'Citizenship Law – declaration of war on Israeli Arabs'
Hassan Sha'alan
Published: 12.01.12, 17:32
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1. Feigning Innocence
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.12)
It is every Arab's dream to destroy the state of Israel. Not unlike the Leftists, who long ago threw out the belief in right and wrong, moral and immoral, and use the legal system to redefine reality, witht the goal of destroying the rights and security of the Jewish people.
2. would she swear loyalty to the state of israel?
zionist forever   (01.12.12)
I don't see why this law is breaking up families, she still has a residency permit to be in Israel with her family pretty much the only thing she does not have is citizenship and all the rights that would give her. If we offered her citizenship in exchange for swearing an oath of loyalty to the State of Israel ( the enemy of her people ) would she say I would do that if it would allow me to become a loyal Israeli citizen or would she be in court saying its unreasonable to demand me do that? If your not willing to swear loyalty to the state and contribute towards its security you don't belong here and this woman should be glad of the freedoms she has been granted. As for the bleeding heart human rights groups well they can go to hell, Tel Aviv might be full of liberal idealists but the rest of the country is not.
3. Citizenship Law Absolutely Necessary to PROTECT Israel !
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (01.12.12)
It is a highly ethical decision to defend Israel from Muslim conquest! One of the ways Muslims are achieving conquest is via demographics. Many millions of Muslims are colonizing Europe, the UK and other countries. Muslims openly declare their goal is Muslim conquest of Europe and the UK where they declare they will rule as masters over their host countries' peoples, and impose Islamic sharia law were non-Muslims will have NO human rights. Conquest via demographics. Winning the war against non-Muslims without firing a single shot.
4. 22 arab countries welcome you
5. 'Citizenship Law – declaration of war on Israeli Arabs'
George Fazzah ,   Los Angeles, Ca., US   (01.12.12)
This is a great example of the so called "Only democracy in the Middle East". Aren't these the same actions taken by the Nazis against Jews in Germany.
6. Anti Arab discrimination shameful
Jose Heinert ,   Clearwater, US   (01.12.12)
Weren't jews similarly discriminated against in Germany and other European countries, with clearly discriminatory policies in employment, educational opportunities, property rights and citizenship, not that long ago. Yet the Israeli state, now controlled by extreme racist, right-wingers (many of them Rssians, who emigrated to Israel due to similar discriminatory practices). How do you explain this? How can you justify this? I use to be pro-Israeli. No longer.
7. You're an ignorant paranoid lunatic
Guess who ,   Guess where   (01.12.12)
Please see subject heading
8. Regarding the Arab Lady and Medical Insurance
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (01.12.12)
Article: "I wake up each morning fearing something will happen to him at work, because in case of an accident he is not entitled to adequate medical treatment. The law basically says 'you can all die,'" she said. End of quote. Is this lady unaware that massive numbers throughout the world have no medical insurance? For her to state that the law says, 'you can all die' is very wrong, a HORRIBLE LIE, extremely inflammatory, and is hate incitement. It should also NEVER be forgotten that some of the huge, Muslim Middle Eastern countries are swimming in trillions of oil dollars. Why are these incredibly wealthy countries never expected to contribute a single dollar to humanity?
9. Feigning Innocence
Ross Gallen ,   HENDERSON   (01.12.12)
Paul got it exactly right!
10. The Citizenship Law must be permanent.
Vlad   (01.12.12)
Time for the Knesset to pass legislation banning residents of the Palestinian territories, Palestinian refugee camps, and descendants of residents from automatic citizenship once they marry.
11. Does this apply to Israeli Arabs...
Robert ,   USA   (01.12.12)
or just those in Judea and Samaria? Does it apply to Israeli Arabs who live in Israel and are already citizens?
12. It seems necessary even for Jews.
nibor ,   israel   (01.12.12)
But when you serve in the army, I suppose that is a declaration of loyalty. It's only fair that people swear some kind allegiance to the country they live in. Jews have been doing it for centuries.
13. don't understand these tears....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.12.12)
dear not-yet-citizens.... the law is clear.... you only need to state, that you "identifies with the State of Israel and that he or his family members have cooperated with Israel or made a contribution to Israel's security." you can't do it? you will not do it? so you will not get the citizenship... it is this way or no way....
14. No country allows in hostile enemy citizens! If Israel is so
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.12.12)
bad why don't they move to WB & Gaza ?
15. Citizenshi Law: A lot to do about nothing
mba ,   Israel   (01.12.12)
Those who wish to remain in the occupied territories or annex them should not be bothered one way or the other concerning this decision. The only difference is a virtual line drawn in the sand. The same number of palestinians remain. Actually, a two state solution is the only solution to this problem.
16. Yes, keep the family together, move to gaza.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.12.12)
17. # 5
Reuven ,   Petach Tikvah   (01.12.12)
The answer in one word 'NO'
18. State is avoiding civil war. Arabs brainwashed from birth in
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.12.12)
hatred,rejection and racist lies by their leaders in their official publications
19. @5 Forget Dar Al Islam dreams of "2 Palestines side by side"
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.12.12)
Thats why the Arabs have kept the "refugees" as an "open sore" practicing a policy of apartheid against their brothers. The enemy within the gates is just that. If you have any doubts look up the hatred and incitement the Arabs are pumped full of from an early age. Look up Palestine Media Watch or MEMRI which is a direct rercording.
20. @Jose Its anti hostile brainwashed in hatred people .!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (01.12.12)
21. sorry Linda this time its a "no go" for your comments
Sarai Ben Yehuda ,   Israel   (01.12.12)
usually I read you and think about what you say. But this time, sorry my friend, your comments don't belong here. You are a citizen of the United States. You are a Christian. and this time unfortunately those are two strikes to many... this is an Israeli question for Israeli Jews and Israeli Muslims and Israeli Christians. You don't fall into any of those categories so this one time please do keep your opinion to yourself. sorry and you another time but not today.
22. Can't wait to see what happens when...
100% Sephardi Jew ,   Israel   (01.12.12)
this law is applied to the convienently converted previously non-Jewish spouse of the right wingers in the Administered Territories. Better yet can't wait to see it applied to the 75% of Russians who only have a Jewish grandfather and NOT a Jewish grandmother (whatever will Mr. Liberman do for his constituency?)
23. George Fazzah #5 you must mean America
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.12.12)
Because that law is based on American laws. Which also do not allow automatic citizenship of foreigners marrying American citizens. When are you going to protest your own country's laws? Hypocrite.
24. these selective israeli arabs are wrong. these fellows are
ralph   (01.12.12)
still fighting the war . they care not for isreali arabs. or israel. not loyal citizens. besides arab countries are just so fantastic the party in israel should move there. obviously more democratic in these arab countries. so they should choose to leave imperfect israel.
25. obviously israel is not what they want. so move already.
ralph   (01.12.12)
26. Arabs can move 10 km and be united with family
Marco ,   Spain   (01.12.12)
what is the big deal? why comparisons to Nazi Germany? How does it compare?
27. Let them move to Ramallah.....
SO EASY   (01.12.12)
Nobody is stopping them from being together. This is just another trick to infultrate and get benefits from Israel.
28. Again! Why can't my son live in Holland!
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.12.12)
He is married to a Dutch Citizen but has to live in Belgium and work in Belgium because Dutch Law does NOT allow Residence to spouses of Dutch Citizens!
29. Bigger picture: Balance via BIG ISRAEL, nonviolent transfer!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (01.12.12)
30. This is not racism
Sabra ,   ZinZibar   (01.12.12)
A Bedouin should die for the security of Israel but his family reunification his wife his kids ....... he can go to supreme court ...and there he can have the best .F...... as a gift for his loyalty to the state
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