Germany: Iranians, Palestinians protest against Olmert
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.11.11, 22:31
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URBAN POET ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.24.11)
2. Olmert talking
Larry ,   Raanana   (11.24.11)
First, why is he roaming around the world. Should he not be joining Katzav already. Second, why should we care what the fake "Palestinians" say. We need to strike back against this myth.
3. Olmert speech protested
Andream ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.25.11)
Who cares what Olmert has to say about anything? And, did he get paid for that gig -- that guy owes me money!! Citizen of Jerusalem
4. sense
Analyst   (11.25.11)
nobody give a dime about what Olmert says, but the pooint in the article is the fact that again muzz's colonists in europe are demontrating their hate of Israel thths the a growing tren that the Israelo-arab conflict is moving to other grounds, always targeting jews
5. Olmert should be in jail already.
Reuven   (11.25.11)
6. The police ? They are all members of NPD....
who cares   (11.25.11)
Poor Germany - poor Europe ! The price for fighting Israel is very high !
7. good choice
fad egypt   (11.25.11)
kamal elganzoury was great as prime minister i hope that the stupid protesters will accept that and go home shalom
8. Who is this Olmert?
Dan ,   USA   (11.25.11)
Olmert; I have a vague memory of that name. Was it 2006? Humiliation in Lebanon? When he tied the hands of the IDF? Or was is some time before that about double billing for trips and stealing from the people of Israel? Olmert. Whoever that guy is, he should be protected. He should be placed in a room with bars all the way around to keep him safe. Also, his lips should be sealed with Super Glue to keep him from saying something that could hurt him or the Israeli people.
9. Israel weird kind of country
Ivan ,   Colo.   (11.25.11)
I know innocent until proven guilty, but it seems Israel is one of a few Nations that allows suspected criminals to tour, host speaking engagements and I know Olmert is getting paid for this, Lets have Katsav host one and go on tour since he's not in jail. Livni has been let lose I'll wager she's next kind of weird.
10. WHY is he not in jail for the "Holyland apts.?" and more?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.25.11)
11. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (11.25.11)
the man should be at home under house arrest and not giving speaches in the name of israel. the man is a liar, a thief and should be put behind bars. hopefully soon soon he will join katzav and benizri. it is a disgrace that speaches be "bood" around the world.
12. Thanks, Ehud Olmert, for speaking!
Dorothea Killus ,   Germany   (11.25.11)
Of course we took you as a representative of Israel in Germany with what you said. And you had the courage to say it and to be straightforward. And thank you, Ynet, for making ist known. This as an answer also to Andream from Jerusalem (talkback Nr. 3).
13. Why would anyone want to listen to this
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.25.11)
failure and coward? The enemies of Israel should cheer him. He did a lot for them. olmert should not be allowed out of the country! When is he going to be tried and imprisoned?
14. Olmert is in Germany?
Vlad   (11.25.11)
How is it that a man in a trial is allowed to leave the country?
15. speach
colin   (11.25.11)
Finaly the ARABS are the best. !!! Anyime they disturb the lying criminal olmert trying to orate more lies and untruths ,it is good news.
16. comment # 7
fad egypt   (11.25.11)
was posted by mistake sorry for any inconvenience shalom
17. Protesting Olmert:Good! Done by Islamofascists: Bad!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.25.11)
18. Islamists living in Germany
Isac   (11.25.11)
I am just wondering how they can live in a free society without imposing their fascist views on other people? Such a disgrace for Europe. and Germany in particular.
19. #8: Yes, Olmert should go to jail AFTER a trial!
Israeli ,   The Galilee, Israel   (11.25.11)
Humiliation in Lebanon which still hasn't recovered? The humiliation, if there was one, is because YOUR President Bush forced a ceasefire on Israel and DID NOT enforce UN Sec Council Resolution 1701. Now Hezbollah is armed to the teeth and poses a far bigger threat to Israel than Iran. Also, the same president embarked on an illegal war on a country which NEVER attacked the USA and mislead the world about WMB's! His action caused the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqi civilians and American personnel, caused a civil war and spent trillions of dollars on that useless war! Unlike Katzav, he never raped anyone! We have former president going to jail when your one time crook president, Richard M. Nixon, was pardoned by President Ford! You don't live in Israel. Butt out! Think before you write!
20. Germany has become the home of Muzzie
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.25.11)
radicals...old and new Nazis + Muzzies...that's quite something...
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