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Let them baptize Anne Frank
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 25.02.12, 21:24
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1. Baptisms for the dead
Britt Kelly ,   Houston, USA   (02.25.12)
I appreciate your open mind on this matter. as a Mormon, I don't consider those for whom we have been baptized...Mormon. it would give them the option. we do keep records in an attempt at organization..but we don't consider them Mormons. we believe it gives them the option, but that is all.
2. A voice of reason
Avigdor ,   Colorado Springs   (02.25.12)
Well stated Rabbi. There are more important things for us to be concerned about...just look around and I'm sure you'll agree. Enough distractions with issues that have no impact on what really threatens our Jewish people!
3. As long as they dont ask to use our Mikvas let them .
Alan ,   SA   (02.25.12)
4. It is not a religious but RUDE, VILE, FASCISTIC ACT.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (02.25.12)
5. Most American foods are Kosher, does that make me Jewish?
Steven Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.25.12)
Am I right to complain that almost every item in an American grocery store is Kosher, and I am forced to eat it or go hungry, even though I'm Catholic.
6. #5 Steven Benassi
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (02.25.12)
#5 Steven Benassi Jesus Christ ate kosher food too. QUESTION: 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ was a poor does that make him a Christian today? moshe
7. Baptism
Harold ,   USA   (02.26.12)
Baptism can be done only when the person is alive and willing to be baptised. So Mitt Romney will try to baptise everyone in the US when elected. Be aware of Mitt.
8. #6
Harold ,   USA   (02.26.12)
Jesus is a baptised Jew like me and all the Christians on earth. Christian means follower of Christ. You Jews stayed Jews without baptism because the Rabies at that time were stubborn and did not believe in baptism and you are one of them Moshe. There are more than 3 billions Christians on earth who are all followers of Jesus Christ and they are not studpid to be Christians. Wise-up
9. just a thought...
ellen ,   Golan Heights Israel   (02.26.12)
Although the Mormon baptism practice has no halachic bearing on the status of Jewish souls, it does appear to cause anguish to certain living Jewish relatives. So the a dialogue about this may be valid. This topic regularly surfaces in the press every few years, however one has to wonder if the subject is currently taking headlines due to political agendas and Romney's candidacy....
10. This hoax should have been ignored
J.S. ,   USA   (02.26.12)
Well stated, Rabbi Brackman. Especially since there's no shred of proof that a baptism actually happened. Very sad how the press jumped on this to create a stink. Without checking facts.
11. most of the talkbacks are only xtian propaganda
rivka ,   ashk   (02.26.12)
the author of this paper is such a shmock.......
12. #8 We've always been jewish regardless any christian legends
nilsonfa ,   Brasil   (02.26.12)
13. Rabbi right and wrong
Arie ,   BaGolan   (02.26.12)
No it makes no difference to the dead..they were born, lived and died Jews. However, the LDS in doing this indicates clearly that they hold Jews inferior to them and insult us with this vile abhorrent and malicious action. As for the LDS itself, the fact that the church 'elders' promised to stop doing it and knew upon making the promise that they were lying indicates a more of a cult then a religion believing in honor peace and faith
14. Baptism for the dead
Joel ,   Vacaville USA   (02.26.12)
I agree with what Britt said. I am also a Mormon and when we perform proxy baptisms we do not consider the deceased recipient a Mormon. The ordinance is only performed with the hope that they will accept it in heaven. If not at least we gave them the chance. The only other thing wrong with your column is that the "smocks" are not waterproof; they get very heavy when wet :-)
15. to #6
2Mad ,   צרפת   (02.26.12)
Actually, he wasn't so poor. Maybe in a sense of Paris Hilton being "poor" on her trial. Otherwise, he was a successful gang-leader, and he stumbled upon an efficient populism: - Strip the truth of everything your audience don't like, promise them fairy tales, and find someone else to blame. Proselytism is major part, as for the dumbest ones the sure way of proofing something is by mere numbers of "says so". Once started, it goes by itself for a long time. It's so simple that we saw many many remakes : catholicism, islam, communism, feminism, you name it... I don't know where to stack Mormons among those, but their aim to "save" one against his own will doesn't make them look any better.
16. i Just converted the pope by splashing Mikveh water around
Benidict Boruch Ben Pinchas Pontif
17. Rabbis and Babtism
Moshe ,   T/A Israel   (02.26.12)
It is not up to the Rabbi to speak on behalf of the Dead nor is it the right of the Rabbi to pontificate his opinion. Another faith is taking the names of Jews and babtising them in the name of another faith. Perhaps instead of condoning these acts the Rabbi should have the sense and the spiritual fortitude to advise all others to leave Jews alone including those that are no longer with us This Rabbi is a disgrace
18. # 16 And did you circumcise him too ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.26.12)
19. We do not consider them Mormon
Jason Jensen ,   Ashburn, USA   (02.26.12)
Like Britt said, we do not considered those names who have been 'baptized for the dead' to be Mormon. Their names are added to the after party list, if you will, and should they choose to come in then yes. We believe one's freewill and ability to choose exists the same in the afterlife as in this life. Regardless we made a commitment to keep Holocaust victims off the records, it's my hope that the Church comes up with a better system to stop it. Failing to do so is causing offense where nothing but respect is intended.
20. Mormons
Malloret ,   Belgium   (02.26.12)
You use hard words like "neurotic" for jews who don t think the same way, it s strange You use hard words like "neurotic" for people who ask respect for the memory of the dead whod died being jews and nothing else on the other hand , to christianise jews after their dead , because it wasn't possible during their Life is the highest point of intolérance and weakness last point : to do that make almost laugh or give an advice for these people : there are some Medical treatment
21. Will they make me pope?
Jerry Seinbein   (02.26.12)
22. It takes special people to buy into religion.Mormonism takes
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.26.12)
"very special-need" kind of humans to be taken seriously. Anyone who openly subscribes to this lunacy is absolutely beyond redemption. Sad but true. That's why Mr.H.B. Obama looks poised for "4 More Years"! It is religion, that one way or another shall do us in......
23. Disgusting column!
Mark   (02.26.12)
24. Isn't there an old Jewish joke about this?
Manya Shochet ,   Israel   (02.26.12)
If not, there should be. It's entirely *too silly* for me to waste my righteous indignation on.
25. As much effect as a voodoo doll.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Rehovot, Israel   (02.26.12)
Intelligent people ignore this stuff.
26. Let them...
Rekl ,   Virginia, USA   (02.26.12)
baptize to their hearts' content. It doesn't make a Jew baptized after death any less a Jew. It reveals, however, the baptizers as arrogant, self-centered bigots who think they have a monopoly on salvation. The same for traditional Christian faiths which teach theirs is the only way. In their eyes, I would assume that beautiful ,innocent, murdered-by- Christians Anne Frank is not among the angels but any Nazi storm trooper who had a deathbed conversion was entitled to a place in heaven. I wouldn't want any part of that theology.
27. Baptizing for the dead
Chris ,   Durham, England   (02.26.12)
I admire the sentiment of this article and accept that one faith's actions should not affect anothers. I do not understand why anyone for pick on Latter-day Saints for their beliefs. Does anyone rail against the Catholic Church for condemning unbaptised children to purgatory or Hell? Is anyone annoyed with the Hindus for proclaiming that even the Jewish dead will be reincarnated as some other form of animal? Athough I admire the sentiment, the article does not represent Mormon doctrine; which is that to enter heaven everyone must be baptised, but everyone also has agency to accept the baprism or not. So any Jew being baptised will have that choice. No-one will force them to be Mormons.
28. Mormon baptism for the dead
Mark Geist ,   SLC Utah   (02.26.12)
Nice article. Please remember that baptizing deceased jews is against Mormon church policy. These highly publicized baptisms were not authorized by the church. Proxy baptism on behalf of a dead ancestor does not make that person a Mormon. It merely gives that person the choice to accept that baptism should they so chose in the hereafter.
29. Baptism on Behalf of the Dead
Sue ,   Norwich UK   (02.26.12)
Mormons believe that the dead still have freedom of choice in the hereafter. If they reject the baptism done on their behalf, then they remain as they were in life - if they were Jewish they remain Jewish; Atheist, they remain Atheist; Catholic, they remain Catholic etc.
30. I respect the Mormon religion & expect them 2 respect my....
Jewish religion. So please Mormon elders enough. I know that you are sensible and trustworthy people because you have kept the promise you made when you received land here in Jerusalem for your center. So please stop converting our hurts us greatly
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