'Jew-hate stems from conflict'
Menachem Gantz
Published: 03.12.11, 08:29
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31. Self Hating Jew
john sombrero ,   usa   (12.03.11)
He is a Self Hating Jew.
32. Learn some history, John
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (12.03.11)
There were no Muslims 1700 years ago!
33. Gutman the Political Hack
Yoshinkan ,   New York, USA   (12.03.11)
Gutman is nothing but a Democratic Party hack. Obama's lackey who does his master's wishes. I can never understand why the Jews in the USA overwhelmingly support the Democrat Party. The Democrats are rife with Socialists, Communists who condone Muslim extremism. Democrats are big taxing, big spending, big government, anti free speech, anti personal property, and anti individual gun ownership. Jews in the USA are ignorant and self destructive. Perhaps six million murdered wasn't enough to learn from. Make no mistake, Obama and the Democrats are the enemy of free will and personal freedom for the USA and Israel.
Roy ,   Miami   (12.03.11)
DON'T vote for him ever again.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (12.03.11)
In many arab countries , the local arabs were butchering jews in the streets without mercy ,and this was happening long before Israel existed .In other words ,arabs were murdering jews in arab countries many years before 1948 .You Mr. Gutman are talking bollocks.
36. gutman democrat fundraier
moron ,   galut   (12.03.11)
not the brightest thing to do unless you want americato be like belgium!
37. He is not right
Beverly L ,   Toronto Canada   (12.03.11)
Your statement may have had a chance of being true if the Koran did not specifically refer negatively to both Jews and Christians and if Islamic fundamentalists were nt following literal interpretations. They never accepted the idea of a Jewish state in the 1920's and massacred people in Hebron long before the re-creation of the state. They were aligned with Hitler and often talk about completing his work. Islamist societies do not accept any minorities. Try becoming a citizen of Saudi Arabia, UAE etc. These are closed intolerant societies and the targets are not just Jews, it is anyone different from themselves.
38. Gutman
Martin Gray ,   United States   (12.03.11)
Shocking is not the word I would use; a panderer, ignorant of history. Anyone who does not understand the hatred of Jews in the Arab world preceded the creation of the State of Israel and the conflict with the Palestinians is intentionally ignorant of the facts. The policies of Hassan al-Bana, Father of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Mohammed Amin Al-Hassayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who allied himself with the racial policies of the Nazis, existed long before Israel became a State. How does Gutman account for the expulsion of Jews from every Arab country before this so-called conflict existed? His statements are far more revealing of how Democrat Jewish supporters of Obama view the State of Israel and its right to exist and defend itself. The 2012 election cannot get here fast enough. It is the responsibility of every American Jew to get rid of Obama and people like Gutman.
39. U.S.Department of State has...
Gideon Reader   (12.03.11)
...quite diplomatically formalized and institutionalized corporate ignorance and intransigence at all echelons of the vaunted Foreign "service". Look closely at the DOS seal and you will find the Latin words "We Be Dumb", and a long unbroken series of crude stupidity to prove that credential.
40. #32 Quite true Geoff, London UK
Moragh   (12.03.11)
100% true Geoff. But they sure are being bred today. Making up for lost time, I guess!
41. Geoff The Religion of peace were slaughtering Jews in 600 AD
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.03.11)
The martyr wannabes on the Turkish "freedom flotilla" were singing of the massacres by the army of Mohammed PBUH
42. Unfounded, ill-informed, misleading comments!
Mina ,   Israel   (12.03.11)
Please learn the facts. Unlike you, we, Jews/Israelis with Jewish ancestors who also lived in Arab countries, are fully aware of the facts about how the hatred & violence by Arabs/Muslims has started centuries before the establishment of Israel and before the 67 war. The Arabs/Muslims did not mention Palestinians/Palestine before 67 as they simply did not exist; they were merely Arabs living in Gaza that belonged to Egypt and in the West Bank that belonged to Jordan. Your comments totally unfounded, ill-informed & misleading. They are also dangerous towards Jews/Israelis, as you seem to engage in the traditional acts of blaming the Jews/Israelis who are the victims here, for being hated, which could inciting more hatred and violence towards them. How can a a person in your position be so ill-informed and careless? Not to mention a Jewish person, who should know better!?
43. What Gutman failed to recognize
Joe ,   Canada   (12.03.11)
The argument is unconvincing that antisemitism/antizionism in the Muslim world is essentially the result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict & that a peace settlement would reduce or eliminate hatred as a source of this type of antisemitism. True, reliable peace is unlikely to be reached in the foreseable future & it would not resolve the major obstacle which are in the tenets of Islam: Muslim do not accept to live under the rule of non-Muslims. In the case of the Palestinians they never protested or resisted under the rule of the Turks & they only became nationalists when Israel became an independant state. As long as the vast majority of Muslims are educated as they are still now with only religion as a source of their thinking there is no rational result to expect. In addition to this prime factor, Gutman fails to point to the use of antisemitism made by all kinds of demagogic Muslim politicians & dictators to advance their agenda in the traditional play of the scapegoat to distract from the real problems of which they are part. For the extreme radicals of Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.... Israel is only one of the obstacles in their dream of imposing their brand of Islam everywhere. Even if Israel did not exist they would still aim for further expansion by any means & finding other scapegoats among the "crusaders" & other miscreants.
44. Such bullshit
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (12.03.11)
what excuse does he have for Hitler? What excuse for the muslims murdering one anther and Jews are still the most favored enemy? Gimme a break.
45. Obama's the Saudi's paid stooge
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (12.03.11)
can hardly wait for Obama to be voted out on a rail.
46. Shouldn't be stunned, there is truth to that
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (12.03.11)
Even in pre-Israel Palestine, Arabs, Christians and Jews lived together in peace. Zionism changed the face of the Jewish people, and how their neighbors perceived them.
47. i also apologizing in advance ?
eporue ,   europe   (12.03.11)
GUTMAN ("bad guy") said: there are (1) "traditional anti-semitism" (2) muslim anti-semitism. he then says, that (2) "muslim anti-semitism" can be "significantly diminished" by a peace-treaty.... then GELBART ("good guy", german attorney) speaks... and - read it again - he really misses the point quite a bit, when he then cleary talks about (2), the "traditional anti-semitism", the european anti-semitism - he cites their phrases, and the changes... sorry, but who questioned that...? a peace treaty WOULD "significantly diminish" the muslim-hatred - gutman is right about that... and it would also take a lot of the wind out of the sails of other (european) anti-semites...
48. Gutman
B Yaphe ,   Toronto Canada   (12.03.11)
The ambassador would do well to read Martin Gilbert's In Ishmael's House. A little knowledge goes a long way in helping one form making an ass of themselves in a public forum.
49. No wonder this guy is a Prolific funraiser
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.03.11)
for Hussein Obama he's just echoing Obamas beliefs.Under any other President this guy would be called back to Washington for a reprimand.He's an appointee not a professional he's condoning Antisemitism on behalf of the U.S. Govt.If thats his belief should i attack every Muslim and Arab i see due to the Mid East problems. This guy is is not just an idiot he's a bad guy to represent the U.S.A.
50. Response to "He's absolutely right."
DR ,   Stamford, CT   (12.03.11)
I know Howard Gutman, and he is a supporter of Barack Obama with little knowledge or respect for his Jewish heritage. He was appointed by Obama. He is one of those J street people, and he is self-serving and fawns all over himself. He knows nothing about Israel. He has never been to Israel. Howard Gutman is all about idolizing and self-promoting himself to the highest grandeur.
51. The rotten Jews among us.
Zingo   (12.03.11)
Having for a leader Obama, should surprise no one in the US or Israel that a Gutman is capable of being a " superb porte-parole " for his administration. Kapos did exist before.
52. Gutman and Paneta.
Spencer ,   Israel   (12.03.11)
Both these two individuals have shown their ignorance of historical facts. Both of them have expressed exactly how the White House thinks under the presidency of this terrorist appeasing Bakak HUSSEIN Obama. Their solution to "Peace in the Middle East" is the destruction of Israel. Well, hopefully ALL three of them will be out of office soon and others who really care about western civilisation, the USA's image in the world and the relationship between the closest friend and ally that the uSA has....Israel. will take their place.
53. Obama appointee
herb glatter ,   hood river, or, usa   (12.03.11)
from Gutman entry April 2008 re: Obama
54. another self-hating Jew
Scott ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (12.03.11)
Muslim anti-Semitism is not based solely on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's a result of years of anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda & pure hatred. I am all for reaching out to the Muslims and trying to resolve cultural differences, but it can't be done by Israel apologizing for its existence or its policies, which are moral & ethical. Israel is the only country in the Mideast to give Arabs full democratic rights & reason for the stalemate with the palestinians is because Fatah rejects peace with Israel. Since he was an invited guest, the ambassador should have stayed to listen to other comments, but obviously he didn't want to hear from anyone who disagreed with him.
55. This really shows what a groveling weasel he is
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (12.03.11)
Typical he looks like a little cowardly weasel and acts the part perfectly.
56. I do not think that a peace treaty
Stefan ,   Düsseldorf, Germany   (12.03.11)
or some concessions will change the attitude of the Palestinians. They will take concessions as a new starting point. Without a change in their attitude first, nothing can be achieved ... how can one expect Israel to sit down with people at a table, if there is - for example - something like a Hamas charter.
57. Islam's Vile MURDEROUS Jew Hate Stems fromThe Koran & Hadith
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (12.03.11)
The U.S. Ambassador DECEIVES for Islam. "When asked in a recent survey if Jews should be killed “wherever they hide — be it behind stones, or trees — per their Islamic Hadith,” 73 percent of Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza answered in the affirmative." 73 percent of PA Muslims believe strongly in breaking G-D's Holy, eternal, unchanging Law: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER G-D does NOT give a free pass to break his Holy Laws to any religion-totalitarian political system! Islam's WAR is against the Holy One - Master of the Universe and against G-D's Holy Laws. Who will be so foolish as to make WAR against G-D?
58. Has the Ambassador ever lived among Muslims?
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (12.03.11)
I was born and raised among Muslim in Turkey from1950 to 1980. Before there was even a state of Israel there was anti Semitism (or let me call it anti Jewish to help Ali understand) among some Muslim Turks so that n 1936 the Jewish community of the town of Kirklareli was attacked by Muslim mobs, Jewish homes and stores were destroyed, women raped man assaulted with knives (among them a relative of mine). n 1941 two at Jewish / anti non Muslim laws were passed one to over tax them confiscating all their belongings and wealth and sending man to the Ashkale labor camp, the other to re draft them to a so called 2nd military service and sending young Jews to labor camps in Afyon (Where my father went) and Yozgat. There was no Israel at that time and no such conflict. Mr. Ambassador should have known some history before making comments. PS: In the midst of all these incidents in Turkey there was always many righteous Muslim Turks who stood up against these laws and pogroms some even taking risks to protect their non Muslim neighbors.
59. Antisemitism is a word invented against JEWS, no one else
Alba ,   Adria, Italy   (12.03.11)
There is no such a thing as an ETHNIC group called "semite"! There are so-called semitic languages, but, except in the minds of RACISTS, there are no semites. Certainly, arabs were ABSOLUTELY NOT included in 1897 when the term "Antisemitismus" was coniated and first used, and actually Arabs were at the forefront of the ANTISEMITIC NAZI MOVEMENTS all over Asia and North Africa. Haj Amin Al Husseini, the supreme muslim authority, even LIVED in Berlin 1941-1943, founded the SS Kosova division with Bosnian and Albanian Muslims. In Iraq there were NAZI pogroms (the Farhoud) in 1941!! The irony is that the antisemitic butchers are twisting history and now claim the role of victims of antisemitism!
60. Gutman needs some history lessons
J ,   US   (12.03.11)
Gutman needs some history lessons Muslims have hated Jews, Christians & all other non-mulims for centuries.
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