right to Deside what is to be forbidden in anothers House ? Something is wery wrong with this Signatures Respect for others Rights. Arn.Sweden.
29. Strike
Husayn   (11.16.11)
I dont it was israels hand in it,as israel does not need to attack soft spots,it needs to strike hard targets,and strike it tough and deadly
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