Jerusalem: Soldier stabbed on Light Rail
Yair Altman
Published: 15.03.12, 16:03
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1. Capital punishment to be restored
George ,   Antwerp   (03.15.12)
Let's shout it out clearly: all terrorists and would-be terrorists have to know that whatever kind of terror activity they plan to undertake will automatically result in capital punishment. No more money to be spent for them in terms of food or health care in prison. A small spritz will do++
2. #1 waste of time
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.15.12)
The only way to win is to punish them where it really hurts. Imagine what would happen if in response to stabbing the girl, Israel built 1000 homes for Jews in Efrat and destroyed 1000 illegally built Arab structures in Jerusalem?
3. How does this happen?
Rachel ,   US   (03.15.12)
If a soldier carries a machine gun how can someone just walk it to it and stab them. Why wasn't he shot?
4. What was the motivation?
TC   (03.15.12)
why did he do this? Looks rather absurd.
5. #2 How about making Hebrew ONE state language for starters?
Will ,   Ashdod, Israel   (03.15.12)
How about making Hebrew ONE state language for starters? Make them learn in Hebrew in schools, like the French do to their Arabian guests. Make them learn according to _your_ worldview. But now you have Naqba taught in your schools, in Arabic. You don't even have an Arabic-language propaganda TV channel. The US destroyed USSR with the Voice of America. It only took 40 years. What Israel have done in the last 40 years in that regard? Lie to themselves? Support their enemy agenda? Proclaiming themselves Occupiers in their own Homeland??? What?
6. Attacking a woman,what honor ?Like honor killing
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (03.15.12)
7. What courage!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.15.12)
This "brave" ersatz "Palestinian" terrorist attacked a girl. Pretty much par for the course, I'd say. Why attack someone that might actually present a threat, when you can attack someone that doesn't? That's why the ersatz "Palestinians" are so fond of attacking innocent civilians (from a distance, now that suicide bombers have been pretty much shut down) and defenseless sleeping families of five (including a three-month old infant)? If we are to live our normal lives; if we are to continue to be a light unto the nations (as we continue to be, against all odds), the time has come to excise that putrid, stinking cesspool from our midst. May Ha'Shem watch over this innocent victim, and bring her to a speedy and complete cure.
8. not all the israeli soldiers are armed.
aaron levy   (03.15.12)
9. Why has Headline been changed from"19 yrold girl"to"Soldier"
L ,   Merkaz, Israel   (03.15.12)
An hour ago, she was just a poor "19 year old" and now she is a "female soldier" if suggesting that she 'provoked' the stabbing and brought it upon herself (the uniform of the evil occupier?). Ynet neglects to mention if the "soldier" was identifiably a soldier (ie: in uniform). The eyewitness didn't seem to see her as a soldier: "I saw the young woman bleeding" what is Ynet's agenda here in rapidly and dramatically swapping the victim's description? Are you trying to answer her plaintive "why do I deserve this?" -- do you think she does, do you want others to think that the occupation is hurting it's citizens? I believe you do.
10. #3. You are obviously unaware
A ,   Belgium   (03.15.12)
that some soldiers are not armed. My daughter is 19,serves in the IDF, travels by train and bus,and only carries pepper spray. These kind of stories make me very nervous. Lucky there are always others around to help and hopefully eliminate the terrorist. Whoever the girl is, I wish her a speedy recovery.
11. to 3,4,8
3-4-8 ,   ISRAEL   (03.15.12)
- are soldiers allowed to use a machine gun- in a heavily peopled area? - motivation: terrorrism per se doesnt need motivation -it's not a question of who is armed or who is not
12. terrorists know that they will be released.
naro ,   nyc   (03.15.12)
This is the consequence of the Shalit exchange and others. Jail in no deterrence for Arab terrorists.
13. Capital Punishment
frank ,   jerusalem   (03.15.12)
100% agreed
14. Story is confusing
Besalel ,   Great Neck, NY   (03.15.12)
This part of the story i dont get: The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that the army placed roadblocks and held extensive checks in the Gaza vicinity checkpoints. Several suspects were detained for questioning. why were they in gaza? qualandia is far from gaza. who did they detain in the gaza area and for what? what does gaza have anything to do with this?
15. Mobility
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.15.12)
Why build railways for the pals, to make terrorists more mobile? I thought they normally made their ways through tunnells, without comparition to anything else..
16. 14-Because of the gag order no-doubt.
Ypip ,   Canada   (03.15.12)
17. #9 Merkaz Give Your Head a Shake
Dallas ,   Canada   (03.15.12)
So you believe that terrorism, or randomly trying to murder a soldier on the light rail train is justifiable for political ends? What ever happened to negotiation to achieve political ends. What ever happened to the idea of teaching your kids something different than killing Israelis?
18. #1 I agree ....
rachel ,   usa   (03.15.12)
19. Stabbing a girl what a hero for the Arabs
David ,   Israel   (03.15.12)
Makes me sick to think people like this live so close to us - wonder where the great Selma is to comment
20. #15, Rail for All Israeli Citizens
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (03.15.12)
One cannot claim that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel and not provide the Arab sections with public transport. Sadly this event means security was not tight enough and intelligence was lacking. It does not mean that all Arabs should be denied transportation. This horrible act of violence can only be prevented by much more stringent security checks at all points on the new rail system.
21. A man hurting a woman is just no man!
g   (03.15.12)
Arabs become more courageous: before they only protected themselves by their own children and women live fences, now they attack our girls with the knives. In the place where I grew up the man could have easily killed many men but nobody would never even try to harm a woman. Those which did that were considered low...very low.
22. Attacking woman is typical
Jewish Patriot ,   Galut   (03.15.12)
Attacking woman is typical, however it even confirms that Israel should have death penalty. Why not? If the land of "liberty" (America) can have, why can't Israel? Terrorists should be executed.
23. First And Formost May This Young IDF Soldier
Have a Speedy Recovery, and My thoughts and Prays Go Out To Her Emma and Abba as well as Her. Please to my IDF Brothers And Sisters, #1 Always know your surroundings. #2 Always have your back to the wall and be able too see Everthing in front and the sides of you!!! If you feel funny about your immediate surrounds get out of there. If you can travel in groups than do so!!! May Hashem Watch over All Israeli citizens and IDF as well as Michael And Gabriel Protect Hashems people,Now and forever!!! Amen Baruch Hashem/שלםמ
24. replace barak with yaalon
mohson   (03.15.12)
for israel's sake, replace barak with yaalon. Barak is not qualified to make big decisions ahead. He is not feared one bit in arab capitals, in fact is taken as a beilin weakling.( in this respect shalit's father should think twice about what he recently said because israel gave away the world to get the son, whereas other sons ended up dead. and it was bibi who brought him out and no one else). preparing israel, devising a good plan that goes to yaalon. barak is no good anymore , I don't care what he did as your commander. he was lousy on the marmora, was lousy on west bank terror,w as wrong about assad's imminent departure,was wrong about concessions to arabs,w as wrong about not attacking syrian reactor, and is inefffectual in blunting arab terror. I don't need mor einformation. He is a lousy defense miniister who was only a slight himprovement on the diaster that olmert gave israel-peretz. Bibi, get rid of barak because he will take you and israel down with him as he is a lousy general.
25. Woman are more important then men
k ,   US   (03.15.12)
and the Arabs know this, this is why they attack them kill a women and you will kill the people responsible for making future children Men can create 100 kids a year but a women can only have 1 kid a year, so women are much more valuable this is why attacking the women who are enemies of Israel and the Jews is fair game
26. One solution only
Raptor   (03.15.12)
Military tribunal, summary execution.
27. stabbing
chago santiago   (03.15.12)
soldiers be aware of palestines close to you, its a war with no front, be careful, be alert of who is in front of you and who follows you... please, no more... when in uniform aware...
28. @ 6 - Attacking a woman,what honor ,...
split ,   US   (03.15.12)
A soldier !!! ,... Google 'A tape recording of radio exchanges between soldiers' and read first entry.
29. no terrorist should be able to leave the scene of an attack
unless its in ,   a body bag   (03.15.12)
30. #28 ...and?
sk ,   USA   (03.15.12)
That incident happened in 2004 in the height of an intifada. Maybe if Arabs didn't use teenagers to carry out homicidal-suicide bombing missions this wouldn't have happened? Maybe if Arabs didn't publicize the fact that they teach their young ones from birth that killing Jews is an honor and should be their goal, this might not have happened? They sow the wind, they reap the whirlwind! All Israel is trying to do is defend its citizens and tiny territory in a sea of 22 Islamic Arab nations, and nowadays you can add two more huge Islamic antagonists; an Iranian and a Turkish one.
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