Egypt Brotherhood says won't impose Islamic values
Roee Nahmias, AP
Published: 03.12.11, 22:51
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1. If you are pushing Sharia Law down the people's throats
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (12.03.11)
Then you are pushing your cult religion down every ones throats. Sharia law isn't needed to have a judicial system. Stop lying about what you are promoting to the people. They didn't kick out the leadership to be led around by the nose by a bunch of fanatical muslim morons. They just got rid of one dictator. So now the nutty muslim clergy want to become the next group of dictators to rule Egypt????
2. anyway
fad egypt   (12.03.11)
israel is the one who is going to pay in any case , because egypt will move towards iran and turkey and that thanks to hussein obama stupidity , anyway i want to leave the country !!! shalom
3. talk is cheap now lets seem them back up words with actions
zionist forever   (12.03.11)
We have already had some kill the Jews rallies so not off to a very good start are they?
4. Money+Investments+Tourists must be leaving Egypt really fast
Alan ,   SA   (12.03.11)
5. We should not forget who murdered Sadat in cold blood.
Silkey ,   Denmark   (12.03.11)
6. Islamic values ?.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.04.11)
7. Egypts elections
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (12.04.11)
by choosing the islamists, Egypts future progress will stop under sharia law. A poor, overcrowded country, mostly relying on US aid and tourism where development will stop. May God have mercy on the millions of Egyptians misleaded by the islamists. But there is hope: if they really tolerate and cooperate with other religions, like Judaism, Christianity, things might change for the better. Shalom from Holland
8. Fad, my invitation still stands-come2Haifa
HaifaGuy   (12.04.11)
So let's see... Remember 1933? "The National Socialist Party": there's nothing wrong with National! there's National Insurance, National Postal Service, National holidays - all nice and harmless. Now, "Socialist": nothing wrong with that either. You ever been to Denmark of Norway? Plenty of socialism there, yet no rivers of blood flowing down the cobbled avenues (yet!) However, put them together and we get Heil Hitler! And now, ladies&gents, to the nail of the evening: The Muslim Brotherhood (drum roll, please). No need to expand, is there?
9. No Sharia uber alles?Who are Islamists kidding?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.04.11)
10. lest we forget aboud al zumour
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (12.04.11)
leader of the assasination of sadat, whose cell mate under mubarak was zawahari (now leading al queda). now a leader in gama'a islamiya. largest election winner so far. let us also not forget, talat fuad qasim, to whom denmark gave asylum, (no. 5). not forgetting also luxor and taba and a host of other incidents from gama'a, including the westerners who (not least of them the bbc types) so applauded the fall of mubarak without a thought for what was to come. perhaps like jimmy carter they think that moslem extremists, islamists, are all aspiring (left-wingish) christians (self styled people of peace) like themselves. well that policy does seem to be unravelling, dangerously so. mr. begin, and mr. sadat probably knew that too. would begin have taken the chance? the return of so much strategic depth, if not forced to, on a chance, a reasonable chance, of an enduring peace. i don't know.
11. Whom you are kidding??????????!!!!!!!!
ASHER ,   NY,USA   (12.04.11)
12. No. 1
sarah palin ,   alaska   (12.04.11)
stay warm and do not bother us with your infdel thuoyghts
13. That's what the Mullahs said before hijacking the revolution
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.04.11)
Then murdering tens of thousands to stay in power
14. Personal freedoms&Sharia are incompatible. See Saudi/Iran
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (12.04.11)
15. Muslim Brotherhood & Sharia
Armand ,   Los Angeles, USA   (12.04.11)
When will the next elections take place in Egypt? Or Will the MB turn into the next dictatorial regime? My condolences to the Christians in Egypt all the 8/9 millions of them! Maybe Christians (copts) should create a SEPARATIST MOVEMENT and fight for creating the NEW and INDEPENDENT COPT COUNTRY in the Sinai Peninsula?????? If not; Copts will face Dhimitude and extinction..... As to the MB claims to the West it is just another exercise in the art of TAKKIYAH! Poor Egyptians,...back to the stone age,........
16. Continued Conflict a certainty
Sibyl ,   Tallahassee, FL   (12.04.11)
If the Muslim Brotherhood does not impose Islamic values, it will be the constant target of the more radical and violent Islamic groups. This means the conflict is far from over. Until Islam resolves its internal idealogical inconsistencies (in its writings) and settles on a humane way to practice their religion, the warring will go on and on interminably.
17. YAH, RIGHT!!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (12.04.11)
Yo may as well destroy the pyramids while you are at it. Iran also has basic sharia laws. There is nothing baic about it. How do you get basic if you are to cover from head to toe? Egypt is cooked. England will get a lot more citizens very soon.
18. Hopeless, just hopeless
Dony ,   Canada   (12.04.11)
What a disaster for Israel, for Egypt, for the world. Those educated Egyptians who bled for true democracy will be clammering to get out of this cesspool as there's only one way to go.................a downward spiral. Hopeless, just hopeless.
19. I await the first shitrea beheading.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.04.11)
C-Low ,   US   (12.04.11)
Prepare. War with Egypt and on the Sinai will be coming. The Brotherhood will solidify their political gains making sure no liberal organizations will ever have a chance of pulling off a electoral win like they did. Then it will be just a matter of time.
21. Islam and human rights?????
Natan ,   USA   (12.04.11)
Are you kidding me????
22. #8 Not sure on Haifa
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.04.11)
I don't think I have ever met anyone who actually liked Haifa that wasn't from there (I never asked any Haifatim how they liked it though). I've also never met anyone who, having the choice of the two with enough money to live in Tel Aviv, picked Haifa over Tel Aviv. It could be worse though; you could be inviting him to Tiveria.
23. I actually do see a similarity between Obama and the MB
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.04.11)
Let's all remember this is just the party line until after the election. Like our president in the US did, the MB is making lofty promises that they will drop once the elections are over. Once again millions of voters will be regretting their choice. I hope no one really believes that these guys won't form a coalition with the openly radical party.
24. Liar Liar
LH ,   USA   (12.04.11)
Kafeeya on fire!
25. #2-Fad: Get out of there while you still can.
Allan ,   Delray Beach   (12.04.11)
The future does not bode well for the Egyptian people. Our door is always open.
26. Egypt Elections
achsosad   (12.04.11)
Muslim Brotherhood.... nuff said.... goodbye Egyption Freedom. You can now start bowing to your 'Dark ages god'. Sad to see another muslim country going down the drain.
27. Seems Egypt has now gone
041211   (12.04.11)
DOWN THE TUBE and can only get worse with the Brotherhood killers taking over the country. Decent Egyptians should get the hell out as quickly as possible. Stay where you are and you have only murder and slaughter before you.
28. fad egypt
04122011   (12.04.11)
get the hell out as quick as you can.
29. And Leopards will sport square spots
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (12.04.11)
And Egypt will not starve, And Gas will be pumped out And Tourists will come flocking back And Islam is not on self destruct
30. Didn't Hamas make the same promises?
Cameron ,   USA   (12.04.11)
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