A love letter to Israelis
Kim Milrell
Published: 20.03.12, 15:13
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1. Thanx Kim
Reut ,   Canada   (03.20.12)
I'm an Israeli living abroad (Canada). Europe has always been extremely antisemitic. But nowadays, it's not politically correct to call someone Jewish derogatory names. Instead, all the hatred and the antisemitism are directed toward a more "acceptable" target, namely - Israel. This "diverted antisemitism" is a common sentiment ONLY in the leftist circles: the media, the "intellectuals", the academia and the self-hating Jews. It's the same thing in Canada, it the same thing in the US and it's the same thing all over Europe. But lets not forget that the media is not representing the people and that people are becoming more and more critical and aware of things. Just because you don't hear the support for Israel, that doesn't mean it does not exist. I bet you that if you have a really honest conversation with non-muslim Europeans, they will admit they support Israel. There is a growing sentiment of anger and resentment in Europe following the massive waves of immigration from muslim countries. They are not well liked, to say the least....
2. Thank you Kim
Mosskyboy ,   London   (03.20.12)
You are a great man Kim and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts to share the truth and for being a friend of Israel.!! g-d bless you!
3. So the average Swede is... A hipster?
StoutViking   (03.20.12)
Boycotts Israeli fruit - uses Intel computer and ICQ. Wears a Pali-tuch - avoids walking in immigrant quarters. We get the picture... Good to know there's a Zadik in Sodom.
4. If I were a Christian
Annette ,   israel   (03.20.12)
I would say, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Well, even as a Jew, I do feel that way and thank you Kim Milrell for doing what you do. It is very depressing to hear what you have to say about the reality and I fear that its a losing battle but no, I don't hate swedes and don't blame them because we all know that media brainwashing works on even the most "enlightened" people. Again, thank you for your dedication to showing the other side of the story when it must make your own personal life that much harder.
5. Thank you, Kim Milrell
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.20.12)
6. Good Job
Ariel ,   São paulo - Brasil   (03.20.12)
God bless you
7. thank you
real vision ,   usa   (03.20.12)
Thank you. They have no idea how beautiful is nor what the jewish people have accomplished despite the hostility from their neighbors and the anti-semetic world. The jewish people want to be left alone to live on their tiny piece of holy land. No one deprives the muslims of their holy places and the world should let the jews have theirs to live in peace
8. pro-israel
Shaul ,   Tel Aviv ,Israel   (03.20.12)
just want to say a big thank you-hope to again see the Sweden I saw in the 70's...
9. Go-d bless you.
David ,   NY   (03.20.12)
10. G-d bless you, Kim Milrell!
Carl ,   USA   (03.20.12)
You are an honorable man. I wish you well in your endeavor.
11. Sweden
Zvi ,   Istanbul   (03.20.12)
Thank you Thenk You and agian Thank you Mr. Mirrell
12. Good for you Kim Mitrell
Israeli 2   (03.20.12)
We Jews know all too well. The German people had the opportunity to find a leader with a final solution for Jews. We had no country, no intelligence and no army. The Germans too, were ignorant but allowed over six million to disappear. You ask us not to be harsh on Swedes? We don't have to. Now, we have Mosad and we do whatever is necessary.
13. god bless you sir.
the best education those brainwashed swedish people can have is coming to israel with open eyes to see for themselves the lies that the swedish media fed them for decades.
14. It's not just in Sweden
usa   (03.20.12)
To a lesser extent the same is true even here in the United States. Positive news stories are never heard about Israel, only war, terror, palestinians, etc
15. Thanks Kim
Joe Sombrero ,   USA   (03.20.12)
Thanks Kim for your support.
16. thank u kim for those words
maya ,   ashdod   (03.20.12)
nice to know that there is some sense out there!!
17. Ex -israelis like Göran Rosenberg & Dror Feller are leading
ab   (03.20.12)
this anti-Israel campaign. Another Israel-hater,writer Jan Guillaume admitted 2 years ago to being an ex-KGB agent.He did it a year after a book had revealed it .The same book claims Göran Rosenbeg(a journo and TV personality) has been a member of the PFLP terrorist organisation ,recointring the Ben Gurion airport on her behalf in the 80ies.
18. Finaly...
rachel   (03.20.12)
someone is telling the truth! it is so hard to fight the Arab-muslim propoganda based almost entirely on lies. you are a good and wise persom kim, that you on behalf of all Israelis.
19. Thank you Mr. Milrell
Talyah ,   Israel   (03.20.12)
Continue your great work. As someone who takes every opportunity to spread the good things about Israel as well via every social media channel available, I know how much slog it takes and how frustrating it can be to see how newspapers twist the truth (read: lie). The world needs more people like you to show that there are two sides to every story. Yeshar Koach (Well done!)
20. Thank You!
Chen ,   Israel   (03.20.12)
21. Thank you Mr Milrell for having an open
meghan ,   israel   (03.20.12)
mind and the courage to put the issue on the net. I guess Swedens past history hasnt helped them seeing our side of things. Keep up the good work as it goes both ways and many Israelis also think Sweden (especially Malmo) is run by the moslem immigrants and your government turns a blind eye, to any abuse and to who, they render. Again thank you and be safe.
22. Hatikva
Arthur ,   Amsterdam   (03.20.12)
As long as there are people like Kim there is hope...
23. Big thanks man
osher   (03.20.12)
I wish that the people of the world one day will know the true Thank u bro
24. You have at all mountain to climb
Rick ,   Israel   (03.20.12)
Thanks for trying.
25. You are a brave hero. Thanks
Miriam   (03.20.12)
26. tak dear friend.
michael ,   j town   (03.20.12)
the truth is never on one side, not the israeli and not the palestinian. but as justice and injustice apear all over the world and not only in israel and palestine, it is just an unfair situation saying that we are the only problem of this conflict. i wish you all the best and thank you from all israeli and jewish people. people like you will make the difference in the end. TAK, TODA
27. The Swedes might not thank you, but I do
Rivkah ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.20.12)
28. To blogger
ps ,   USA   (03.20.12)
Thanks for all you do !
29. This article is accurate !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.20.12)
In Sweden we have the Expression - " The Leftist Media " !!!. And Yes - since the Lefist has ruled Sweden 70 of the last 80 years, their Pro and Cons are everywhere in Chiefspositions in the Swedish Society. And God spare and have mercy on the One, who dares to stick up in this Collectivistic Socialistic Society. It is not easy to be alone as an individual, a Refusnik, in this Malicious Lying Society Nobody can prevail in the long run, but gets defeated, and slides into oblivion. So yes, even if the Swedish common individual is good, they only get this poisionus propaganda by this Leftists. Arn.Sweden.
30. Unfortunately very true
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (03.20.12)
Swedish media has been hijacked by the extreme left long ago. Most people in my country know nothing about the middle east other than what they read in the papers, and most people would never imagine how extensive the propaganda we're constantly being fed actually is. Most people seriously believe the media is fair and independent. None of the major media outlets here can even remotely be seen as unbiased and independent, we have two that are left wing and the rest are extreme left. All of them highly hostile to Israel, although it's far from the only issue they're spreading misinformation about to the Swedish public. I don't really share Kim Milrells view that the average Swede is so upset about Israel though, from my own experience i've found most people don't care when you speak positive of Israel, but the true lefties do go absolutely nuts as if you've said you eat children. I think it's quite fun to provoke them and see how they explode :) I do the same with muslim immigrants, sometimes even claiming to be Israeli just to piss them off.
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