PA to submit Israeli sites to World Heritage List
Elior Levy
Published: 06.02.12, 00:36
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1. Difficult concept...
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (02.06.12)
Some bodies of water cross boundaries. The Dead Sea is inside the borders of Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Don't see the big deal here.
2. UNESCO doesn't care about preservation
Yair   (02.06.12)
If they had, they'd have said SOMETHING about Jordan's defilement of archeological sites.
3. Another Israeli Screwup
joe sombrero ,   usa   (02.06.12)
Netanyahu Voted against jewish heritage sites now the PA rubs our faces in mud. He voted against Jewish settlents on National Prority List. More Aapeasement
4. Despite UNSCR242 "peace partners" set borders not negotiate
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.06.12)
them through an ever compliant UN GA and their NGO zoo
5. Why bother breaking it down?
Jonah ,   Victoria, Canada   (02.06.12)
They've already claimed the entire country is theirs, and has been for thousands of years. Why the nickle and dime game?
6. Laughable
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.12)
Are they going to claim the Statue of Liberty next?
7. They can declare Bibi's ass to be a World Heritage site.
Kolumn9 ,   Soon in Judea   (02.06.12)
Is there anyone who actually pays attention to UNESCO world heritage sites?
stude ham   (02.06.12)
israel can do whatever it wants with its lands.
9. All the places mentioned in this article is
Israeli 2   (02.06.12)
10. Some yes and some no
David ,   San Francisco   (02.06.12)
How is Bethlehem, Nablus and Bethlehem NOT Palestinian sites? Those are 3 of the largest Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Area A zones. Even though the PA is not sovereign, these are clearly Palestinian sites. Any Israeli claim to them is delusional and only confirms the occupation. The dead sea is also in the west bank, although its only for the illegal settlers. Time to come to grips with reality Israel!
11. As usual
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.06.12)
The ragheads are inventing international laws. There is none that state that they have any legal claim to Judea and Samaria, or Jerusalem or even Gaza. There are such that state that they belong to us though.
12. Just keep attacking settlements
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (02.06.12)
Don't worry you left wingers. Just stay focused on the real problem, Jews living in Jewish settlements, right? So what if the sound of irrational war cries are getting too close for comfort, just bury your heads deeper in the ground. At least your gay tuch will still be sticking out to have the last word, unless they claim that first?
13. Blame the poor sods for everything, but not for lack of
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.06.12)
trying to square the circle! Pesky little Arab cousins are pouring all their (not considerable) energy in such futile endeavors, it almost makes me want to pat their heads: there, there..... One day they'll be able to declare everything they wish from their rightful home in Jordan, even the Dead Sea as thei own.
14. Yes, let's steal more Jewish sites
Mikey   (02.06.12)
Gave up on the Western Wall yet? Hebron and Efrat stood still 3,000 years before the Fakestinians were invented.
15. Also Jaffa is palestinian heritage site
David ,   UK   (02.06.12)
16. funny
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.06.12)
Jerusalem: a tiny city at the edge of the desert that became the capital of the world thanks to the Jew David. Bethlehem: a village that became important because of the birth of a Jew. Hebron: a city important because it was bought by the Jew Abraham, and is where the Jews Abraham, Issac and Jacob are buried. Shcem: the capital city of the Samaritans, a group of people who believe in Torah to this day. Tel-es-Sultan: a portion of Jericho that predates not only the Arabs, but also the Jews. Sebastia: a city famous because it was the capital city of some Jews. Qumran: a camp in the desert where some Jews lived. Anthedon: an ancient city in Gaza owned by the Catholic's The Arabs can keep Hisham's palace.
17. #10 - wrong as usual, like all detractors
Susan ,   DC, USA   (02.06.12)
It's a sin & a shame that so many people think all they have to do is say what they want & it automatically becomes true. But, to be specific, in this case, the point is not "who's sitting there now" but what it has always been HISTORICALLY. IOW, they are Jewish sites, not any belonging to a modern made-up designation. But I don't expect someone who uses the terms "occupation" & "illegal settlers" to accept facts.
18. UNESCO open the evil pandora box curry-favour PA arabs
mary of bethany ,   singapore   (02.06.12)
UNESCO blind to facts that a large Essene (Jewish) Community lived in that area since 8-7 C. ECE, settlement renewed during 2nd C. BCE, An earthquake (recorded by Josephus, Antiquities) damaged the buildings / Mikva during 31 BCE, settlements was abandoned which later returned during 1st C. CE. They stayed and faithfully copied the sacred scriptures, which many can even excavated dried ink-well. the settlements was destroyed finally during the revolt against Rome during 68 CE. where is palestinian ever mentioned in Qumran history, are there any excavated proofs of their link to Qumarn. UNESCO is history already, because they denied history, made a mockery at truth and history.
19. Outrageous! Where is Jaffa? Nazareth? Haifa?
Nour ,   One-State   (02.06.12)
Clearly the UN system is biased towards the "partition" narrative. What corrupt bunch.
20. the problem with UN personnel
chantalle.ezer ,   Frankfurt Germany   (02.06.12)
The majority of Un personnel are redundant politicians and scholars. They find employment either with an UN organization or EU and the most redundant with EU Parliament. This especially true for UNESCO. I am sure they have no idea where the Dead Sea is situated. Samaria Judaea what is this? The Palestinians are too bold and avaricious and will loose everything sooner or later. As usual. Ezer
21. Quite likely UNESCO admitted "Palestine" contrary to their
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.06.12)
Own charter They can only admitt a recognised state and they needed 129 votes not 107 Writing to UNESCO gets no reply from their legal dept
22. Cash strapped UNESCO has money for what Pals want.
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (02.06.12)
23. Israel has transfered
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.06.12)
Bethlehem [ we know the result : people fleeing from there ] ramallah and [ sadly ] Jericho to the PA . So they may ask those places to be named world heritage sites . For me they may also include in their list arafat's tomb , and why no this of Baruch Goldstein , who has send some of them to their heaven . The dead sea ? Always was Israeli territory , but , with their faking of Jewish and Israeli history it's their's for them too . For Tel Aviv they are too late , otherwise they would also have asked it . Was this town not build on ground Jews bought [ at sky high price ] from Arabs ?
24. Pakestinsin heritage?? Ha ha ha
Yael ,   Israel   (02.06.12)
I am sure the dead sea scrolls at Qumran extolled the glory of the Palestinians , dead sea area full of archaeological artifacts of Palestinian heritage . It lucky for them people are ignorant and the UN and it's agencies in the lead.
25. Nour , Yafo , Natzeret and Haifa are in Israel
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.06.12)
Look at a serious map of MY [ not your ! ] country . You did'nt accept this partition plan , attacked MY country , lost your first war against us [ you lost all the following wars too ] and now you cry as babies do . Don't forget that Yeroushalayim is also in Israel , was Jewish in the past , is Jewish today , and will be Jewish FOREVER .
26. I'm for giving east Jerusalem to the Palestinians
fed up   (02.06.12)
Hopefully the 300,000 Arabs of east Jerusalem neighborhoods will belong to the future Palestinian state and not to Israel. I'm kind of fed up with the new reality brought to us by the light rail system, where west Jerusalem city center became an Arab town - the east Jerusalem Arabs "discovered" the Jewish city center and now there are more Arabs filling the streets there than there are Jews. I feel like I'm in Ramallah instead of the Jewish state capital city.
27. Well, in response to that...
Matthias Roth ,   Switzerland   (02.06.12)
... Israel should suggest the Temple Mount as a World Heritage site!
28. To: No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.12)
There's a better option. Let's send the Arabs home to Arabia. Just remember what the Arabs of Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia did following Israel's glorious victory in the War of Independence did -- they expelled their Jewish populations, with little more than the clothes on their backs. Turnabout is fair play. Israel absorbed nearly all of those expelled Jews (a few from former French colonies found their way to France). Let's see how many of the 23 Arab states are willing to give a home to their brother Arabs. Of course, in light of the fact that Arabs continue to live in foetid displaced persons camps throughout the Arab world, I do not hold out much hope. But that's not Israel's problem, now, is it?
29. Okay, I can play this game
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.12)
I declare the ancient statues of Buddha in Afghanistan to be World Heritage Sites. Oh, wait! I can't, can I? The Taliban blew them up, didn't they? Strangely enough .... not a word out of UNESCO. Do you suppose they have a particular agenda? No supposition necessary -- they do. That's proven fact. Is that hypocritical, or what? Fire all the UNESCO so-called "officials." They aren't doing their job.
30. I wonder why Israel never claimed these sites...
Smadar ,   Ariel   (02.06.12)
Israel has been asleep at the wheel. Did really nobody ever think of submitting these sites to the UNESCO as heritage sites before? Or was it prevented by secular left-wingers who are ashamed of the ancient Jewish and other historic heritage in the land of Israel? None of the historic sites has any special connection to the "Palestinians" - they were built centuries, some even millenia, before Islam was founded and Muslims conquered the land of Israel and stayed to live here.
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