Russia 'delivers missiles to Syria'
Published: 01.12.11, 20:11
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.01.11)
Israel navy will have its work cut out defending against Yakhont .
2. Dystopia
Sigmund   (12.01.11)
The Bolshevic Revolution was because of Kornilov and the supporters of the incompetent Romanovs and Kerenskies weakness and stupidity.Now Russia is a massive dystopia and the jews who contributed helped destroy two thirds of european jewry.The trotskies make the revolutions the Bronsteins pay the price.
3. nice to see the cold war never ended in the middle eastern
zionist forever   (12.01.11)
Russia is still playing the old games in the Middle East just the way in did during the Cold War when the arabs were all Soviet client states. They have sent warships to Syria and are planning to send their only aircraft carrier to protect Syria from NATO military action. Now at a time when Assad is killing thousands and even threatening Israel with war if anybody attacks him the Russians are sending him advanced cruise missiles. Some things never change.
4. Just take your time Israel
Mike M ,   Virginia,USA   (12.01.11)
It makes sense....why not wait until Iran fortifies its defenses, moves all essential nuclear material deeper underground, disperses its tactical forces, and formulates new contingency plans. Oh yes, and give time to Russia to bolster Iran and Syria's air and sea defenses... and possibly bring in several squadrons of fighter jets and park them at Iranian air bases...which would make any pre-emptive strike all but impossible. Sound like a great plan.
5. How furious were we?! No more caviar at my home!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.01.11)
6. Time to recognise Russia as a Partner to 'Axis of Evil'
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.01.11)
7. Russia feeding terrorists
Beary White ,   Norway   (12.01.11)
Strange how the world splits into the good and the bad. Many actually tought the Russia had learned something during WW2. That muslims actually joined forces with Hitler/Nazi/Mussolini. And now it seems the russians simply have forgot they lost 22million people to the nazi/muslims, and arming the same nations for more terrorisme.
8. Has Israel cancelled its drone sale to Russia?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.01.11)
Israel made the foolish decision to sell advanced drones to Russia - even intending to have them built in Russia. If that deal hasn't already been cancelled, it should be. As long as Russia is selling advanced armaments to Israel's enemies, Russia should get nothing from Israel. In the meantime, Israel will have to do like it did in the 1960s and 1970s. Somehow it must get hold of one of these systems, analyze how it works, and learn how to defeat it. This is not a "defensive" system. It's a grave threat not just to Israel's naval vessels but to Israel's offshore gas platforms.
9. Russia should CHOOSE and ACT responsibly.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.01.11)
10. Do the Russians think we are stupid?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.01.11)
We know that those missiles are already in Hezbollah's arsenal... Dare use them and we will nuke Russia... Its as simple as that...
11. same old russia
marcel   (12.01.11)
a russian comes to the US and learns how to set up a food factory. In russia, he has to pay bribes, and the state can't set up anything that is market oriented except for oil, guns and missiles and gun merchants. And they would sell them to hitler if he was alive who would then kill russians who would still sell him even secret missiles. Putin though educated, is cast from the same old soviet and has a chip on his shoulder from childhood. He has to be challenged to be part of responsible nations otherwise he will end up like kaddaffi by his own people who are getting sick of him and his oligarchs.
12. dagan and osiraq
alexi   (12.01.11)
In 1981, begin overruled mossad and peres and rightly smashed osiraq. In 2007, olmert overruled barak and smashed the syrian reactor. Now dagan who was a good mossad chief throws us his comments not to attack iran and warns that casualties willbe high. he offers the saudi peace plan and time as alternatives. First the saudi peace plan stinks and offers israel nothing. Israel has to control the keys to its own security, not condominiums otherwise it should go back topoland as zohar urges. Secondly, the decisions that are crucial need to be made by israeli leaders and not generals or mossad. They can give advice and that is it unless the leaders endanger the state. I have no interest to hear what halutz or even barak has to say cause they are all talk. But Israel should be rushing 10 iron dome batteries to the field in the next 90 days forcing the manufacturer to work double team around the clock. Israel needs more antirocket protection. furthur israel should get ready to eliminate rocket and missile concentrations and be ready to fight a multi front war with savage might. i could care less if dagan would vote for it.
13. Russia is what it is.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.01.11)
Their loyalty is to money and that's it. They don't care about anyone's security. As lonf as they can drink vodka all day long then the world can go to hell.
14. Since it's already done
Robert ,   NY USA   (12.01.11)
Isreal can use it for a good reason to obtain, build, and upgrade weapons. Press the US for lisenses to bulid F15's, F35's, maybe get F22's?
15. Russia should suffer horrendously for this
EZRA ,   USA   (12.01.11)
They aren't even a game changer, let alone a player anymore. THAT is the reality. What they did here is just jeapordize lives that won't change a thing yet will potentially devastate peoples lives. Hopefully, their BAD karma will visit them pronto; what a terrible call on Russias part: the US should stop helping those idiots in the caucus region and let them be overwhelmed by the enemy. A country that sees over 700,000 in alcohol related deaths a year deserves as much. What a backward brood of lunatics.
16. #10 not one of your brightest posts ;-(
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.01.11)
Israel won't nuke Russia! Russia plays by different rules and in many ways held back Iran's nuclear program more than any other country. Delay after delay after delay.
17. @7. Funny, a few days ago I read a report about Russians and
Kazakhs, that they have the Worst Memory in the earth lol
18. #8 - of course Israel hasn't cancelled the drone sale.
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (12.01.11)
Israel knows so much about those drones that they would be worse than useless against Israel. And what makes you think that Israel didn't already take the actions that you suggest?
19. Sara B
Daniel ,   jerusalem   (12.01.11)
Sara I sometimes read your tailbacks and find you quite outgoing, I can sometimes relate to your comments.... But to Nuce Russia ??? Are you serious ? That would be the last move Israel would ever make.... It would be like Nucing China......... Suicide. Im sure you are joking....
20. The Largest Business on earth
Joe Harkins ,   USA   (12.02.11)
The Russians sell arms to anyone that we will not sell them too. Its all about money. The Soviet Union would have never risked a war over Syria in 1973 and they will NOT do it now..Leonid Breshnev said this even though there were hundreds of Soviet advisers in Syria at the time. Some people still echo the nonsense they heard as kids and cannot shake loose from it.. The phony cold war is over . Most people who talk about Communism do NOT even know what it is. Russia knows how easily we can defeat those missles.. Russia and China are our partners in the war against terrrorism . All 3 of us have the same enemies. We no longer need to pretend we are enemies of each other to keep industries churning. Yes - The world has a very real enemy for the first time since 1945. Its called Islamic Terrorists . Lets concentrate on them and cut the China, Russia nonsense. I have been listening to that rubbish since I entered first grade in 1956.
21. absolutely!, defensive against any defense force
observer ,   Egypt   (12.02.11)
22. Russia
Marshall ,   Santa Ana, CA   (12.02.11)
It's been a devious sneaky devil all the way through. Furthermore Putin knows how weak is Obama so he just piles on everything to undermine us. If we had decent hardnosed aggressive leadership in DC, Russia wouldn't pull their SOVIET STYLE garbage on us.
23. The cruise missiles will be given to the Hezbutts.
Scott ,   USA   (12.02.11)
This will make naval landings very difficult -- until drones blow up the radars.
24. Nr 19 and 10.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (12.02.11)
Well I am not so sure nr 10 is Sarah. Your post is right as such though. But this is what happens when the doctrine of Miltary option as a last resort fails, the rest of the World cant halt is life for to follow this Doctrine by the Usefull Idiots of the West If action had been taken in due time against Israels Foes in this case, nothing of those problems would have happen. Arn.Sweden.
25. 1m IDF Pales the LAPD, Folks
Noah Lev ,   Los AngelesUSA   (12.02.11)
Hitler blamed the Russians, Slavs, Jews, gypies and LGTS for Germany's defeat WW1 and current stagnation ( not to forget the treaty). Soooo, he aspired to end the above people, "eliminate" them, with all its consequences. But for a few bigo mistakes, he might have succeeded (not killing off the armies at Dunkird, and invading Britain). Murdering the Jewish potential for the Reich accomplished nothing but to satisfy his meglomanic sociopathic ideals. 7m Germans in the greater Reich died as a result. The Waffen SS division organized to kill ever Jew in Palestine, never was consumated (Rommel was defeated). Russis, to use we Jews against the West, voted yes for Isael..until Arab oil became more important to their empire. So that is reality. Russia now is playing spoiler agaqin..suporti9ng Syria while Assad murdes his own people, and Iran threatens with anti-sub cruise missiles, missiles similar to the S-300s, etc, to derfend their nuke sites ( threatening US cities and Israel, if they are attacked). So the anti is again upped, the stakes higher. If Hez gets a few missiles, will they fire them at Israeli vessels? If so, then what? Israel has 500 nukes, including tactical, and 1megt. artillery shells with WMD, warplanes drones, helicopters, 1m man/woman army...a small but powerful navy ( 5 Dolp;hin subs with tactical nukes). Who will attack Israel first and who will join in? 2-4 nukes over Fatahland, Hamastan, the Litani south, Damacus, Allepo, Moscow, Tehraqn Istanbul...might just change facts on the ground. I assuming Israel wake ups to the reality of its plight. My suggestion: bomb Hezbollah enclaves to dust...then see what happens. My guess, Syria and Iran will do nothing but send a few terrorist teams to infiltrate the borders. We can take care of them..millins of Jews and Christians are getting sick and tired of these Islamist thugs. Woe to Iran and Sryia if any of the Republican candidates are elected, defeating the quisling in office currently.
26. missles
paul ,   yeovil england   (12.02.11)
russia is just trying to start another arms race, to keep us all poor and looking the other way, its just a diversion,,,,,and they need money thier boarders and resourse....oil gas
27. Re #2 Sigmund
John ,   Alaska   (12.02.11)
The Russian Revolution happened because of a few idealists who were taken advantage of by many opportunists, because a few people wanted change and many people wanted power. The religious beliefs of the participants were not important, opportunism and love of power were.
28. These missiles can hold the Eastern Med hostage
John ,   Alaska   (12.02.11)
Terrorists can use them to threaten any seagoing vessel. This sale opens a door that sane people would want to remain closed.
29. Israel should arm and train all dissadent
jason white ,   afula, israel   (12.02.11)
groups in russia,except for neo nazis and islamofascists. Any group that will spread terror and death in putin's russia deserves our help. We should also sell to all the countries neighboring russia. Let them get the most modern weapons and weapon systems to defend again the russian enemy.
30. # 19- Shut up
Sarah B, ,   U.S.A / Israel   (12.02.11)
Who asked for your opinion. I want bloodshed on a bibilcal scale. I want a plague on all my enemies. I want to laugh as the everlasting winter falls on all of us... A plague on all our houses. Mwahahahaha
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