Likud activists: Boycott Netanyahu
Yair Altman
Published: 22.01.12, 22:59
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1. It amazes me
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (01.22.12)
that people who love this country are actually still voting for Likud.
2. deja vu
cristian ,   argentina   (01.22.12)
history repeats itself again and again,comparing it looks like the reading of the jews on the books of moses,the reading,the end to read and read again,but after moses came joshua,david and psalms,proverbs and solomon,the prophets and finally the messiah,it is a story of evolution and not repeat,the bible finish writing before the arrival of him and then came the fulfillment of the prophecy,the destruction of the temple,the dispersion of the jews,the preaching of all the ends of the earth to all languages and the reunion of the jews in the holy land,what need now? his revelation
3. Bibi has lost his mandate
Enough! ,   Israel   (01.22.12)
He either obeys party lines or he's out
4. Hello???
Jacob ,   US   (01.23.12)
These people would rather stay at home than vote? and let Bibi Win? go and vote for Feiglin! Hes been there the whole time!
5. Dumb Stupid Advice
joe sombrero ,   usa   (01.23.12)
Boycotting Elections wll put Bibi in stronger position and possibly add Barak vote for feiglen or another likud rightest
6. Boycott is the right measure. Get out of PM seat, now
Miron ,   USA   (01.23.12)
7. Huge mistake
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.23.12)
Bibi will ignore party rules and announced that he won by a landslide. Go out and vote for Feiglin - the only true Jew willing to challenge Bibi and his ego. We can make a difference.
8. Dumb Stupid Idea Part 2
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (01.23.12)
This is the dumbest stupidest idea I ever heard of in my life. Boycotting primaries would put more power into Prime Minister Netanyahu's camp. It might also allow Ehud Barak to be included on the list. If you're going to vote and make a statement vote for Moshe Feiglin. If you do not vote and boycott you are handing Netanyahu a leftist victory. Don't repeat the mistake of last election by repeating the same mistakes.This sounds like a Netanyahu and Barak plan to undermined the settlement forces.
David ,   USA   (01.23.12)
B.B., whenever Israel cedes to Arab, Hussein Obama & Euro requests, the worse it gets for the Jews & Israel. You gave up Gaza. Remember Israel & the world's Gaza First Theory. If they behave , you will give them more. You gave and they showered you with rockets & worse & now they want everything ! Islamists are crooked terrorists incarnate! Look what evil lurks now! Whenever you stray from God's commandment ,"Thou shalt settle the land," the worse it gets. No matter how much pressure & how difficult, do not cower. Be strong & steadfast. The righteous will follow & support you!
10. Look at the slightly larger picture, please. As much as I'd
tom ,   tel aviv   (01.23.12)
love to have "strong" leader, with unshakable convictions, that's not how diplomacy/politics work. I think we do have larger problems to tackle at the international scale than temporarily evacuate an outpost. That's because I sincerly hope we'll put the idea of "Two countries for two peoples" firmly in the ground where it belongs. I volunteer to cover the head-stone expenses...
11. Not true!
Migron is legal!   (01.23.12)
It's not illegal at all. The Court brought a deeply flawed, ideologically/politically motivated decision. There is simply no "private" Arab owner of the lands of Migron. The whole case is a blatamt li, which is undermined by the fact that Peace Now was forced to withdraw the claim before the Supreme Court. Still, Beinisch was not interested in this fact one bit. Shame on all of them!
12. Migron will be no more - don't waste your vote
Elias   (01.23.12)
13. Q:What PM gave the first land of the first Jew to those that
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (01.23.12)
come to kill you? A:BB Give yourself a yellow magen Dovid if you also recognize BB as voting over&over&over&over again to destroy the lives of 10000 Jews and 22 Torah learning centers. Extra credit is given if you recognize that BB empowers the evil decrees by Barak against Jews living in the land of their own name and recognized as your mandate for your homeland.
14. silly boycott call.
Yisraeli   (01.23.12)
instead just vote for Moshe Feiglin I guarentee you he will not dismantle jewish homes. whats the brainer? simply turn up on masse and vote MF, that will put that mamzer bibi in his place. he can then join kadima like all the other drek.
15. Article is not accurate..
Aaron ,   Israel   (01.23.12)
The flier does not say to boycott the primaries. It says "Don't vote for Netanyahu!". It may not be comfortable for Ynet to report, but there is an alternative candidate in the Likud primaries, Moshe Feiglin. The flier is basically implying to vote for Feiglin and not Netanyahu.
16. Netanyahu the bulldozer
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.23.12)
As long as he bulldozes the Iranian nuke program, we'll overlook any of his other offenses.
17. Bibi, what goes around comes around!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.23.12)
We all remember the posters of Rabin, supported by many in the Likud, in a SS uniform! Now that is "illegal" but wearing a tractor is OK but you should have a helmet on! Our Prime Minister is using his "digger" to entrench his political hold on the country but it seems that he is using to dig up hatred by both his own people and those who were once "friends" of Israel!
18. #1 why vote likud
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.23.12)
In the last election, Netanyahu installed unelected people in the Likud list to make Likud less attractive. He managed to lose the Likud about 5 mandates. His plan was to have a weak Likud that would be "forced" to make a coalition with the corrupt Kadima and the failure Barak. Now he wants a very weak Likud so he can make a coalition with Lapid, Hanegbi (Kadima) and Shas to ethnically cleanse Judea and Samaria of Jews. A strong Likud will force Netanyahu to either follow the Likud constitution or quit and join a party more to his liking.
19. #17 enough already
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (01.23.12)
Enough with the blood libel. The SS uniform was drawn by Shabak Agent Avishai Raviv, apparently to delegitimize the Likud. Recently, the AG (I think the Leftist Lador) ruled that such a picture is protected freedom of speech. If you are really offended by the SS uniform, call for Lador's immediate dismissial and call for jailing of Avishai Raviv and suspension of his very generous government pension.
20. boycott? vote for
yosef   (01.23.12)
Feiglin. That will stick it to Bibi.
21. #9 "thou shalt settle the land"
Jonathanh ,   MN/US   (01.23.12)
Where exactly is that commandment? I dont see it anywere in the bible.
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